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Rancid....don't say I never go for the jugular.....

From Berekely California, the great band Rancid has been a mainstay for a while, quite Clash-
influenced as well as picking up influences such as English bands ala Sham 69 or Stiff Little Finges....Rancid has put out some of the GREATEST in Clash-style US punk that has ever been committed to vinyl.......I consider them a bit underrated, in particular in the light that they had one absolute, no question, 5-star album classic, we'll get to that in a minute, hey?

Rancid have in generaly been Tim Armstrong on guitar and vocals, Matt Freeman on bass, Lars Fredricksen (vocals, guitars), and drumer Branden Steinekert, and these lads have always been able to kick up the high energy noise, PERIOD........great band, and I am going to try to pay them the tribute they desreve here.

The first, self titled LP, is reminiscent of the ska-influenced sounds of Armstrong/Freemans previous band, Operatio Ivy, BUT it's a lot better, IMO, these are short, Ramones/Clash style punk slabs, nothing over 3 minutes, but "Detroit", "Rats in the hallway", "Rejected", "Unwritten Rules" and several more bring this one home as a 4 star album, I doubt it's appreciated as such, but this is AMERICAN PUNK, the real deal, great band, great album.

There are also some magnificent EP's, released prior to the debut, notablly 1992's "Give Em the Boot", which hardly even qualifies as an EP, it's almost and LP's worth of fantastic material,  Some of the material here would turn up on album #1, but there is CLASSIC American Punk shit here, don't miss "The System", "Media Controller", "Battering Ram", and all the rest, if this EP is not on your shelf, can you PLEASE explain to me why not? because it is FUCKING great! I also have a 7" here, "Rancid", I am unsure if it has any unique tracks on it, you check it out for yourself......I have enough to do without cross-referencing all this shit, but, hey, I DO have it, so let's do ourselves a favor and grab it.......these mofo's rock like an absolute, well, MOTHER FUCKER........RANCID was one of the great bands of the 1990's, APPRECIATE THEM!

"Let's Go" was released in 1994, really, it's something of a similar album to the debut, but, nonetheless, it's an ass kicker ass well......again, lots of short, frantic, numbers, intellignet lyrics dealing with varied subjects, ("Gunshot""Dope Sick Girl", "International Coverup") are all great, and there is a LOT more here as well....four-star and underappreciated album as well..

OK, after all this praise, we must now talk about what I consider a stone cold, 5 star-classic album that not homw should be lacking ......"...And Out Come The Wolves" is one of the best LP's of the 1990's, bar none......Rancid takes it up a notch, these songs are just so amazing I don't know where to start......"Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho" were the singles, and, while great tunes, NOTHING CLOSE to the greatness hidden inside the rest of the LP......."Roots Radical"," Olympia WA", the amazing "Lock Step and Gone", "Journey to the End of the East Bay", "Disorder and Disarray".......these are simply classic sinppets of the very finest in punk rock, you will LOVE this album as I do, I think, it is simply nothing short of TREMENDOUS.....TURST ME ON THIS-If you are getting only one you MUST make it THIS ONE, it's a "can't live without LP"

They would never match "And Out Come the Wolves", but to thier credit, they tried to add dub,ska, rockabilly, etc to thier sound for thier next LP "Life Won't Wait"......it is a fine album, and really, I'll give it 3 stars, maybe 3.5, it's a good one too...."Cash Culture and Violence", "1998", "Coppers" aned more make this a FINE listening experience, it'll never match "Wolves", but that is just one of thoe things.

In 2000, the oddly released another album entitled "Rancid", I am not a fan of bands doing that, there are alternate titles ("Rancid 5" or "Rancid 2000"), but the stuff was starting to slip, IMO, anyway.....they return to the shorter, 1.5 minute blasts, which would have been fine, had they not given us a brilliant classic album in the meantime.....still, there is good music on here, personally, I like "rattlesnake", and "Blackhawk Down", there are others that you will like as well, Rancid were/are a fine, hard rocking punk/ska ringed band, and they are quite adictive.

That same year athey released an EP "Let Me Go", which i think you might enjoy as well, it contains three new songs, all of which are quite accessable and enjoyable.

It was at this point that Rancid decided to go in the direction of working with NOFX, they split
several albums with them......I DO NOT HAVE THEM ALL, perhaps some of you may, and I as you to share, but what I DO have is VOLUME 2- I do like the reworking of "Olympia Washington" as well as a few others, ("Vanilla Sex", "The Moron Brothers")......not bad, and far from unintersting!

In 2006, Rancid released "Indestructable".......I know several who do enjoy this disc, I am not crazy about it....reminds me a lot of thier early stuff, but sounds stiff and tired....MAYBE that is just me, I have it here for you if you want to hear it, but simply didn't work for me.

Now, we do have an incredible selection of B-Sides ("B Sides and C Sides") that you will want, this is some great stuff, trust me on this one.....this reminds of of thier wonderful early material and if you are a fan of Rancid, THIS IS FOR YOU 10000 percent!.

In 2009 Rancid releasead "Let the Dominoes Fall", also not a huge favorite of mine, (althought there are STILL good songes here, "Last One to Die" and "Up to No Good", just, you know, how I am, this sounds like a band whose moment is over.......maybe I am wrong.

OK, according to the Bay they have released ANOTHER album "Honor Is All We Know".....I have not heard it, maybe never will, we will see, but since it's lating right here, you may as well checki it out if you so wish.........

Rancid were a kick ass band, perhaps the best American punk band of the 1990's......we can argue if you want, but "Out Come the Wolves" is an inargueable 5-star classic,and see ya tomorrow. Went back looking for some discs and happened to find this live Rancid epic, 3/28/98,(Washington DC) let's all see together how good it is......hope you guys enjoy it all....

GIVE EM THE BOOT (DEMO CD)-01 The Sentence/02 I'm Not the Only One/03 To Hell/04 Media Controler/05 Battering Ram/06 Idle Hands/07 Unwritten Rules/08 Trenches/09 Opposition/10 Inhalation/11 Animosity/12 Borderline/13 Rats In Hell/14 Institution/15 Moonlight/16 Situation/17 Whirlwind/18 Bad Policeman/19 Trenches/20 Unwriten Rules/21 Take You/22 The Line/23 Burn the City Down

RANCID (7")-01 IDLE HANDS/02 I'm Not the Only One/03 Media Controller/04 The Sentence

RANCID-01 Adenia/02 Hyena/03 Detroit/04 Rats In the hallway/05 Another Night/06 Animosity/07 Outta My Mind/08 Whirlwind/09 Rejected/10 Injury/11 The Bottle/12 Trenches/13 Holdiay Sunrise/14 Uwritten Rules/15 Union Blood/16 Get Out of My Way

LET's GO-01 Nihilism/02 Radio/03 Sidekick/04 Salvation/05 Tenderloin/06 Let's Go/07 As One/08 Burn/09 The Ballad of Jim and Johnny/10 Gunshot/11 I Am the One/12 Gave It Away/13 Ghetto Box/14 Harry Bridges/15 Black & Blue/16 St Mary/17 Dope Sick Girl/18 International Cover Up/19 Solidarity/20 Midnight/21 Moorcycle Ride/22 Name/23 7 Years Down

AND OUT COME THE WOLVES-01 Maxwell Murder/02 The 11th Hour/03 Roots Radical/04 Time Bomb/05 Olympia Washington/06 Lock Step & Gone/07 Junkie Man/08 Listeed MIA/09 Ruby Soho/10 Daly Train/11 Journey to the End of the East bay/12 She's Automatic/13 Old Friend/14 Disorder and Disarray/15 The War's End/16 You Don't Care Nothin//17 As Wicked/18 Avenues and Alleways/19 The Way I feel

LIFE WONT WAIT-01 Intro/02 Bloodclot/03 Hoover Street/04 Black Lung/05 Life Won't Wait/06 New Dress/07 Warsaw/08 Hooligans/09 Crane Fists/10 Liecasaer Square/11 Blackslide/12 Who Would've Thought/13 Cash, Cutlure and Violence/14 Cocktails/15 The Wolf/16 1998/17 Lady Liberty/18 Wrongful Suspicion/19 Turntable/20 Something In the World Today/21 Corazon De Oro/22 Coppers

RANCID (2000)-01 Don Giovanni/02 Disgruntled/03 It's Quite Alright/04 Let Me Go/05 I Am
Forever/06 Poison/07 Loki/08 Blackhawk Down/09 Rwanda/10 Corruption/11 Antenna's/12 Rattle Snake/13 City of Sin/14 Radio Havannah/15 Axiom/16 Black Derby Jacket/17 Meteor of War/18 Dead Bodies/19 Rigged on a Fix/20 Young Al Capone/21 Reconciliation/22 Golden Gate Fields

LET ME GO (EP)-01 Let Me Go/02 Ben Zanotto/03 Dead and Gone

RANCID/NOFX SPLIT VOLUME III-01 I'm the One/02 Olympia Washington/03 Tenderloin/04 Antennas/05 Corazon De Oro/06 Rasio/07 The Moron Brothers/08 Sticken In My Eye/09 Bob/10 The Brews/11 Vanilla Sex

INDESTRUCTABLE-01 Indestructable/02 Fall back Down/03 Red Hot Moon/04 David Courtney/05 Start Now/06 Out of Control/07 Django/08 Arrested in Shanghai/09 Travis Bickle/10 Memphis/11 Spirit of 87/12 Ghost band/13 Tropical London/14 Roadblock/15 Born Frustrated/16 Back Up Against the Wall/17 Ivory Coast/18 Stand Your Ground/19 Otherside

B SIDES AND C SIDES-01 Ben Zanatto/02 Stop/03 Devils Dance/04 Dead and Gone/05 Stranded/06
Killing Zone/07 100 Yearas/08 THings To Come/09 Blast Em/10 Endrina/11 White Knuckle Ride/12 Sick Sick World/13 Tattoo/14 That's Entertainment/15 Clockwork Orange/16 The Brothels/17 Just a Feeling/18 Brixton/19 Empros Lap Dog/20 I Wanna Riot/21 Kill the Lights

LET THE DOMINOES FALL-01 East bay night/02 This Place/03 Up to No Good/04 Last One to Die/05 Disconnected/06 I Ain't Worried/07 Damnation/08 New Orleans/09 Civilian Ways/10 The Bravest Kids/11 Skull City/12 LA River/13 Lulu/14 Dominoes Fall/15 Liberty and Freedom/16 You Want It You Got It/17 Locomotove/18 That's just the Way It Is Now/`19 The Highway

HONOR IS AL WE KNOW-01 back Where I belong/02 Raise Your Fist/03 Collision Course/04 Evil's
My Friend/05 Honor Is All We Know/06 A power Inside/07 In the Streets/08 Face Up/09 Already Dead/10 Diabolical/11 malfunction/12 Now We're Through With You/13 Everbody's Sufferin/14 Grave Digger

RANCID LIVE WASHINGTON DC 3/28/98-01 Maxwell Murder/02 Roots Radical/04 Tenderloin/05 Tattoo/06 Journey to the End of the East bay/07 Avenues and Alleways/08 Time Bomb/09 She's automatic/10 Want Your Salvation/11 Ruby Soho/12 Radio

lottawork, here, hope you guys enjoy


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