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Thanks good comments of late

Really......a lot seemed to like the Magnapop post, sorry two of the discs are seeemingly screwed up,
OR it could be a Zippything, I will try to reup......anyway, at least "Hot Boxing" is there.....couple surprising comments on the latest "Nazi Rock" post from a couple people wh GET what I'm saying (quickly, I disagree with them 1000%, but they have the right to say anything they wish, in this forum anyway, and rock n roll is meant to offend.......LOVE the comment (didn't notice until pointed out) that they ACTUALLY MISSPELLED "BRITISH" on the album cover.......valedictorian material, no question.

By way of contribution, some good work by Jonder, breaking down the WOXY/KEXP sets giving us track names on the unsplit sets. See the comments of that post, good work, and he (Jonder) is also putting together for us a very exciting Duke Spirit post (Duke Spirit appear on a couple of the WOXY/KEXP sets).......I know he sent me an email, but I (typically) lost it, I am HOPING that he will write the reviews of the albums, email me th whole post (links n all) and then I'll post it.......bst way for it to work for me anyway, let me know if something works better for you Jonder.

Long Time friend Sean sends us some MORE Yo Le Tengo, a double disc live set called "This Is Where I Belong", recorded at Hoboken New Jersey landmark Maxwells.....the recordings range almost the entire breadth of thier career, and of course contain the requisite number of whacked-out cover versions



and aside from everyone who contributes, I thank you just for leaving comment.....if you HATE the Nazi-Rock stuff, and are pissed at me for posting it, SAY SO.......it's the only way we can have adiscussion about things like this......

ALMOST forgot this gem.......Jon Hope (same guy as Jonder? I was thinking so, if I'm wrong I'm
sorry) sends us the great Magnapop version of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" from the Monkees tribute album, GOTTA love that.

Besides these, Brian has asked me to share a couple of his shares from his blog, I will get to that later this evening or tomorrow.........until then, gonna go grab some dinner, celebrating that I WILL be starting my new job (almost to the day a year after retiring from the State of Ohio) on Monday.......the blog WILL remain, but may go through some changes!

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