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Brian Contributes a Couple More Hard to find Gems

Like myself, Brian has long been a fan of non-English language music, I think we are part of a small minority on this........anywya, tough shit........he has posted a couple of albums on his site that need a little bump, and I am happy to do so.....first, he has a Thai funk-pop thing from a few years gone by, again not exactly MYY thing (as I am a rock n roll nazi, so to speak), but as I've said, ANYTHING GOES HERE, and Brian is one of the few who understands and takes advantage of that......so since this is stuff that is unfamiliar to me, why not let Captain Brian exolain the ins and outs of these discs.....


Some Great Thai Funk and Pop Music From Way Back
Here's a good tour of Thai music from the 60's and 70's. Most of these come from the Sublime Frequencies label. While normally I'd try to support a label like them, all of their stuff quickly goes out of print and becomes rare as hell. Seems to be the way with comps like this.
Enjoy these. If you liked the Cambodian stuff from awhile ago, this post is even better.
Shadow Music Of Thailand Download

This almost plays like some great psych/surf comp...the Hammond organs, the guitar twang, the emphasis on the band feel. A good one, and really rare.
Molam Thai Country Groove From Isan Download
I don't know how to describe Molam Thai Country Groove. It's more of an indigenous music, with its own slinky rhythm. Check this one out.
Thai Funk Volume 1 Download
These two Thai Funk volumes are probably my favorite out of these. Released on a limited number of CDs and vinyl a few years ago, they've already become hard to find. I actually have Vol 2 on LP...it's some beautiful packaging.
Thai Funk Volume 2 Download

The joy of these two sets is listening to the artists completely swipe American pop songs. A James Brown beat here, a disco riff there.... The best examples of this are on Vol. 2: "Lady Marmalade", "Kung Fu Fighting" (unfortunately they only use the intro), and my favorite song in this whole post - "Mao (Drunk)", which is a Thai version of "Play That Funky Music White Boy"! It's genius! The only thing that equals it is that Arab version of "Shaft" that's on the "Cover the Earth" online comp.

That's not to say they don't actually bring the funk though....the track by the Hot Peppers on Vol. 1 has a bassline worthy of Stevie Wonder! ARP synths, boogie beats, strings, horns....it's glorious! These are two of the best releases of Southeast Asian music of this kind out there, and strangely it's not from the Sublime Frequencies label...
Thai Classical: Pí Solo Flute Download

And to show that I'm not just about the pop/funk/go-go, here's a CD I found gathering dust in a record store corner. It's a collection of Thai Pí flute music. I have no idea on track names: almost every word on the packaging is in Thai. That was part of the appeal. I'm putting photos here of the CD art, since there's no info on this anywhere.

Hope you guys enjoy this international music tour. Gimme some feedback, I got a bunch of this stuff.
THIS IS SCOTT BACK AGAIN: Much more in MY wheelhouse is this great Cambodian set, lotsa rock/psych, MY kinda stuff, I might even have posted some of this before, but who fuckin cares? this is good stuff trust me, unless you insist that everything be in English.......Come one, give Brian a boost and download these either here OR from his blog,
He has a fine blog and he posts the stuff that he asks me to share as well as some other stuff that does not appear here, you just might want to check it out if you have nothing better to do.......I must say the young man (A LOT younger than myself) has some intresting shit, the Tape Beatles one still blows me away, I am happy to share stuff from ANYONE's Blog shoule they desire.......I am about SHARING, not about selfishness.......let's ALL be that way and make certain that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our "community" has what, at least, THEY consider the perfect music collection!
Please if you download from this site, direct your thanks to Brian, on these things I am but the middle man.

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