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Updating the "Brian Experience"

My longtime cohort Brian (Rustbeltoutpost.com), has, of course, been my go-to guy for recorded comedy, a subject on which he is very knowledgeable (I am not).......well, of late, with my posting schedule (settling into my new post-retirement job), as well as some computer issues, etc, I have slacked hardcore in my pledge to bump/share whatever he requests from HIS blog.......I know that some of the previously posted links were problematic, in the huge package of links provided below, they have been corrected, should you have had issues before (the Sam kinnison was one that I think needed a repair).......as before, I know very little about most of this work, so I won't elaborate on them much, check Brian's blog for his critical evaluations.....other than that, here they are, a whole heaping bunch of them.....and, as always, any and all guest submissions are welcomed on this site, especially since I've started working again, at least for a while......so, comedy fans, dig in, should be some good stuff for ya here......as for me, I promise (sort of) to finish the Mega Stranglers series yet this week.....love to all!

There is stuff here (see comments for links, check Rustbeltoutpost for full details)....the included performers here are Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Sam Kinnison, Steve Martin, Doug Stanhope, and Robin Williams on the (near) anniversary of his passsing........quite a haul for you comedy fans, have at it and enjoy!

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