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Last Words from Brian, and Goose-step along with the internet nazis!

(SCOTT):First of all, yes, I know Brian's blog has disappeared.......dumped by Blogger, crushed by DCMA complaints.......over, of all things, comedy records! COMEDY RECORDS! aren't they supposed to be like, funny, and enlightening, and to help you FORGET about the fact that your freedoms to share YOUR albums with others are being eroded? Well, never mind, he's been a good friend and a tremendous help with my blog (I have tried to help him with his as well, but for now he's pissed and frustrated, and I will, as I feel it is best, to let him explain his feelings. He has sent me an email that he wishes I share on the blog........it follows......


(Brian here)

Yes, both my blogs got shut down by Big G. They even DMCAd my zippyshare account, so it's all gone. ALL. OF. IT. Do not request reups from Big Scott or me. I'm not fighting this shit anymore. As a final gift, I'll tell you about some great places to find music...

Revolution Rock 011
- a great (Portuguese or Brazilian?) blog that puts up some good rock and roll, often whole discographies.

Download-Soundtracks.com - simply the best soundtrack blog....great stuff

http://enniomorricone-ilmaestro.blogspot.com/ - a great blog dedicated to the greatest film composer ever

Purple Zombie DJ - a great diverse blog, with some good original comps

Albums That Never Were Blog - it is what it says. Look him up.

Bunalti - this is a site who's entire thing is discographies. You have to deal with the slow Uploaded server, but a lot of stuff is here. Google a group name and "bunalti". Something will usually come up.

Song365.co - this site is a mystery to me. There's no poster or webmaster to provide info, it's just A LOT of albums, and you'll have to download mp3s one at a time, but some great obscure stuff can be found here. Either search or go to the "Artists" index.

Willard's Wormholes - the guy himself is a bit of a dick, but at least he knows how to do this without getting busted! The links found in his Reader's Links sections are amazing. Also look up his blogs Elsewhere and Beyond and Somewhere Else and Beyond.

Opium Hum - a great eclectic blog...the guy swings between electronic new age, jazz, funk, and some crazy extreme metal.

Egg City Radio - everything there is 4 or 5 years old, but there's some good stuff in the Album Sharity section. It's where I found the Bobcat.

Redmp3.me - kind of a standard Russian-type MP3 site. You'll have to play with popups, but it can be worth it. I found a lot of comedy here. And at least all the mp3s are linked to album index pages. Just don't edit them til you upload them into your player or iTunes...

Fuji Puzzle Box - this guy exclusively does vinyl rips of out of print records...some good comedy and strange stuff here.

www.youtube2mp3.cc - a YouTube conversion site. While I wouldn't recommend using it for albums or single tracks, it can be a great way to record gigs, comedy performances, or movie excerpts.

The Old Oak (oldoak1.blogspot) - a Russian blog devoted exclusively to metal. For a metal fan, this one is great.

Archive.org - the Internet Archive can be a great place to find audio oddities. Not whole albums usually, but interesting stuff. If you're a noise fan, there's also a Merzbow discography in here.

Music For Maniacs - if you've been blog-hopping and you haven't found your way to M4M yet, you're missing out.

You look at these sites, you'll notice nobody does comedy like I did. There's a reason...you get busted quick! So, I found my niche and then got hamstrung for it. I could probably just start things back up with a new email address, but I don't want that uphill battle yet again. I spent an unhealthy amount of time doing this anyway. I'm a broke, 38 year old single father with no friends and almost no food in my kitchen, and I was worried about my blog!

Find it or (God forbid) buy it yourself, basically....I'm out.
(SCOTT): Well your stuff has always been appreciated here both by me (less work to do) and by the readers who frequently enjoy guest posters who take them in directions apart from my usual "areas of expertise"...........you (Brian) are always welcome here as a guest blogger here, should you find something that you think our corner of the world needs to hear, just write up an email and send me links, we'll take care of it........as for anyone else, as I've said before, ANYONE who wishes to contribute ANYTHING here is welcome (wittness JonDer's INCREDIBLE Cassandra Wilson homemade comp a few days back, it's been scorching my player ever since!)
But, while I'm in here, and in solitude with Brian, why not some more Nazi-Rock that you guys so love/hate.........YES, the music sucks for the most part, YES the political ideals expressed are far far from my own, BUT, to those who understand why I post them.......never mind, I've explained it before. These postings tonight are in "honor" of the Internet Naziswho ruined Brian's good thing:
First up how about the horrendous Dirlwanger (from Sweden), this 1989 effort is tenderly called
"Rock For the Golden Race".......with titles like "Justice for Today" and "Masterrace", you have a great idea what you are in for. My view......run of the mill Skrewdriver type skin-punk, with basically indecipherable lyrics......as it may, here's the track list.......
01 Allrid Redo/02 Hall Fanan Hogt/03 It Was Power/04 Judiska Longer/05 Lagaens Vktare/06 Rocking For the Golden Race/07 The Call/08 Things I Remember/09 Svierge Ar Vart/10 Masterrace/11  Klipp Dig Och Skaffa e dig et job/12 Justice of Today/13 Ingen Nad
And this very open minded, enlightened combo ALSO gifted the world with a work known as "White Power Rock and Roll"........of COURSE it's offenseive, would I put it here otherwise? It's NOT a great album, BUT I bet you haven't heard it, and it's dedicated to the Big Brother types who have decided that music is to by PAID FOR, NOT heard..........
01 White Power (Rock N Roll)/02 Hail All the Comrades/03 Crossfire/04 Riot/05 '45'/06 Psychbrainwash/07 If We Stick Together/08 I Stand Alone/09 Ain't of My Race/10 Heroes in the Snow
I KNOW you don't like these AND are offended by them......if you wish to discuss it intellignetly, by all means do so........if you DON'T get it and, say, use the word "hater" in your comment, please don't waste BOT of our times.......ALWAYS remember I have posted Rage, Crass, Public Enemy, TRB and LOTS more "hateful" leftists as well, and not ONE PERSON has ever spoken out against it.


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