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Brian brings more to the table

Myself and Brian's relationship is a strange one, I will say upfront.......he had a blog of his own, awhile  back, that had very little traffic.......after he and I became friends, I would, at his request, publish his stuff on my more "established" blog, in an attempt to get him "out there"......we hit a snag a while back as he is an expert on recorded comedy (I am NOT), which evidently is monitored more closely than music (why? DO NOT ASK ME).......anyway, Brian still operates a great blog, Rustbeltoutpost, on which he features some GREAT eccentric stuff......as my 53 year old ass has recently had to go back to that "work" place, I am thrilled that Brian, along with my other "team" members continue to assist with submitting stuff to this site, keeping it alive and etc..........thanks, and I hope I hope I forget no one, to Brian, Jonder, Cliff, DaveSez, MrDave, Jose, and (sorry if I forgot you I am drunk)......this blog I HOPE is different than the others, it is REALLY about SHARING, NOT about being an arrogant ass (such as some other blogs) that seem to exist sorely for the purpose of purposing to YOU that they have more music than YOU do........that's not WE are about here.

OK, HERE is some of my buddy (and fellow BUCKEYE)'s latest posts, you can check them out HERE or at HIS site (rustbeltoutpost)........matters not a BIT to me, nor, I think, to him, WHERE you the stuff from, just so you GET IT, what we are trying to do is SHARE the stuff we have, so EVERYONE can enjoy the great music that we have in our stashes.........tomorrow, hopifully, I will get back on my Stranglers "Mega" post, there is a good bit of material still there to share, but at the same time, I don't want to let my homies down.............so, check for tomorrow for some more Stranglers, if you've been digging it......for NOW, take it away Brian, I am GRATEFUL that you have become a "team member" and whether or not I have told you so, a DAMNED valuable one.......rule #1 is WE ARE ALL ON  THE SAME TEAM HERE.......please, NO ONE, EVER forget that!\


(SCOTT): First up from the Brian collection is this wonderful album from Negative Trend.......I won't go into it much as I am an OLD TIME punk-guy, but you don't wanna miss this, let us just say....

Negative Trend
Negative Trend Download

Negative Trend were a California punk band in the late 70's. They only released one album before disbanding. Members Steve DePace and Will Shatter would go on to form the mighty group Flipper.

This is an essential lost 7 inch of the punk era. This was really rare until it was put out for a few years on Henry Rollin's record label. It's out of print again now. This is one of those records that really feels like a link between The Stooges and first-wave punk. "Mercenaries" is savage and relevant, "Black and Red" is a great grinding dirge. "Meathouse" and "How Ya Feelin?" are great burning punk tracks.

Essential. You can thank me later.
(SCOTT): Ok, next up, without checking I don't know of I've ever done a post on Sonny Sharrock or not.......I am thinking NOT, and if you are a rock n roller such as myself, you are CHEATING YOURSELF by missing out on these great albums....as I said before, I am DRUNK AS FUCK so I am not going to review them for you, but trust me, these are some of the greatest albums you are missing (If, of course, you ARE missing them!)

Three Albums By Sonny Sharrock
Avant-garde/free jazz has very few guitarists. And in this field, Sonny Sharrock stood tall. He was capable of throwing jagged shards of sound off of his guitar. He started out playing with Herbie Mann, then moved into his own solo career, and later played in Peter Brötzmann's terrifying Last Exit quartet. What you're getting here is his first two albums, from 1969/70, and then his amazing album Guitar from 1986. The link is at the end of the post.
On the first two albums, Sharrock plays with his wife Linda, and her vocals are at the forefront. Her singing is what one would definitely call free. Some might want to compare it to Yoko Ono's voice, but that wouldn't be fair. Yoko's voice was tunelessemotion; Linda's voice - whether she's singing, shrieking, or moaning - comes from a musical (and much more feminine) place. I find it fascinating.
On the title track she just soars, with Sonny strumming underneath, building tension that's never resolved. "Peanut" goes a little freer. "Bialero" is a lovely track - reminds me of Sun Ra. "Blind Willy" is a thrilling acoustic piece; whether you'd call it jazz or rock I don't know. It would later show up on Guitar in a very different form. "Portrait Of Linda In Three Colors" features the group's most unhinged and inspired playing.
This album is even freer. Sonny lays out for some of it, but when he does dig in and play, like on "Soon", it's great stuff. The title track features free percussion and some almost African singing. If the first album was the Freedom Now Suite, this one is Plastic Ono Band. Lovers of musical extremity, dig in.

Sonny's solo album Guitar is his crowning achievement. With use of delay and overdubbing, he plays accompanying himself. There's jagged guitar workouts (Devils Doll Baby), moody contemplative pieces (Broken Toys), even distortion-heavy blues workouts (Black Bottom). There's also the multi-part "Princess Sonata", which is full of both frenzied and nuanced playing.

Enjoy these. Definitely not run of the mill stuff.


(SCOTT) OK, next up we have something whcih was unfamiliar to ME ( amazing, right?)...."The Low Road: by the Beasts of Bourbon" (ca 1991)........this is a great album, PERIOD, if you need to know details etc, LOOK EM UP , after all, this is not an exclusive to MY blog..........BUT lemme tell ya, THIS is a GREAT album, an unknown classic, JUMP, NOW!

The Beasts Of Bourbon - The Low Road
"I brought back a souvenir, all the way from Kampuchea.
A plastic bag up my ass, soon the goods will all come to pass"

Anyone familiar with the Beasts Of Bourbon? I don't know too much other than that they were a bit of an Aussie supergroup. This album was released in '91, which I believe is when B.O.B. blew away Nirvana at the Big Day Out fest in Australia. And this is just a great, sleazy rock record!
The Low Road Download

The album opens with the amazing "Chase the Dragon", which has to be the best rock song ever written about being a drug mule. "The Low Road" is both mournful and rocking. "Just Right" and "There's A Virus Goin Round" are good sleazy numbers. "Straight, Hard & Long" rocks like a bastard. "Goodbye Friends" is a great album closer.

Their choices of cover songs on here are really good. Their version of the Rolling Stones'"Cocksucker Blues" is drug addled and spooky, while their cover of "Ride On" manages to the rock a even more than AC/DC's original, and that's a comment from me.

Definitely check this out. Some great rock from Down Under.
(SCOTT) As I've said before, I am no expert on recorded comedy, but Brian certainly is, so, here is some recordings from the great George Carlin, I'll say nothing at all, deferring to "Comedy expert" Brian
Comedy - Carlin Part 1
This is a repost of my big project from before. Not doing any info on each release, just giving you the albums. Contains everything George did between 1963 and 1978. Links are right here. Two of the files contain two albums each.

Here's everything you're getting:

(SCOTT): OK Brian has been posting so much great stuff that you REALLY oughta just go check out his site (rustbeltout.come),and I will boost some more of his stuff tomorrow....BUT I couldn't go to be without passing this one along........The 1988 "Hairspray" soundtrack, is one that I have long enjoyed, and perhaps you have forgotten about, but this is a FANTASTIC album, a great soundtrack to a great film.......Check Brian's write up for full details, but this is a WONDERFUL disc YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS.....PERIOD.....
Hairspray. It's been a favorite movie of mine since I was a kid. Understand, I am not talking about the Broadway musical or the 2007 remake. I have no interest in hearing original songs or seeing John Travolta in drag, OK? People forget about the original film, and they shouldn't; it was the only thing close to American Graffiti that the 80's gave us. And it was both goofy and sweet. Hard to believe it was a John Waters film. And check out Ric Ocasek as a beatnik!

The movie is full of 60's pop, R&B, soul, and dance songs. It's a perfect snapshot of that era between the 50's rock and roll explosion and the British Invasion of the early 60's. It was a time when dance crazes were all the rage, so we've got songs like the Twist, the Bug, the Bird, the Roach, the Mashed Potato, and the Madison. Girl pop also ruled, so there's songs like "You Don't Own Me", "Mama Didn't Lie", and "I Wish I Were A Princess". And Toussaint McCall's "Nothing Takes the Place Of You" is one of the greatest slow-dance heartbreakers I've ever heard.
The original 1988 soundtrack LP only had 12 songs on it, not even half of what we got here. Some nice lady on a blog had compiled this album for her daughter. I added two more songs to the soundtrack that she had missed, so now we have truly the complete soundtrack to the film. It's also sequenced to follow the order in the movie. I usually don't do track lists, but it's necessary here. If you like 50's/60's rock and roll comps, this is a perfect addition. Enjoy.
Hairspray Soundtrack Download

1. Rachel Sweet - Hairspray
2. Dee Dee Sharp - Mashed Potato Time
3. Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy
4. Five Du Tones - Shake A Tailfeather
5. Little Peggy March - I Wish I Were A Princess
6. Chubby Checker - Dancin' Party
7. Ray Bryant - Madison Time
8. Chubby Checker - Pony Time
9. Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity
10. The Dovells - Do the New Continental
11. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
12. Barbara Lynn - You'll Lose A Good Thing
13. Jane Bradley - Momma Didn't Lie
14. The Champs - Train To Nowhere
15. Chubby Checker - Lets Twist Again
16. The Dutones - The Bird
17. Bunker Hill - Hide and Go Seek (Part 1)
18. Chubby Checker - The Fly
19. Lafayettes - Life's Too Short
20. Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me
21. The Ikettes - I'm Blue (the Gong Gong Song)
22. Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes the Place Of You
23. Pia Zadora - Day-O
24. Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock
25. Gene & Wendell - The Roach
26. The Knightcaps - The Bug
27. The Flares - Foot Stompin'
28. The Bracelets - Waddle Waddle

NOTE: When you upload this into your library, not all of the songs have the album name on the files, so you'll have to do some editing.
(SCOTT): John Watters fucking rules, now, always and forever......period!

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