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Cream Part 5

This post has been a royal pain in the ass, from having to convert FLAC files to tiny slivers, to accidently
deleting post text TWICE and having to write it over, to thinking it was DONE just as I found cache of alubms rare enough, that I felt it was necessary to post.......but, anyway, hope you cream fans DO enjoy it, there is some rare and quality stuff here, and it's not been all THAT bad!

OK, last post........we have two practically ancient issues, 1966's "Live at Klooks", and 1967's "Live at Ricky Tick's, both sound like they were recorded in front of 50 people, and maybe were, good early version of their standards.

Next up, a 2 disc set of 1966 of outtakes and remasters, both discs (1 is from BBC recordings) are chalk full of interesting gems, interviews and etc. Cream fans, enjoy, others (I am quickly becoming "others" after this post!), flee!

From 1968, we have a wonderful, 2 disc "Live at the Fillmore", by now they were indulging in the LOOOOOOOONG stuff, the 17 minute "NSU" that opens the set is a highlight for me.....

From Waltham Mass, 1967, another double disc chock full of extended versions of our favorites......it's a fine effort, as are these others, should this be up your alley.

The road goes on forever, but the setlist remains the same, on 1967's "Grande ballroom, Detroit", (remember when I said I couldn't find the other disc of this one.....well, found it!)

A Couple of European releases up next.......singles discs, these, first......"England, Oct. Nov. 1967", followed by "Stockholm Sweden, 1967".......again, set lists so similar I'll wait till I list them below.....

The Backbay Theater (Winterland) gives us two more discs of extended slam-o, jam-o matics, the firt disc
has but THREE tracks! Anyway, I'm aiming for completeness here, can'twait to see how many of you actually download ALL of these (I guess I DID at one time or another).

To top this off, two discs from "The Final USA Tour", two discs of remasters from "California Days"......if there's anything I've omitted and I'm sure there is, feel free to add it, Cream had an enormous collection of music both legit, and bootleg, I'm not sure you'd wanna listen back to back to all of em, but here they are, just in case here are the set lists for this post, hope you enjoyed this one A LOT MORE than I did compiling it.

1966 LIVE AT KLOOKS-01 Stepping Out/02 Sweet Wine/03 Meet Me In the Bottom/04 NSU/05 Hey Lawdy mama/06 Sleepy Time Time/07 Crossroads/09 Stepping Out/10 Traintime/11 Toad/12 I'm So Glad

1967 LIVE AT RICKY TICK-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Hey Lawdy Mama/03 Sweet Wine/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Spoonful/06 Sitting On Top of the World/07 Toad

 CD 1-OUTTAKES AND ALTERNATES 1966 RAYRIK STUDIOS-01 Beauty Queen/02 Coffee Song/03 You Make Me Feel/04 Wrapping paper/05 Wrapping Paper/06 Cat's Squirrel/07 Cat's Squirrel/08 I Feel Free/09 I Feel Free/10 I Feel Free/11 Sweet Wine/12 Sweet Wine/13 Sweet Wine/14 Sweet Wine/15 Sleepy Time Time/16 Four Until Late/17 Rollin and Tumblin/18 Toad/19 I'm So Glad/20 Intro/21 Wrapping Paper/22 Intro/23 Stepping Out/24 Intro/25 Traintime/26 I'm So Glad

CD 2-OUTTAKES THE BBC-01 Interview/02 I Feel Free/03 NSU/04 Intro/05 Sweet Wine/06 Outro/07
Sleepy Time Time/08 Intro/09 Cat's Squirrel/10 Four Until Late/11 I'm So Glad/12 Rollin and Tumblin/13 Toad/14 Traintime/15 La La Song/16 Singalong/17 Tuba Tube/18 Spike's Theme/19 Blue Moon/20 Polonaise Jam/21 Bararelhouse Blues/22 White Room/23 Falstaff Beer/24 Falstaff Bee5/25 Interview/26 Born Under a Bad Sign/27 Anyone For Tennis/28 Pressed Rat And Warthog/29 Politician/30 White Room/31 On Top of the World

FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 1-01 NSU/02 Politician/03 Shunshine of Your Love/04 I'm So Glad/05 Stepping Out

FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 02-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Lawdy Mama/05 Sweet Wine/06 Spoonful/07 Sleepy Time Time/08 Stepping Out

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY-WALTHAM MA 9/10/67 DISC 1-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Sitting On Top  of the World

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY WALTHAM MA 9/10 /67 DISC 2-01 Stepping Out/02 Traintime/04 Spoonful/05 Sweet Wine/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Toad

GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 1-01 Tales of Braave Ulysses/02 NSU/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Sweet Wine/05 Rollin and Tumblin

GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 2-01 Spoonful/02 Stepping Out/03 Traintime/04 Toad/05 I'm So Glad

LIVE IN EUROPE 1967-01 Tales of Brave Ulysess/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 We're Going Wrong/04 Spoonful/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad

STOCKHOLM SWEDEN 11/14/67-01 Introduction/02 Tales of Brave Ulysses/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Sleepy Time Time/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad/09 Spoonful

BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 1-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Spoonful/03 Sleeepy
Time Time

BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 2-01 Traintime/02 Toad/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 We're Going Wrong/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

FINAL US TOUR DISC 1-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Crossroads/04 Sunshine of Your Love/05 Spoonful/06 Deserted Cities of the Heart/07 Passing the Time/08 I'm So Glad

FINAL US TOUR DISC 2-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Traintime/05 Toad/06 Spoonful

CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 1-01 Spoonful/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 Rollin and Tumblin/04 Steppin Out/05 Toad/06 I'm So Glad/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Sunshine of Your Love

CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 2-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of
Your Love/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

And that is that........comments? I have a few but  I'll keep em to myelf!

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