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Told Mr. Brian I'd put this up yesterday, I am a day late....

Honestly, watched the You-Tube video this afternoon, it was great, have NOT listened to the soundtrack LP yet, I am betting it is as well....somewhere around here I have a disc of 1950's ads for Fallout Shelters, it is awesome and if I can find it I will pop it up tomorrow night. Brian, if I find it, you will LOVE this one to death......

Anyway, here's Brian's Atomic Cafe video/soundtrack, this is a very different and credible post, and as always, his stuff is ALSO available on his own sight, as always:


Anyways, this film fascinated me, the music, I am sure is a trip as well, and we ALL need to be grateful that we have Brian around to provide variety to my normal ration of "stuff"....


The Atomic Cafe - Soundtrack and Film

This is a movie truly every American should see. Made in 1982, it is about the beginnings of the nuclear arms race. Assembled from newsreel footage, government safety films, cartoons, and archival reels. This truly points out the madness of nuclear war and the public's easily led acceptance of it back in the heyday 1950's.
But it is done with a DARKLY comic edge to it. Yes, "Duck and Cover" is here, but also a bunch of others you might not have heard of. You watch this and you think: "wow, how did we not end up nuking the planet?" Anyway, the whole 80 minute documentary is on YouTube.

This was the thing that sparked my interest in America's nuclear program. I'd also recommend "Trinity & Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie".
But the main reason behind this post though is the SOUNDTRACK! And to avoid confusion, I'm not talking about this -
That is a soul/funk/groove jazz compilation (similar to the Mood Mosaic series). Not a bad listen, but it's not what I'm talking about.
Released on Rounder Records in 1982 - and never ever put on CD - this soundtrack is a collection of atomic-themed country, blues, gospel, and rock and roll tunes. Some are hilarious, some are rockin', some of it is just damn good music.

If you dig series like "Sin Alley", "Las Vegas Grind", or "Lux & Ivy's Favorites", you'll like this. And I guarantee you won't see this one anywhere else! A quality rip from vinyl. Can't even remember where I dug it up.
The Atomic Cafe Soundtrack DOWNLOAD

Let me know if the video link doesn't work, I will re-up it, it's REALLY awesome!

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