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Lots of good guest material on a Sunday

Hi.....hope you are reading this, still.....I have been working some long hours, also facing the extra
long commute (Company vehicle at
least) so, as I keep pointing out, I havae little time for blogging, relying generally on guest posts......I miss it a good bit, this winter I will be laid off and resume daily posting (trust me), but for now, at lesat I havae a few fine people to help me out on occasion......


(SCOTT)-Let's lead off with blog regular Brian, he of Rustbeltoutpost.com, and recorded comedy expert. I guess he's had some trouble with posts getting removed (see his blog), but if you are realy quick you maybe able to grab these Monty Python classics............here is a copy/past of his post......

----------Comoedie Absconditus

Earlier this year, I had put up all of MP's albums on my other blog. They were very popular, but they also got me slammed with DMCA complaints, so hence the mystery...
This is everything: all 5 studio albums (including the rare 1970 BBC album), both live albums, the Brian promo disc, the Hastily Cobbled bootleg, the Sings compilation, the 2 discs of Autobiography interviews, the album of all the Grail music cues, and all three films soundtracks!

Some of these are from my Instant Collection box set, and only have a Track 1 and a Track 2. The others are all normally tagged and tracked. I'd like to provide info, but don't want to attract attention, so please refrain from using the group name in any comments. That's also why I numbered the zip files instead of titling them...
I tucked the George post away HERE. Hit it up before it gets hit too....

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