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Some words from Brian


The Story of the Fall, Thoughts On An Obsession, and Plans For the Future

First off, despite the weight of that title, I don't attach any great drama to what happened to the blog here. I've seen more than a few great blogs fall - Mr. Eliminator's first Surfadelic blog or Inferno Music Vault are two examples - and I was a little fish in a big pond.
(No, you can't have it)
First off, the DMCA complaints were about the Monty Python, the Richard Pryor, the Ennio Morricone, and the weekly Zappa posts. Those posts were just thrown into "draft" mode, my Zippyshare account was unaffected. The Carlin was still OK, as well as the very popular Swans posts, but....

I burned it all down, folks. Deleted every damn one. Now I hope to give an explanation why, since I plan on continuing. And hey, at least I didn't leave the posts up for years to frustrate people...

Because of a bug infestation, I've spent the last two weeks inspecting, boxing, and moving my music collection around. We're talking about 1600 separate items between LPs and CDs...small potatoes compared to some, but still something to be proud of. Now that everything is on the surface and I'm listening to my long neglected LPs again, I realized something - I've been pigging out on so much music found online that I'd forgotten to find joy in what I already have. And I've got some wildly eclectic, awesome stuff on LP...those are the pictures you're seeing, by the way. Also, there's my beloved Frankenstein system - a modern Denon automatic turntable running into a ca. 1980 JCPenney home system receiver that powers two 10 inch Infinity studio speakers...
Having music has always been a tactile thing for me, ever since I was a kid with my portable single speaker tape deck and my Whitesnake cassettes. Reading liner notes, enjoying the covers, searching through credits to find familiar names - it's how I learned. And now, acquiring and going through so much awesome stuff at an exponential rate online, I felt not as appreciative of it. I'm happy to finally hear rare stuff I've been looking for, but it's been overload the last year or so. I'm not knocking YOU if all you have is hard drives full of stuff, but it loses some of the luster for me to just have them as names in a computer folder.

But that primarily affects what I'm getting from the internet, and only slightly what I'm giving to it...
Future Plans For the Blog

I could never stop doing this. My whole life I've felt the need to give music to people. If I make a new acquaintance and find out they like this or that, the next thing you know I'm bringing in armfuls of CDs saying "listen to this!" I just want the rest of the world to catch up, you know what I mean?
I set out to do the comedy well, which is very neglected out here in the blogs, and it was very popular. But apparently, it gets hunted down even more than music does. I still plan on putting more comedy out, and some old stuff back up, but not in any "complete" context. It's just painful when that was my main aim, and it was what I was targeted for. But I did feel the need to start with a clean slate, so...
There's gonna be no more complete discography stuff. It's an utter pain in the ass, and except for the comedy stuff it's all been done before. Seriously, if there is a group whose discography you want, and they're not small time, go here -
They have so many complete discographies there, it's insane! Boris, Melvins, Swans, Zappa, Sinatra, John Zorn...it's all there. You have to deal with Uploaded.net, but it's worth the time. And if you're looking to fill some obscure holes, also check here -
You'll have to download songs singly from that site, but it's a good place to fill in gaps. And if it's soundtracks you want, check these two sites...

I will post single albums or small sets of artists or soundtrack I like, but the big old posts are done with. And I'll tell you the last reason...

I was gonna post a bunch of Ken Nordine albums early last week. Then, while grooving to one of his CDs, I sent him an email saying how appreciative I was for his art. Got a kind reply from him the next day, and it made me think: "fuck, this guy is 95 years old, a uniquely gifted artist, and I'm gonna take money out of his pocket?" So, a crisis of conscience, but it came from a good place.
Now, if the artist is dead or the music is rare, that's a different story. I honestly don't give a shit if people's descendants make any money (I'm looking at you, ZFT and Mrs. Pryor). I believe no music should be prohibitively expensive or hard to find, so that is the new focus here. For instance, the complete Python won't come back, but you can bet your ass the 1970 BBC album and the "Hastily Cobbled" bootleg will!
So, a newer focus, and my links and posts will be much more subtle and abbreviated. I won't put titles under the pictures, just the links. Or maybe I will put links in the comments, or maybe the link will be a whole bunch of "£#$¥|%" gobbledygook. I don't know yet. It'll be more disguised, and feature more off-the-radar and rare stuff. I get some international readers, and I definitely want to do some posts that reflect that.
The link to the new blog will be posted by BigScott over on Growing Bored when he copies this. Content will be coming...


Here is the link to the new blog, I'll keep you guys updated when he starts posting stuff again-Scott

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