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Got to thinking about this late 60's psych-classic today for some reason and dug it out.......MAN this is
another great one that has aged well......the band released a debut effort in 1968 (with which I am not familiar), but after a personel shakeup, they came up with this scorcher "Smooth Ball"(1969).......I've heard the debut (thought I had it, but don't or can't find it), it's very average psych-rock for the era, pretty forgettable......"Smooth Ball", though, a different animal!

If anyone has their first album, please share up, but this is the one to have/hear.....they turned the amps up and opened the doors for early 70's hard psych, the kind I love so much.....there is a bit of the sort of schlocky-psyche of the first LP here, but check out the harder rocking stuff such as "Morning Come", "I'll Write a Song", and "Do You Feel It" which, while a tiny bit lax in the vocals department, the fuzz guitars roar just perfectly for the soundtrack of that era.

Lovers of late 60's/early 70's hard psych, (you KNOW I am one), please don't miss out on T.I.M.E., and if anyone out there happens to have that debut, please share it with us? Please?

LATE EDIT-Just found my copy of the self-titled "T.I.M.E." under a stack of other stuff.......so ya get em both.....this is not bad, not at all, but it is NOT, IMO on the level of "Smooth Ball".....anyways, let me know what you think of these, still trying to provide a plethora of variety!

T.I.M.E.-01 Tripping Into Sunshine/02 Label It Love/03 Finders Keepers/04 Love You Cherish You/05 Make It Alright/06 Let the Colors Keep On/07 You Changed It All/08 I Really Love You/09 Make Love To You/10 I Can't Find It/11 What Can It Be/12 Take Me Along

SMOOTH BALL-01 Preperation G/02 Leavin' My Home/03 See Me As I Am/04 I Think You'd Cry/05 I'll Write a Song/06 Lazy Day Blues/07 Do You Feel It/08 Flowers/09 Morning Come/10 Trust In Men Everywhere

As always, let me know your thoughts, if you might?

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