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A return of Brian's comedy......

Brian changed this blog a bit when he began posting here......I always insisted it was NEVER JUST
about music, we can share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on here.....I had hope to see novels, comic books, photo collections, original writing/poetry......well, it's all still welcome and wanted, but Brian got the point and in the face of all my stoner rock and obscure punk and out-there psychedelia, he decided to slip in some Firesign Theater, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, and Monty Python, just to name a handful.......well, I am no expert on comedy albums, never have claimed to be, but THIS IS WHAT I WANT........"another" Pearl Jam bootleg is fine, but a clalssic vinyl rip of Firesign Theater? Well that is priceless........anyway, for reasons not worth delving into here, it didn't work out for him.......most of those posts have been removed. Brian has a new blog, right here, in fact


where you can find this stuff too, if you prefer to snatch it from here, feel free as well, this is not about which blog garners the more numbers........it's about, as it always HAS BEEN, SHARING what we have with others........in the time I've been doing that, I'd have never thought that SO MANY would have such trouble understanding this.......it is NO STEALING......It is SHARING, and your mother and grandmother told you that was a GOOD thing to do, in fact, THE way to be.......but it AMAZES me that people cannot grasp this. Never understimate the intelligence of the American publi, said Frank Zappa, and you will NEVER go broke.

So tonight he features both Woody Allen and Joan Rivers......neither a huge favorite of mine (especially found Rivers obnoxious, although I was FREAKED when she appeareda on Louis CK's show "Louie", banged him, and then died, similar to Robin Williams earlier (Except of course, Williams didn't bang Louie........did die though)........hey, comedy fans, come and get it......rumour has it that they monitor comedy stuff more than music, I have no idea if that is true, but it seems to be......WHY? No idea from THIS corner, but my thought is if you WANT this stuff, I wouldn't dick around too terribly much.........for comedy connisuers chances are these are solid gold........so what do you want for nothing? And, if you do so, please say a word to Brian, either here or on his site, he promises not to call you "motherfuckers" anymore!

Dig in, See what's here......I haven't heard them, I will at some point, but I am so proud of the versatility and variety that WE can bring to this blog, and am always looking for new contributors (btw THANKS, Mr Dave, for the awesome submission earlier I listened, it's THE FUCKING SHIT!

OK, take it away Brian, they've missed your musings on the comedy material, let's not keep them waiting much longer:

(The  ultimate point here is I BELEIVE IN WHAT I AM DOING HERE, and the more people who join in my effort to SHARE the stuff they have, the better........it boggles my mind that there are actually folks out there who have been duped into thinking "Sharing is BAD", but the exist, no question.


More Comedy: Woody and Joan

Comoedia Absconditus

That's Latin for "Hidden Comedy". I want to keep posting this comedy stuff, but I have to be trickier about it. Album  titles wont be used much, the "DL" word won't be used, and the comedian's names will only be said once. So, I present pretty much the entire recorded comedy output of both Woody Allen and Joan Rivers - two comedic trendsetting talents who, in my opinion, peaked long long ago...

I mentioned doing these two on the old blog, and somebody liked the idea, so here it is. Amazingly, some of this was sourced from that Song365 site I use. The fact that they had a vinyl rip of that first Joan album really surprised me! But first, on to Mr. Allen....
Yes, I know he's a pedarast. Yes, he makes boring romantic ensemble comedies that nobody watches anymore. But in the beginning, as a comedian and a writer, he was hilarious! This redheaded, four-eyed, nebbish guy playing at being a stud. He knew how to play off of the image he presented...
His timing was perfect, his delivery was dead on. A fine example is "Oral Contraception" - a brief joke, completely clean, but with such a great punch line that it takes 2 or 3 seconds for the audience to catch up and explode into laughter. Listening to Woody here is like listening to the end of that whole Jewish Catskills kind of comic that was popular in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Comedy was changing, and he reflected it in his style, not with nightclub schtick, but with a conversational wit. He made it look effortless, but he once said he'd spend six months writing a 30 minute set.

This material has seen a lot of releases over the years. While originally released on three separate albums, it has been compiled three times: On Colpix and Reprise in the 70's, and later on this released by Rhino I'm giving you: "Stand Up Comic"...
For those that are interested, here is a link on Song365 for the complete Colpix compilation from 1970. Its four long tracks, doesn't have too much more than the above Rhino compilation, but it's there if you want it.
I've also included his entry in the "On Comedy" series of CDs. He discusses his writing method, his style and influences, and other subjects. This is a good one. Now on to our next artist...

Another one I feel I need a disclaimer with. Yes, I know she was a walking plastic surgery disaster at least the last 20 years of her life. Most people living nowadays probably can't even remember why Joan was famous in the first place. My first exposure to her was as Johnny Carson's fill-in host back in the 80's. And kids, if Johnny thought she was funny, she must've been...

Joan had actually been a comic since the late 50's/early 60's. And this was a time when comedy was a boys' game. The only other girls I can think of back then are Elaine May and Phyllis Diller.

While she might not have been as deadly with her wit as Phyllis, Joan was good. Playing (?) the part of a Jewish princess badly trying to stay fashionable, she poked fun at some of the more "ladylike" stereotypes of her era. This file contains two albums - "Mr. Phyllis" from 1965, and her last, "What Becomes A Semi-Legend Most" from 1983.

"Phyllis" is fairly short, but I think is the funnier of the two. I love the bit where she talks about her wig like it's a pet: classic stuff. "Semi Legend" is very celebrity-obsessed, so you'll have to remember people from back in the day...but there's some great one liners. I prefer to think of Joan how she was back then, not the plastic nightmare standing on a red carpet she was in later years.
(She was lovely back then)

Two talents nobody thinks of as standup comics, but they were and they were good.
Thanks Brian, hope life continues to treat you well, remember I'm always here if you need help.......that goes for the rest of you to, you have something you want to share, PLEASE contact me and we'll get it worked out......all cool stuff, music or otherwise, that you want to share with the masses, please DO SO.......it can be YOUR legacy from this great era of blogging.......certainly there will come a time when we are not permitted to do this, thus, if we want to share, let us SHARE NOW, before sharing becomes a "crime".........a "crime" on the level with "politeness", "sportsmanship", "respect for elders", you know, all that HEINOUS shit.


See ya Wedensday, I got a good one planned out for ya's!

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