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I have been having computer problems, not sure what is going on, but getting this post up has been
nntorture......I doin't know WHY, it may be new computer tim, I don't know, but this post is both long and interesting, and I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this one........as I said, it's been a LOT of trouble, so PLEASE, for me, check it out, and let me know your thoughts.

OK, these boyos put out a TON of material bewteen 1983-2007, what I have of it I enjoy a good deal....their sound is kind of Jam/Who Mod-ish, perhaps combined with some Clash/RATM political anger........I really enjoy some of this stuff, and I really hope you do too as this is something that maybe isn't something you find every day........good unique rock n roll, I hope you guys enjoy it......after all the trouble I've had getting this one posted please, Please PLEASE leave a review/comment on this stuff, this really IS some goed music.

OK, let me start out by stating I don't have thier (1983) first "IRA!", but I do have the follow up "Mudanca de Comportament0" (1985)......it's really a good one, and as good a place as any to start here....next up we have 1986's "Vivendo e nao Aprendendo"......quite a good disc, if you are willing to listen and deal with the Espanol, you know I like that stuff, but this 4-track EP will rock your socks, "Casa De Papel" and ""Nas Ruas" stand out.....as good a starting point as you could go, I guess.

Next up from 1988 we have a full length, "Psicoaaustica"......a fine album as well, hopefully you will enjoy, as did I, stuff like "Rubro Zorro" and the bizarelly titled "Farto de Rock N Roll" ( I don't make em up)....it's a good one, one I think RATM/Clash/Ska/Mod fans WILL enjoy.

The following year they released "Clandestino", another quite solid effort, I'm telling ya, these boyos were quite underappreciated......the title Track and "Melissa" stand out, but this is another solid effort, one of thier better ones........just PLEASE listen to these and TELL ME what you think of them.....I've had SOOOOOOOO much trouble with this post, AT LEAST show some appreciation? Please?

Next release was "Meninos de Rua Paulo (1991), still good stuff, the title track, "Amor Impossivle", and "A Etopia e Meus Problemas"......yes guys, but now you know I LOVE non-English rock, I know everyone does not share my passion, but I REALLY do enjoy these albums, and I hope you will as well!

Next up from 1993 is the fine "Musica Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas", hey, to be honest,this is a fine disc as well, should you be into this stuff by now......."Arrastao!" is a fine track, and there are several more.....I wish I could convert more people to the joys of non-English rock, I HAVE tried, as you all know!

Next album was "7", which is a great title for us yanks, and it truly is not bad either.......they expand a bit
with "Haio Silver" and "House of Risin Sun", BOTH of which work just fine for me, as does the rest of this disc........by now, you can see this is a case of a band I've enjoyed and MANY have not, I am just trying to spread thier work around a bit........just like most ALWAYS on my blog/

In 1998 the cranked out "Voce Nao Saba Quem Eu Sou".......it's yet another respectable album, although the formula is wearing a bit thin by now......."Justica Militar, Justca Civil" stands out, as well as a fw others......I wonder, and I have no way of knowing, if these amigos had a particulaly ferverent followoing in South America......I can see it, they WERE a good band.

"Isso E Amore" was the next effort, not among thier greateset, but still something you may wish to hear if you are trying to get a complete picture of the band......for some reason, Track 1 is missing from my copy, please don't ask why as I have no idea,,,,,,,stilll is worth a listen.

A fine Live MTV release is the next up, and these boyos could put it out on stage.......reminds me a bit of a RATM shos, the get it done and then some........check this one out, if nothin else!

In 2001 they issued "Entre Sues Rins", actually another farily good disc, I mean, hell, by now you know if
you like this stuff or not, but this is a decent album as well, they were quite consistent over the years and there is not a thhing wrong with this album, either.

The most recent release I have is 2007's "Invisevle DJ", it's not as good as most of the other efforts, but here is is, if you want it........these guys have a TON of material, yet remain nearly unknown in the USA.......please check thse, see what you think, and LET ME KNOW........this is good rock n roll, if you  lean this way!

MUDANCA DE COMPARTMENTO-01 Saida/02 Ninguem Precissa de Guerra/03 Por Tras De Um/04 Como Os Ponteris/05 Sonhar Com Que /05 Ninguem Entende Um Mod

VIVINDO e Nao APRANDENDO-01 Casa De Papel/02 Tanto Quanto Eu/03 Quinze Anos/04 Nas Ruas

PSICAUCUSITA-01 Rubro Zorro/02 Manhas de Domingo/03 Poder, Sorriso, Sama,04 Recieta Pra Se Fazer Um Heroi/05 Pegue Essa /06 Farto de Rock n Roll/17 Avogado do Diabo/18 Mesmo Distante

CLANDESTINO-01 Melissa/02 Tarde Vazia/03 Efieto Bumerangue/04 Boneca de Cara/05 Cabcas Quentes/06 O Dia, O Semana, O Mes/07 Patroa/08 Consciencia Limpa/09 Clandestino/10 Nasci Em 62/

MENINOS  DE RUA PAULO-01 Rua paulo/02 Imagnes De Voce/03 Amor Impossivel/04 O Tolo Dos Tolos/05 O Ladrao Era Eu/06 A Etiopia E Mues Problemas/07 Voce Ainda Pode Sonhar/08 Prisao Das Ruas/09 Calvos Salvagens/10 Nao Mataras/11 Os Meninos de Ru Paulo

MUSICA CALMA PARA PESSOAS NERVOSAS-01 Arrastato! (Ladrao Que Rouba Ladrao)/02 Pai Nosso/03 She Smiled Sweetly/04 Campos, Praias, e Paxioes/05 Perigo/06 O Homem E Esperto, Mas a Merte e Mais/07  Balda Triste/08 Fado de Minh'alma/09 UTI

"7"-01 Na Minha Mnete/02 Me Perco Nesse Tempo/03 Que Fim Levou Paris/04 Voce nao Serve Pra Mim/05 haio Silver/06 Eu Quero Supre Mais/07 O Girrasol/08 Te Odieo (Isso e o Amore)/09 Dificil de Vever/10 House of Risin Sun

MTV LIVE-01  Gritos na Multiado/02 Dias De Luta/03 Lone De Tuda/04 E Assims Que Me Querem/05
Como On Periontos/06 Mundaco de Partmento/07 Coracoa/08 Vida Paassageria/09 Flores em Voce/10 Recieta Para se Fazer Um/11 logo de Cara/12 Tolices/13 Um Dia Como Hoje/14 Envelheco na Cidade/15 Inundacaao de amor/16 Vitrine Viva/17 Bebendo Venho/18 Pobre Paulista/19 Nuclulo Base

ENTER SUIS RINS-01 O Bom e Velho Rock N Roll/02 Entre Suis Rins/03 Milhaus e Milhaus/04
Naftalina/05 Superficial (Como um Espinho)/06 Pera Ser Humano/07 Homem de Neanderthal/08 Um Homem So/09 Misterio/10 Pecado/11 O tempo/12 A Vida Por Um Fio

INVISEVLE DJ-01 Inviseevl DJ/02 Sem Saber Pre Onde ir/03 Eu Vou Tentar/04 Mariana Pro Fi Mor//05 Nao Basta o Perdao/06 Culto d Amor/07 Fieto Gente/08 Tudo de Mim/09 No Universos dos seus Olhos/10 A Saga/11 O Candidato/12 La Luna Llena

Ladies and gentlmen, this was on of the most dificult posts I have ever done.....due to computer problems, language differences, juts this and that......has taken me a while.....I REALLY hope, that just for ME, you will check these out, at least some of the....if you think they suck, hey, just tell me so!

MMMcan just open up the mind and ears just a bit......Please? For Me? When have I ever steered you wrong before?

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