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Dickies Part 4

Ok so fucking sue/shoot/disown me.......I know I said I would continue Dickies stuff over the long
holiday weekend, well, FUCK ME, I didn't, I AM trying to find a fucking job and have a family and all of THAT shit......but any-fucking-way, let's continue with the BAD ASS Dickies, we are dealing now with the latter part of thier career, FAR "classic" era, but with a band as great as this there are still a great idea or two out there. So where in the fuck did we leave off the other day anyway?

Oh, let's lead off with "Unsafe Sex Volume 1", a 7" release that contains pretty much previously released material.......I include it coz I think it's pretty rare, not that it means that much in this "digital age" in which we reside......it's another "unofficial" release, so you're welcome!

"The Second Coming" is one of the very few full lengths these boyos put out, it's decent, NOT essential, if you are a serious Dickies fan by now, you will want this one as well, not up to the level of thier golden era, but still, ya know?.......

Next up we have yet another EP (imagine), "Just Say Yes", which includes 3 pretty good ones, in particular "Ayatollah You So".......another recommended part of thier legacy.

From 1990 comes another mini-CD, "Roadkill", if by now I have made you a Dickies fan, you might as well hear this one as well, three tracks, and decent ones at that.

"Locked N Loaded" is a pretty fair live disc, once again reprising these lad's rep as a fine live
act......many of thier classics are here, as are much more rare tracks ala "Just Say Yes"........again, I recommend this, but again, be advised i am a FAN of this band, if you aren't as into them as I am, this may not be your thing........but, if you are a Dickies fan, once again, jump!

A track that I found strictly on this torrent download is "The Spirit of '76"(It's from a soundtrack from a film of the same name)........I had not heard it previously, but please allow me to share it here......in a "no album" context.........pretty good song, actually.....

Yet another breezy 7" followed, "Money, Coke, and Smack", (unofficial release but seems pretty easy to find), recording quality could be better, but you'd not want to be without thier snotty cover of "Nobody But Me" which could have been written to order. I'll tell ya, despite the many, many personnel changes over the decades, these boyz knew thier formula, again, somewhat paralelling the Ramones to a degree.

In 1994, a true rare occurance popped up.....the Dickies released a full-length, "Idjit Savant".....seemingly, not terribly well liked among the band's fans (too much of a good thing?) it does have its moments for my money at least......."I'm Stuck in a Condo With Marlon Brando" is pretty funny, and there are other moments that will cause you to crack a smile......"I'm on Crack" and "Welcome to the Diamond Mine" come to mind.

"Dogs From the Hare That Bit Us" is a covers album, there is a better version of "Nobody But Me" here, and (Oh GOD) Uriah Heep's "Easy Livin'" (!)........covers were there forte, and this mini album is worth it also.

Let's wrap it up here, there is enough material still in the vault to do another installment......again, seriously, sorry for the delay, looking for a job and all that fun stuff.....I'll try to get the rest of it up tonight or tomorrow, stuff is backing up again as Brian has a few things from his blog he wants me to help him share, Cliff has another reggae post in the bag, and, most excitingly, the lovely Lennon Murphy has given me her personal permission to share her new band It's War's new EP (I PAID for it, yes, because Lennon is so wonderful, but wait to you hear her first release in years, it is of course great!)

So I do have some stuff on the stove, just slowing down a little and if I get a job, it may slow down a
bit more even, but I will never stop doing this until I am forced to or die.

UNSAFE SEX VOLUME 1-01 She's a Hunchback/02 Curb Job/03 Manny, Moe and Jack/04 Gigantor/05 Paranoid

SECOND COMING-01 Hair/02 Monster Island/03 Town Without Pity/04 Cross Eyed Tammy/05 Going Homo/06 Dummy Up/07 Booby Trap/08 Magoomba/09 Caligula/10 I'm Stan/11 Monkey See Monkey Do

JUST SAY YES-01 Justs Say Yes/02 Ayatollah You So/03 Dead Heat

ROAD KILL-01 Road Kill/02 Just Say Yes/03 Dead Heat

LOCKED N LOADED-01 Dickies Intro/02 Killer
Klowns From Outer Space/03 Eve of Destruction/04 Nights In White Satin/05 Pretty Please Me/06 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/07 Just Say Yes/08 (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/09 Curb Job/10 Cross Eyed Tammy/11 Going Homo/12 She's a Hunchback/13 If Stuart Could Talk/14 Manny, Moe and Jack/15 Paranoid/16 Gigantor/17 Communication Breakdown/18 The Banana Splits/19 Give It Back

SPIRIT OF '76-(Single Track)

MONEY COKE AND SMACK-01 Fan Mail/02 Toxic Avenger/03 Wagon Train/04 Rosemary/05 Nobody But Me/06 I'm a Chollo

IDJIT SAVANT-01 Welcome to the Diamond Mine/02 Golden Boys/03 Toxic Avenger/04
Zeppelina/05 I'm Stuck In a Condo (With Marlon Brando)/06 Just Say Yes/07 Elevator (In the Brain Hotel/08 Pretty Ballerina/09 Make It So/10 I'm On Crack/11 Oh Boy/12 Roadkill/13 House of Raoul/14 Song of the Dawn

DOGS FROM THE HARE THAT BIT US-01 Dickies Intro/02 Solitary Confinement/03 Easy Livin/04 Unconscious Power/05 There's a Place/06 Nobody But Me/07 Can't Let Go/08 Let Me Out/09 Epistle To Dippy


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