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A couple of years ago I posted a bunch of skinhead/nazi hate bands........MY POINT WAS THEN,
and still is now, that as abhorrent as I find thier beliefs, they are every bit as entitled to them as I am to my own.......the world is an uncomfortable place........I have come across, lately, a bunch of more skinhead-type stuff, I'm not going to do a deluge as I did the (see: "Two Minutes Hate" a couple years ago), but I am going to put this band up, because I like non-English stuff, I like stuff that threatens people, and I like stuff that is, well, not exactly Jon Bon Jovi, if you get my point.

Fyerdung.....formed in Stockholm in 1999....I cannot find much info, such as lineups, or really much of ANYTHING, BUT I do have three albums that they released, I listened to them today and they really do rock in a sloppy-punk kind of way, let's see how many of you take a chance on these.......

The first album I have at my disposal is "Vedergallning" from 2001......this is hateful stuff, on par with Skrewdriver or whomever else, but as I pointed out before, are not Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Bratmobile, and any number of other bands equally so, just from another vantage point?  I think that ALL voices should be heard, even those as deplorable as these......also, should you be inclined, I have linked the LYRICS should you care to read them instead of downloading and listening, that is your right, and trust me, this is some fairly horrifying stuff.

http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Fyrdung/115635    (Lyrics to all albums posted here)

SO, as I said, we begin with "Vedergalling", with it's rough-edged, tunes with titles like "Time For War",  and "Boldly Stand Erect", along with a bunch more in Swedish, which are just as hateful.......I know 90 percent of you are going to dislike this, and I am not terribly crazy about it myself, but I AM NOT putting up the "Best of Boston" or some such stuff, I am here to access HARD TO LOCATE material that is made to be discussed, not necessarilly "beloved".

Next we have the sophomore effort, "Ragnorrok", again the lyrics are linked for your inspection....sorry, no English lyrics on this one, but I'm sure it's just as hateful as the rest.......it DOES rock, to its credit, and it is NOT awful........I think a lot of you likely have not heard this before, why not? because it happens to disagree with your political stripe? It does with mine, as well..........frankly, so does Rage Against the Machine, to whom I listen to often.

2003's "Revolution" is the final piece I have from these lads, there is an English track or two here, notably "First Degree", and this album is as terrifying and unsettling as the others......I cannot translate the Swedish lyrics, BUT I DON'T HAVE TO, this is music in which you simply FEEL the hatred.......and, frankly, that is what music is about, conveying feeling without even necessarily understanding the lyrics.

OK, I have just recently acquired a BUNCH of this stuff.........I am not going to post tons of it at a time, I made that point once, but every now and then I think I will......musically, these are 2-star rock albums, which go out of thier way to revel in controversy..........Hey, I'll post anything I like here, please comment or don't, but don't claim that you know this and that when you REALLY don't........I chellenge you" download. listen, and delete..........it's ALL rock n roll, whether it agrees with your personal politics or it doesn't.

VEDERGALLNING-01 Time For War/02 Krossa Bojorna/03 Runor I Eld/04 Fiender/05 Ny
Gryning/06 Demokrati/07 Karl XII/08 Veldergalning/09 Boldly Stand Errect/10 Svea

RAGNARROK-01 Pehrrsons Kompani/02 Till Vapen/03 hans makowski/04 1945/05 Revolt/06 Framat!/07 Folk I Gevar/08 Sverige/09 Notiser/10 Ragnarrok

REVOLUTION-01 De Forsta av Imorogon/02 Ge ej Din Frinde Frid/03 Svardshymn/04 Corneliu Codreanu/05 Ukraft/06 Revolution/07 First Degree/08 Folkligt Uppror/09 De Vita Gudarnas Soner

Let's hear some comments..I am trying to bring variety and different things, not just Emerson Lake and Palmer or whatever to this blog...........these are NOT great albums, but these are something that the normal person may never even experience.

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