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Most amazing guest post EVER!!!!!!!

I recieved an email Friday from the one and onl Nikki Corvette......you wouldn't believe how much
that means to me, for Nikki Corvette to even acknowledge that I am alive.......but anyway, it was a sweet email that I will share with you in a moment, and, after that, some FANTASTIC NEW TUNES that she is sharing with us as well......WOW! Od course I am happily married, if I were not, I'd be on me knees begging Nikki for that honor.........just kidding, but it is incredible that she is sending US new tracks to enjoy, I hope like hell that you appreciate them, they are great, and ya know WHY? They are Nikki Corvettes! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Nikki and ANYTIME you wish to share anything on THIS blog, the door is open .....Love Ya Nikkii, always have, always will, and I am THRILLED that you decided to select US to share your new tracks with!

First her wonderful and beautiful email:

Nikki Corvette has left a new comment on your post "Nikki Corvette, anytime anyplace Baby":
Hi Scott, just ran across this and wanted to say wow, thanks for the wonderful words! I'd be happy to send you some current music. Just write me if you're interested nikki1146@juno.com
Cheers, Nikki Corvette
Well, OF COURSE, I am interested my love, and as the wonderful woman you are, you quickly ent me a goldmine of stuff........I will publish them ALL here,and I am sure the readers of this here blog will LOVE it all.......and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you wish to become a "regular contributor here" (I am sure you are much too busy, but if by some chance NOT, you would make me the happiest blogger on the planet........in other words, feel free to contribute ANYTHING, ANYTIME, and it will be met with the greatest of fanfare.......again, LOVE YOU NIKKI!

Well, first Ms Nikki sent me another email, a wonderful, sweet, and grateful screed as tohow she is happy that my readers enjoy my blog:


Hi Scott, thanks so much for the email and the lovely blog write-up, it's always nice
to know that you/your music has had an effect on someone. I will try to write more
but I tend to procrastinate so I thought I'd better just write you immediately or I might
keep putting it off until I forget to do it (slacker....). Anyway I've kept pretty busy since
I started to play again. I've had 3 bands, Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays also had a
Japan only release called 'Rebellious Love Emergency' (quite proud of this one) then
Gorvette with Amy Gore from The Gore Gore Girls, one release 'Gorvette' and finally
Nikki Corvette and The Romeos, an all Italian band with the bassist and drummer from
Miss Chain and The Broken Heels and the guitarist from The Peawees, one single
'He's Gone/Rockin' Romeos'. I might not have 'made it' but I have been touring the
world for the last 10 years and have a nice cult following. They love me in Japan and
I'm proud of what I've done. Here are a few songs for you, hope you enjoy! Cheers, nikki
P.S. It Don't Come Easy is wth Prima Donna and on a WFMU CD from a couple months ago.
I will send a few messages because I can only send a couple songs per. Also there is a
'Wild Record Party 2', not my fave...
OK, Nikki, I've neaver heard "Wild Record Party2
", I loved the FIrst one, but I will trust your judgement..........I just wanna make suer you know that I love EVERYTHING I have loved every NOTE I've everheard from you, and if you can EVER find time to send me ANYTHING (I'd be WAYYYYYYYYYY interested in the colaborations with the Gore Gore Girls whom I love Too), I am open to it.......I just thank you for acknowledging I am alive, and here are the tracks you sent for my readers to enjoy:
4 new and GREAT tracks from Mistress Nikkie:01 Just You And Me/02 Have Your Way With Me/03 He's Gone/04 Rockin Romeos

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