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The Groke

I apologize to whomever sent me this, I seem to have lost the information, no big thing though as this is also available for streaming on Bandcamp. From Finland comes The Groke, who, are a competent, workmanlike "stoner rock" band, I use the quote marks because I think that is a terminology, ala "grunge" or "glitter" which it is about time to file away in the dictionary of history.

Not that there's anything wrong with the disc, I just (as an absolute lover of the genre) think that it is unlikely that any new ground is going to be broken in it.......just like punk, or grunge, or glitter/glam, or whatever........if you see what I'm trying to say........I guess we just have to wait for the next "scene" that grabs us.......nonetheless, I DO still enjoy decent new stuff in ALL the above mentioned genres, The Groke are no exception.....perfectly competent stoner stuff ala maybe Kyuss or Queens of the Stone Age.........the album is Monstrorum Historia, and titles like "Astronomy Divine" and "Tequila Sunset"/"Tequila Moonrise" certainly suggest that they might have just heard a QOTSA album or two in thier day.

They previously were known as "Madhatter" and released an EP "A Touch of Red" in 2012 before changing their moniker to The Groke. Made up of guitarists Jesse Heikkinen and Juho Tormala, keyboardist Joonas Karjalainen, bassist Petri Henell, and drummer Micah Heinonen, pretty simple, if you are a fan of the genre you will find this worth a listen

MONSTRORUM HISTORIA-01 Monstrorum/02 Parasite/03 Astronomy Divine/04 Delirium/05 Tequila Sunset/06 Blind Eyes/07 Another Strange Me/08 Racontuer/09 Ain't Worth a Dime/10 End of the Fear/11 Tequila Moonrise

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