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A Jonder DOUBLE covers-project set

(Scott)-This one is pretty amazing, Jonder has done cover version-albums TWICE of the Stooges
great second album "Funhouse"........you have been enjoying these, my own 18-year old is (supposedly) working on a covers-only version of the Pixie's "Surfer Rosa" (did I raise him right or what?), but he's taking his good ol' 18-year-old time doing it.......anyway, layoff looms soon for me, and I plan on doing a few of these myself on some of my favorite albums, I doubt, however, that they will be as great as those already submitted........please keep them coming.


THIS AIN'T NO FUNHOUSE - a homemade covers compilation

01. DOWN ON THE STREET - Pig Destroyer/ 02. LOOSE - Buick MacKane/ 03. TV EYE - Radio Birdman, 04. DIRT - Neneh Cherry and The Thing/ 05. 1970 - Monster Magnet/ 06. NO FUN (HOUSE) - Sour Jazz/ 07. FUNHOUSE - Red Giant/ 08. FREAK (TAKE 2) - The Stooges

Funhouse is IMHO one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded. I compiled a Funhouse covers album about ten years ago for another blog, and have updated it for my friends here at Grow Bored with some more recent finds, such as Red Giant's passionate take on the title track, and Pig Destroyer's pummelling "Down On The Street". I also found a real surprise: Neneh Cherry singing "Dirt" with The Thing, a group of Swedish jazz musicians who got together to play the music of Neneh's father, Don Cherry.

Buick MacKane was a short-lived band formed by Alejandro Escovedo shortly after the breakup of the True Believers. This mach speed live performance of "TV Eye" by Radio Birdman incorporates lyrics from the Chocolate Watchband and briefly segues into "Looking At You" by the MC5. Dave Wyndorf changes a few words in Monster Magnet's version of "1970" but redeems himself with his wah-wah wizardry.

"No Fun (House)" isn't exactly a cover, but Sour Jazz borrows the "Funhouse" bassline and some Iggy-inspired vocals The song is excerpted from the Sour Jazz album "Lost For Life". With "LA Blues" I had the same question that Brian faced with the Velvets'"The Gift" -- who would cover it? "Freak" was the Stooges' original title for "LA Blues", and this alternate take is from The Complete Funhouse Sessions. The Stooges reportedly claimed that "LA Blues" was a Nico cover!

Other than "LA Blues", I found so many good covers that I did another set.


01. DOWN ON THE STREET - The Ridiculous Trio/ 02. LOOSE - The Blake Babies/ 03. TV EYE - Scott Morgan's Powertrane 04. O.D. CATASTROPHE - Spacemen 3/ 05. DIRT - Ec8or/ 06. 1970 - Flesh For Lulu/ 07. FUNHOUSE - Steve Mackay, Mike Watt & Estel/ 08. TV EYE - John Zorn and Yamatsuka Eye

The Ridiculous Trio exclusively performs Stooges covers on trombone, tuba and drums. Hear more archive.org/details/Plays_The_Stooges-2680 and at slovenly.bandcamp.com/album/ridiculous-trio-tv-eye-b-w-not-right-ep
Ridiculous Trio at

Juliana Hatfield sings "Loose" with the Blake Babies and samples of Iggy's voice. "TV Eye" is a live version with Ron Asheton on lead guitar, Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) on rhythm, and Detroit legend Scott Morgan on vocals. Spacemen 3 essentially rewrote "TV Eye" as "O.D. Catastrophe". "Dirt" is performed by the digital hardcore duo Ec8or, and Flesh For Lulu tear it up on a live "1970".

Steve Mackay, who played sax on the original Funhouse album, revisits the title tune with Irish band Estel, and Mike Watt sits in on bass. Mackay died last month, and singer/guitarist Nick Marsh from Flesh For Lulu also died this year. Rest in peace, all you Funhouse Stooges: Steve Mackay, Ron and Scott Asheton, and Dave Alexander.

Again, what to do about "LA Blues"? This time I substituted a chaotic "TV Eye" performed by Boredoms' vocalist Yamatsuka Eye and avant-garde saxophonist John Zorn, as it seemed to match the spirit of Mackay's sax damage and Iggy's wordless howls in "LA Blues".



(Scott)-Great huh? Even includes a few of my fave bands such as Monster Magnet and Spacemen 3......also a generous dose of off-the-wall stuff...........great contribution

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