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Queens of the Stone Age Part 2

Great weekend!!!! TWO wins by the Royals in the ALCS, a good win by Ohio State, and the Vikings defense looked superb against the Chiefs as they won as well! Great stuff, now I'd like to see the Cubbies advance to to the world series versus the Royals, that would be great, so let's see tonight if thy can even up THIER series......other than that, great efforts by the Buckeyes, Vikings, and especially the Royals who showed exceptional fortitude in coming back in Game 2 when David Price had perplexed them for most of the game.......shades of the great 1985 club!

So, how did you like the first part of the Queens saga? If you're a longtime fan of them, it's likely old stuff to you (maybe not that fab split with the great 13eaver), but if you are new to the Queens, this should be a cool new discovery for ya....hope ya enjoy the rest, the Queens were a significant band of the 2000's, and, as I said before, I think this is the type of thing that will be influential and be appreciated much more in the future.

Picking up where we left off, lets begin with another EP, from 2004, "Stone Age Complication". A fine collection of rarities and B-Sides, this six-track gem is a must for fans.....a cover of the Kinks "Who Will Be the Next In Line", also a fine cover of Subhumanz "Wake Up Screaming", and a third cover, the Cramps "Most Exalted Potentate of Love"........also some other original material best of which I think is a cool remix of "No One Knows".

2005 brought us "Lullabies to Paralyze", a workmanlike effort that isn't essential, but isn't bad either....a 2 disc effort which features a live disc, this is perhaps the weakest Queens studio effort, but there are some standout, uniquelly Queens tunes, "Medication", "That's a Killer Scene You Got There Man", "Tangled Up In Plaid".......a fan of the band (myself) wouldn't be without it, for a dabbler, I'm not so sure. The second disc, the live effort from an Atlanta show, is decent, and features a smoking "Song For the Dead".

2007's "Era Vulgaris" brought us a true comeback, a stunning effort in my opinion."Turning the
Screw", "River in the Road", "Sick Sick Sick" are standouts, but this is a fine and underrated album. I wouldn't dismiss it no matter what my feelings on the band were.....a really good one.

Most recently the "band" (not really the right term, given the shifting lineups and countless guest appearances, but that is QOTSA in a nutshell) has given us "Like Clockwork", 2013, and it is quite a good effort as well......Dave Grohl, Mark Lanegan, Trent Reznor and others make appearances on this one, I think it's also an under-appreciated album, "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" and "My God is the Sun" are standouts.

I think I'll wrap this part up today.......I have to go find my bootlegs in the other room, and I just remembered that I also have the "Deluxe Editions", released later, of the debut and "Rated R".......likely I will just post the extra tracks from those two, you can edit it however you prefer.......we'll wrap this up later in the week with part 3, but IMHO, Queens of the Stone Age rank with The White Stripes, Sleater Kinney, the Black Keys, and a handful of others as the best and most innovative rock bands of the decade of the 2000's........am i right or wrong?

Again, these are FLAC files, so allow for that fact......it explains the multiple links, but offers a bit better sound than MP3.........some like it, some don't, but the can be converted with a free converter available online.....

STONE AGE COMPLICATION-01 Who'll Be the Next In Line/02 Wake Up Screaming/03 No One Knows (UNKLE remix)/04 Most Exalted Potentae of Love/05 Born To Hula/06 The Bronze

LULLABIES TO PARALYZE DISC 1-01 This Lullaby/02 Medication/03 Everybody Knows That You Are Insane/04 Tangled Up In Plaid/05 Burn the Witch/06 In My head/07 Little Sister/08 I Never Came/09 Someone's In the Wolf/10 The Blood Is Love/11 Skin on Skin/12 Broken Box/13 You Got a Killer Scene There, Man/14 Long Slow Goodbye/15 Like a Drug

LULLABYES TO PARALYZE DISC 2-01 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/02 Little Sister/03 In My Head/04 No One Knows/05 Song For the Dead/06 Regular John

ERA VULGARIS-01 Turnin' the Screw/02 Sick Sick Sick/03 I'm Designer/04 Into the Hollow/05 Misfit Love/06 Battery Acid/07 Make It Wit Chu/08 3's & 7's/09 Suture Up Your Future/10 River In the Road

LIKE CLOCKWORK-01 Keep Your Eyes Peeled/02 I Sat By the Ocean/03 The Vampyre of Time and Memory/04 If I Had a Tail/05 My God is the Sun/06 Kalopsia/07 Fairweather Friends/08 Smooth Sailing/09 I Appear Missing/10.....Like Clockwork

Links are coming they will (should ) be up yet this evening!

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