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Another Creation from Jonder

I am loving these homemade cover comps from Jonder and Brian, hopefully they inspire others to contribute the same. I'll let Jonder himself describe the procedeings here:


NOBODY KNOWS THIS IS ANYWHERE - homemade tribute to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

1. Cinnamon Girl - Dan McCafferty
2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Dar Williams
3. Round and Round - OP8
4. Down By The River - Low & The Dirty Three
5. The Losing End - Meat Puppets
6. Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) - Carla Bozulich
7. Cowgirl In The Sand - Houssaine Kili

Dan McCafferty does "Cinnamon Girl" as a ballad, rather than replicating the crunchy riff of the original. It's from Dan's first solo album, which came out in 1975, the same year that his band Nazareth hit it big with Hair Of The Dog.

Dar Williams matches the country flavor of the title track, with a nice touch of mandolin. OP8's dreamy version of "Round And Round" features Lisa Germano's lovely voice and violin, backed by members of Giant Sand and Calexico.

Warren Ellis adds violin to "Down By The River", a collaboration between his trio The Dirty Three and the slowcore trio Low. Mimi Parker from Low sings. This comes from a series of experimental collaborations called "In The Fishtank", where two groups would meet in a studio to improvise and create songs together. I cut about four minutes of improv from the beginning of the song. Warren Ellis has become well known for his work with Nick Cave.

The Meat Puppets shamble through "The Losing End", which appeared on the punk comp Keats Rides a Harley. The Meat Puppets have claimed that they sometimes played badly on purpose to piss off the hardcore crowd. This is one of those times.

You may recognize the distinctive voice of Carla Bozulich from Mike Watt's "Ball-Hog Or Tugboat", the late great Geraldine Fibbers, her current group Evangelista, or maybe even her first band Ethyl Meatplow. Carla once covered Willie Nelson's album Red Headed Stranger in its entirety. Violin appears again on "Running Dry", this time played by Carla Kihlstedt.

Houssaine Kili is from Morocco. His unique version of "Cowgirl In The Sand" is sung in English and Arabic. He plays an African stringed instrument called the guimbri, and his music incorporates African and rock instruments, like the "desert rock" of Tinariwen.

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