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How about the fucking CRAMPS

Jungle-rockabilly-punk-cannabil-rip your flesh shit, if you are not familiar with the Cramps, is it not time to join the rest of the world?

OK, the Cramps...one of the greatest punkabilly bands of our time, I know many people who dislike tham......guess what I say? "Fuck them?" you got it.......the Cramps were bad ass, cranking out great albums as thought they were sausages for a while.....it's kinda hard to list thier personel, as so many of them have left us, the main conglomerate were, vocalist Lux Interior, guitarist Poison Ivy Rorscharch, dummer Harry Drumdini, and a list of bassists too long for me to get into here......point it they made some damn good music in thier day, and the idea is to share it here with the uninititated.

First up we have the magnificnet EP, "Gravest Hits", which is a wonderment that should be on any shelf, and if nothing else featuresa  freaked out version of "Surfin Bird".......great starting point.

Well, well, as for LP',s  let us begin with the absloute classic "Songs the Lord Taught Us'" a wonderful album that wasn't taken seriously back in the day, but but should be now, because it FUCKING RULES....this is a magnificnet album, this one filled with great bonus tracks, a PERFECT horror-billy collection that is as great as they get, from the cover of the Sonics "Strychnine", plus GREAT SHIT like "Fever", "I Was a Teenage Werewolf", "I'm Cramped", and a BUNCH more, this is one of the finest aned most overlooked rock albums of the 1980's, and I usggest if you are unfamiliar, JUMP, NOW, ON this SUPER EXTENDED VERSION......MAGNIFICENT effort, not kidding.

1981's "Psychedelic Jungle" is as good, seriously, they show growth as well as keeping thier crude rocking sensibility, how you not gonna love "Green Fuz", "Goo Goo Muk", "Rockin Bones" and about ten more,this is another one that BELONGS on your shelf........

In 1983 they released a live mini-LP, the wonderfully titled "Smell of Female", it's great as well, they have an insane version of "Psychotic Reaction", as well as more wonderful treasures.....great band, if you missed them first time I am TRYING to help ya!

1986 gave us "A Date With Elvis", also a fine album for lovers of this psycho-rockabilly schlock......filled with great stuff , such as "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?", "The Hot Pearl Snatch" and a whole lot more....these guys were no fucking joke.

In 1990 they released "Stay Sick", yet another fine album of on-the-edge psychobilly rock n roll, certainly you won't wish to miss "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" or "The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon".......at least I wouldn't, what are you, some kijnda FAGGOT?

They didn't let up a bit with "Look Ma No Head", which features such gems as "Dames Booze, Chains, and Boots", and "Alligator Stomp"......it's another fine disc from these guys, they popped ou classic after classic, and you guys need to educate yourselves as to this GREAT, GREAT American punkabilly thrashing rock n roll!

""Flamejob" came out in 1996, and guess what, it's pretty awesome too...."Let's Get Fucked UP', and of course "Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs" are Cramps Classics, "Route 66" and "Mean Machine" are sure as hell pretty damn good as well.

And on and on....in 1997 they released "Big Beat From Badsville", another good one with great shit like "Like a Bad Girl Should", "It Thing Hard On", and "Burn She-Devil, Burn," plus a bunch of bonus tracks......please do not miss this greatness....

Next up is "Fiends of Dope Island", another winner with "Doctor Fucker MD" and "Elvis Fucking Christ', the Cramps are, after all,the FUCKING CRAMPS......

Lastly I have the mammoth "How to Make a Monster" thing, this is a two disc set of all kindsa demos, alternates, and whatever you might enjoy, Cramps fans, here is the stuff for ya.......RIGHT NOW, I am going to the back room and see if I have a boot or two (I think I do), so I'll be back in uno mumento......

OK, Found ONE at least, "Rockin and Reelin In Auckland New Zealand" a fine bootleg from this wonderful band.....this is a bad ass show, I won't even detail it.......we have a BUNCH of Cramps stuff here,if you like em, Merry Xmas,if you don't, well, who knows' what i'll but up tomorrow! God BLESS YOU ALL!

GRAVEST HITS EP-01 01 Human Fly/02 Lonesome town/03 The Way I Walk/04 Domino/05 Surifin Bird

SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US-01 TV Set/02 Rock on the Moon/03 Grabrageman/04 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 The mad Daddy/07Mystery Plane/08 Zombie Dance/09 What's Beind the Mask/10 Strychnine/11 I'm Cramped/12 Tear It Up/13 Fever

PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE-01 Green Fuz/02 Goo Goo Muk/03 Rockin Bones/04 Voodooo Idol/05 Primitiave/06 Caveman/07 The Crusher/08 Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk/09 Can't Find My Mind/10 Jungle Hop/11 Natives Are Restless/12 Under the Wires/13 Beautiful Gardens/14 Green Door

SMELL OF FEMALE (EP)-01 Thee Most Exaltent Penetate of Love/02 You Got Good Taste/03 Call the Wighat/04 Faster Pussycat/05 I Ain't Nothin But a Gorehound/06 Psychotic Reaction/07 Beautiful Gardens/08 She Said/09 Surfin Dead

A DATE WITH ELVIS-01 How Far Can Too Far Go?/02 The Hot Pearl Snatch/03 People Ain't No Good/04 What's Inside a Girl/05 CanYour Pussy Do the Dog?//06 Kizmiaz/07 Corned Dames//08 Chicken/09 Hot pool of Womanneed/10 Aloha From Hell/11 It's Just That Song/12 Blue Moon Baby13 /Georgia Lee Brown/14 Give Me a Woman/15 Get off the Road

STAY SICK-01 Bop Pils/02 God Damn Rock N Roll/03 Bikini Girls With machine Guns/04 All Women Are Bad/05 The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon/06 Shortnin Bread/07 Daisys Up Your Butterfly/08 Everything goes/09 Journey to the Center of the Girl/10 Mama Oo Pow Pow/11 Saddle Up a Buzz Buzz/12 Muleskinner Blues

LOOK MA NO HEAD-01 Dames, Booze, Chains,and Boots/02 Two Headed Sex Change/03 Blow Up Your Mind/04 hard Working man/05 Miniskirt Blues/06 Alligator Stomp/07 I Wanna Get In Your Pants/08 Bend Over I'll Drive/09 Don't Get Funny With Me/10 Eyeball In My Martini/11 Hipsville 29 BC/12 The Strangeness In Me

FLAMEJOB-01 Mean Machine/02 Ultra Twist!03 Let's Get Fucked Up/04 Nest of the Cuckoobird/05 I;m Customized/06 Sado County Auto Show/07 Naked Girl falling Down the Stairs/08 How Come You Do Me/09 Inside Out and Upside Down (With You)/10 Trapped Love/11 Swing the Big Eyed Rabbit/12 blues blues Blues/13  Route 66 (Get Yer Kicks!)

BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE-01 Cramp Stomp/02GodMonster/03 It Thing Hard On/04 Like a Bad Girl Should/05 Sheenas In a Goth Gang/06 Queen of Pain/07 Monkey With your Tail/08 Devil behind That Bush/09 Super Goo/10 Hypno-Sex ray/11 Burn She Devil-Burn/12 Wet Nightmare/13 Badass Bug/14 Hualass Hyena

FIENDS OF DOPE ISLAND-01 Big Black Witchcraft Rock/02 Papa Satan Sang Louie/03 hang Up/04 Fissure of Rolando/05 Dr Fucker MD (musical Deviant)/06Dopefiend Boogie/07 Taboo/08 Elvis Fucking Christ/09 She's Got Balls/10 Owwee baby/11 Mojo Man From mars/12 Color Me Black/13 Wrong Way Ticket

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER D1-01 Quick Joey Small/02 Lux's Blues/03 Love Me/04 Domino/05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 Subwire desire/07 TV Set/08 Love Me/09 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/10 I can't hardly Stand It/11 Sweet Woman Blues.12 Rumble Blues/13 Rumble Blues/14 Rumble Blues/15 Rumble Blues/16 Lonesome Town/17 Five Years Ahead of My Time/18 Call of the Wighat/19 Hanky Panky/20 Journey to the Center of a Girl/21 Jackyard Backoff/22 Everything Goes/23 All Women Are Bad (Demo)

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER D2-01 Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk/02 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/03 Sunglasses After Dark/04 Jungle Hop/05 Domino/06 Love Me/07 Strychnine/08 TV Set/09 I'm Cramped (Tracks 1-9 Live at Max's Kansas City 1/14/77)/10 The Way I Walk/11 Love Me/12 domino/13 Human Fly/14 I Was a TeenageWerewolf/15 Sunglasses After Dark/16 Can't hardly Stand It/17 Urnaium Rock/18 What's Behind the mask/19 baby Blue Rock/20 Subwire Desire/21 I'm Cramped/22 TV Set (Tracks 10-22 Live at CBGB 1/13/78)

ROCKIN AND REELIN IN AUKLAND NEW ZEELAND-01 The Hot Pearl Snatch/02 People Ain't No Good/03 What's Inside a Girl/04 CornfedDames//05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 Heartbreak Hotel/07 Chicken/08 Do the Clam/09 Aloha From Hell/10 Can Your Pussy do the Dog?/11 Birdfeed/12 Blue moon Baby/23 Georgia Lee Brown/24 Lonesometown

OK, again, a lottttta  work, so PLEASE let me know your thoughts on this one, PLEASE?

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