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LOTSA stuff piled up here.....

Well, I've been neglecting everyone as I promised that next I would start a mind-blowing Dickies ultra-post, we'll get That party started here in a little bit, but even worse than letting down my loyal readers (BOTH of ya), is slacking in putting up thte guest material from the rest of "Team Growing Bored". So, let us start there, beginning with my compatriot Brian, who has risen ala the Phoenix with his brand new "Rustbeltoutpost" blog, a revised (and, IMO, better) version of his earlier efffort.....now, I am going to abide by his wishes and not go into much detail on this post, BUT, I do have more wonderful material from the "artists" in question, it is TREMENDOUS, must-hear, draw a line in the sand stuff that I LOVE.......this is "thier" most significant work (except for maybe "Helter Stupid", a hint for you?) after that, you'll just need to take our word for it, trust me, we have our reasons for being vague.

Here's a Rarity For Ya...

I definitely am not gonna use anybody's names in this one...look up the story of it somewhere else.
One of the most notorious singles in history. An album that brought a flood of lawsuits, bankrupted it's record label, and roused the enmity of the band being parodied...
As well as one particular (now deceased) radio personality....
I remember seeing this on aSPIN magazine best of back in 1991...I think it had already been recalled from stores. I didn't get a chance to finally hear it til a decade later, when it was rereleased as part of this album...
But that album is a bit of overkill, so I'm giving you guys the original 1991 release. The vitriol in CK's ranting, the absdurdo deconstruction of the songs lyric's....this is the Holy Grail of "plunderphonics" albums...and it pissed people off to boot. And no one tells me what I can or can't listen to.

SCOTT: yeah, Brian, thanks for this one, I'll add a bunch of shit to it when I'm done with the Dickies thing, these troublemakers are MY kinda folks, and I have a good bit of material of thiers so that the folks can get the "real" picture......excellent contribution/share.......by the way, it's also available over at


Also, from Brian, comes another wonderful contribution of controversy, one that I've meant to post many times and just have never got around to.......this is Ice T's metal band Body Count's "controversial" album, which featured "Cop Killer" which upset many a brave little-warrior-of the GOP......the song, acording to Ice himself was based on Talking Heads'"Psycho Killer", which caused not a seed of controversy.......as a piece of metal, it's NOT really a "great" album, but it is an important one in pointing out the racism that DOES exist in situations such as this....I bet if you asked him, Ice T would NOT wish to censor the work of Skrewdriver or Bully Boys, as HE GETS IT.....simple as that. Also, I always found it hilarious when the nutballs who wanted this banned, censored, prosecuted, etc, ALWAYS referred to it as a "rap" album.........sho does sound like metal to anyone I've ever played it for. Thanks, Brian, for another fine contribution, and of course he link, along with other stuff, is available at his site


Here's HIS write up of the effort at hand here:

Ice T and Body Count

Talking about albums that got people in trouble and got pulled from stores, we have here the debut from Ice-T's band Body Count. But first a little background for those who may be unfamiliar....
By 1992, Ice T was on the cusp of real stardom. He'd built up years of street cred in the gangster rap game, just releasing his epic "O.G. Original Gangster" album. He had blown everybody away with his performance in "New Jack City". He even managed a slot on the first Lollapalooza tour, back when that still meant something.
And he had a damn metal band! At the time, I was getting into both metal and rap, so it sounded great to me. And he wasn't a bad frontman, either. Body Count's sound owes more to 80's NY thrash (Anthrax or Biohazard) than other heavy stuff from the time. "There Goes the Neighborhood" was a great single, and "Bowels of the Devil" and "KKK Bitch" are both great thrashers.
But on to the main point. This is the version of the album with "Cop Killer" on it. It was ordered pulled from stores under protests from, like everyone.... Somehow back then, I convinced my loving mother to drive the 20 miles to a Harmony House where there was the only copy left in town. The offending track was later replaced by a track with Jello Biafra on it. But the crime of that is that "Cop Killer" is the best track on the album; it's just such a damn thrasher! Along with NWA's "Fuck tha Police" and Black Flag's "Police Story", it's the other great anti-cop song in music. In fact, at Lollapalooza, Body Count would perform the song with Black Flag's Henry Rollins. I wish there had been tape rolling on that...
I will forever stand in defense of this release. In this world, no one is safe, not even the cops. And screw that post 9/11 hero worship mentality. If you haven't noticed the way our police forces have blatantly become more militarized in recent years (under both parties), then you deserve your police state. And like I said a few posts ago, no one tells me what I can or can't hear.
For those that like to point out the fact that Ice railed at cops and then ended up playing one for years on "Law & Order" - they're both roles, dig? And hell, he played a cop before "Cop Killer" ever came out. My man has never sold out, he's just sold well....


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