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Mega Stranglers part 6, more LIVE goodies

So, by 1988, the Stranglers had become what they were going to become, and looking to go in
various directions......for example, THIS live LP("ALl Live And All of the Night") has a HORN SECTION (yes, really) on it, not my favorite thing, but different at least.......Stranglers fans will like the unique factor, lotta good stuff here, anyway (note: I DO NOT have the extended,  bonus version with extra tracks, if you do, please help out?

Now, MUCH more of interest to me is "The Early Years Live, '74-'76".....tremendously sloppy early versions of thier classics, from various venues/dates, a couple tracks get doubled ("Grip" and "Go Buddy Go"), but still fine to hear these gems, and ALWAYS great to find another version of "Peaches", which will ALWAYS be MY fave!

1993's "Saturday Night Sunday Morning" is significant in that it is the last known recorded show featuring Hugh Cornwell,  not bad, "Goldne Brown", "No More Heroes", "96 Tears"......(where's "peaches?""where's "Grip"?).......anyway, worthwhile, any Stranglers fan is gonna want this as well.

I also seem to have a copy of a 1985 recording "Death and Night and Blood", a good run down of most of thier classic material, don't, honestly, recall listening to it to be honest, but it's the Stranglers running through some of their best material, when they were right near their peak......

OK, couple of bootlegs as well.........earliest being a 1980 Toronto show, gets pretty frantic with fine versions of "Bring on the Nublies", "Boroque Borddello", and a fine "I feel Like a Wog", the entire set magnificently shows off thte Stranglers sleazy charm.

I have a London show from 1984 (unsure of date or venue), they really put out on this one as well, right up to the fabulous encore of "European Female" and (YES!) "Peaches"

Last one I have for now is a 1985 Zurich set, it gets pretty reaaved up as well, most of their early greatas are here (except, oddly, "Grip"), but by now you have the idea......I have a buncha Stranglers sttuff, if they were/are your "thing" eat harty!

Morse Stranglers stuff coming, some comps with maybe a rarity or two, also some solo work from
some of the members......stay tuned, we'll have some good guest material in the next couple days too.

ALL LIVE AND ALL OF THE NIGHT-01 No More Heroes/02 Was It You/03 Down In the Sewer/04 Always the Sun/05 Golden Brown/06 North Winds/07 European Female/08 Strange Little Girl/09 Nice N Sleazy/10 Toiler on the Sea/11 Sea/12 London Lady

THE EARLY YEARS-01 Grip/02 Bitching/03 Go Buddy Go/04 Grip/05 Sometimes/06 Bitching/07 Peasant in the Big Shitty/08 hanging Around/09 Peaches/10 Ugly/11 Down in the Sewer/12 Go Budy Go/13 Wasted/14 Strange Little Girl/15 My Young Dream/16 Princess of the streets

SATURDAY NIGHT SUNDAY MORNING-01 Toiler on the Sea/02 96 Tears/03 Always the Sun/04 No More Heroes/05Golden Brown/06  Tank/07 Strange Little Girl/08 Something Better Change/09 Hanging Around/10 All Day and All of the Night/11 Duchess/12 Was It You

DEATH & NIGHT & BLOOD-01 Something Better Change/02 No Mercy/03 Skin Deep/04 let Me Down Easy/05 Death and Night and Blood/06 Peaches/07 Golden Brown/08 London Lady/09 I Feel Like a Wog/10 Uptown/11 Midsummernight Dream/European Female/12 Burning Up Time/13 Strange Little Girl/14 Souls/15 Threatened/16 Nice N Sleazy/17 Straighten Out/18 Punch and Judy/19 European Female/20 Dead Ringer

TORONTO 1980-01 Intro/02 Duchess/03 hanging Around/04 Boroque Bordello/05 Down in the Sewer/06 Who Wants the World/07 Threatened/08 Bring on the Nubiles/09 tank/10 Nuclear Devices/11 Dead Loss Angeles/12 The Raven/13 I fell Like a Wog

LONDON 1984-01 Something Better Change/02 No Mercy/03 London Day/04 Uptown/05 Midnight
Summer Dream/06 Golden Brown/07 Nice N Sleazy/08 Let Me Down Easy/09 She Was Quite Close To Me/10 Dead Ringer/11 Strange Little Girl/12 Burning Up Time/13 Punch and Judy/14 Straighten Out/15 European FEmale/Peaches

ZURICH 1985-01 Something Better Change/02 Uptown/03 Dead Ringer/04 No Mercy/05 Souls/06 Nice N Sleazy/07 Skin Deep/08 Let Me Down Easy/09 Midnight Summer Dream/10 European Female/11 Golden Brown/12 Strange Little Girl/13 Peaches/14 Death and Night and Blood/15 She Was Quite Close To Me/16 Punch & Judy/17 I Feel Like a Wog/18 Down in the Sewer

As always, lemme know whatcha think......lotta material here, and a lot more to come from one of my favorite bands in high school/college..........opinions, por favor?

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