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Helping out my good friend Brian

By now you all know Brian I would hope, he contributes things here often as well as has his own blog, rustbeltoutpost.blogspot.com, where all of his stuff can be found as well......often times he asks me if I will sahre his stuff here, to spread it around a bit more, and I am happy to, that is, of course, why we are all here......his stuff is SO DIFFERENT from mine, as he is an expert on comedy recordings, soundtracks, and a lot of other things that THIS old man isn't so up on.......BUT I am not about to not share ANYTHING here, if ANYONE wants me to (besides his "Tape Beatles" post was on of the greatest surprises I have ever unwrapped, if you haven't checked that out, it's available both on this site and on his, you don't know what you are missing if you havent't checked that out)

So, he sends me a bunch of links today, stuff that is already posted on HIS blog, and of course, I am happy to help him out and share it a bit wider, as usuwal with his stuff, MY commentary will be at an absolute minimum (ANOTHER bonus for ya!), I will simply copy his comments and let you have em.......he's got a BUNCH of stuff here, certainly all quality, and I invite you to sample it, as well as visit his blog, he feels almost like a "little brother" to me (maybe that's just because I hate the "little brother" that i DO have, quite another story there, though)........so let's look at what Brian has for us on this night, certainly it's some good stuff, if I have anything to chip in about it, I'll denote it as such....


SCOTT: First he has for us what he calls a "Mystery Comedy Post".....I understand why, as the comedy stuff (WHY?) gets cracked MUCH harder than the music stuff.....since it is a "Mystery", I will simply copy his post as it originally appeared.......

Mystery Comedy Post

Comoedie Absconditus

Here are some gems for you! If you're unfamiliar with Reiner & Brooks work on record - long before they both achieved success as film directors - these are some of the funniest comedy albums of the 60's. And they haven't dated as much as some comedy albums of the period. And what's interesting is that a good chunk of this stuff was loosely improvised, which is a little unusual for the time.

I won't go into too much detail as it'd get this post sniped. Suffice to say, the "2000 yr Old Man" interviews are hilarious. There's other great laughs, though: the pop singer "Fabiola", the "Coffeehouse" bit, the "Peruvian" always makes me laugh. And my God, the "Two Hour Old Baby" has the bestOPENINGjoke EVER! 

The later albums are good, too. On Cannes, I particularly like Brooks's "Federico Fettucini".

Now, I haven't included the In the Year 2000 album from '97, because it was recorded so much later and doesn't have that "Mel in his prime" feel to it. This is just a perfect comedy album quartet here. These discs have the sequence of the Complete History box set, so there's two albums in each file. Enjoy. I'm sure these will fly out of here....
LINK 1 contains:

LINK 2  contains:

Told you the comedy stuff was coming back....
SCOTT: And yet another "Mystery COmedy Post".......gotta say I've never even HEARD of this one, so I REALLY got nothing to say here........
Comoedie Absconditus

His first  album, and he's in high-flying angry form. This is a great one. FYI, this  file is one longTRACK.

From 2005. Has quite a few mid-aughts references (Janet Jackson's breast, Bush/Iraq craziness, Gov. Schwarzenegger)...but it's hilarious.

SCOTT: Now this next one is WAY more my own territory, although I don't think I've ever posted it before........this is fine sludge/metal from Eye Hate God, not a full discography but thier masterpiece, "Dopesick".......if you enjoy a lot of the punk/metal/grunge/stoner/sludge that you know is MY passion, you need to run, not walk, for this one.

EyeHateGod's Brutal "Dopesick"

How can IBEGIN to describe this album? First, this is one of my top 5 metal records ever. One of the heaviest, most brutal, tortured, anguished, violent, and CATHARTIC albums ever made!

EyeHateGod is a side project of members of Down and Soilent Green. While I never really got into those two bands much, I've easily been listening to EyeHateGod for fifteen years. They do it for me when nothing else will.

The music? Down tuned riffage, howling and screaming feedback, punk/thrash breakdowns, but with a deep groove to it all. It's hard to accurately explain. And Michael Williams' singing....my God! It's not a Cookie Monster metal voice - it's this completely anguished screaming. He's singing words - they're in the booklet - but in no way can you tell what they are....and that's fine. It doesn't matter; his vocals provide the release for this monolithic wall of riffs behind him.
Being a fan of EyeHateGod is what's made me sneer at the modern crop of metalcore bands. Oh, you think you can scream and act all "angry", huh? All that current "Screamo" D-Beat shit sounds like Abba next to something as brutal as this...

While their other albums are good - especially it's predecessor "Take As Needed For Pain" - "Dopesick" is EyeHateGod's ultimate moment. The insanely hot sound mix, the screaming feedback and wracked vocals, just the sheer sonic terrorism of it...it's astounding, honestly. You wanna vent some anger? Nothing works better than this!

Descargar. Télécharger.
SCOTT: And yet another mystery post......I didn't know that this particular band was especially pricklish about this kinda thing, but if so.......anyway, let's just say if you are a fan of the hard/heavy/punk sounds I have been posting here for years, this is a fine rarity you will want/enjoy........just not going to print the artists' name, you'll figure it out from Brian's text......

This post is gonna be really bare bones. Otherwise, it'd get a DMCA complaint slammed on it in 5MINUTES. You'd think I was posting necrophiliac dog schiezer porn...
In listening to the group, it can be tempting to just get the Collection CDs. But, what gets lost in that is just how concise and goddamned brutal the band could be on their album releases. And this first one...
...is the bestSINGLE album they ever released. This is one of the best punk albums ever made. Unfortunately, it was only put out piecemeal at the time - on singles and EPs - and wasn't released properly til the 90's. Listening to this album, the material is framed better than being spread across both Collection CDs...especially since the group's production varied from release to release. 
And on thatNOTE, on to the next link, which is a real rarity (and the one you can feel free to bow down to me for)....
Look up the story of it here. All I'll say is that with the additional guitar and the crisper production, this one kicks ass! For whatever reason (maybe they're just assholes), JO and GD pulled this before it ever got past the promo stage in 2001. Do they just hate their fans? And it's a shame, since this scrubs the production grime off of some of their best songs. And it's all of 25 mins long. But enjoy this - it's really rare.
OK. always enjoy the eccentric contributions for my fellow Buckeye Brian, look forward to the wierdness factor each time......as I've said before, if ANY OF YOU OTHER HOSERS have a bunch of rare shit that the rest of blogosphere needs to hear, PLEASE GET OFF YOUR ASS........we do all this shit for YOU, why not become ONE OF US (so to speak, you likely DON'T WANT to become one of "me" at least!)

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