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Brian presents Swans Part 5 (Finale!)

I am sick of uplaoding fucking Cream links which Zippy continues to cause to crash, I am moving on as I ALMOST have them done......I will keep on trying tonight to get the remainder of them done, and while on the move, let me clean up the rest of Brian's stuff that he wishes to share here......I've been waiting a while for this one, I bet a few others of you have been also, the fifth and final installment of the great and comprehensive Swans post that we started a while back......this one focuses on the solo work of Jarboe, as always they are available here or on Brian's blog at


Either way, this wraps up a great mega-post from a great and unique band......here's Brian to fill in the details and provide the links:


SWANS Part 5 (Final) Jarboe Solo

I want to apologize for this last part taking so long. Just when I thought things were handled, a download would crash or I'd find another two or three albums! But here we are: the last Swans related post, Jarboe's solo material.
Jarboe I know little about. She's an intense, mercurial, sensuously talented woman. She was a vital part of the first Swans albums that grabbed me, being the female Yang to Gira's Ying. Even as much as I like newer Swans, part of me will always miss her contributions. I was content to let her remain a mystery to me. Hell, until a few months ago, I'd never known that she was in a relationship with Gira for a long time. Lucky bastard, if you asks me...
That gives some of those Swans records the intensity of something like Richard & Linda Thompson. Anyway, off we go...
Thirteen Masks   DOWNLOAD

Her first solo album, and it shows a willingness to try anything. She's a shape-shifter, with genres changing from song to song, yet always containing the essence of it being a Jarboe album.
Jarboe & Lary Seven - Beautiful People Ltd.   DOWNLOAD

I like this one. I can't think of anything else to say. I think she does better when she has guest musicians, that way she concentrates on the textures of her voice.

Alchemy   DOWNLOAD

I believe this is her first solo album without guest musicians. She plays all the instruments. It's very atmospheric and even pretty at times, if only a little slight.
Anhedoniac   DOWNLOAD

I haven't listened to much of this. Seems like a decent album.
The Men Album   DOWNLOAD

This is one is epic. Reading up on it, it was several years in the making...a 2 disc concept album about men viewed through women's eyes. Very diverse, featuring guest musicians like Blixa Bargeld and J.G. Thirlwell. I like "Feral", "Penance", "To Forget"...and that's a damn sexy cover if I may say so. Definitely download this one.

I've only found this one recently. It's a soundtrack to a free-roaming PC game based on the whole Red Riding Hood story. While that might sound a little gimmicky, it's used to great effect here. I'm not familiar with Kris Force - I imagine he probably plays most of the instruments. Either way, it's a great pairing. Piano, ambient woodland sounds, Jarboe's haunting vocals....and the brief but sexy and menacing monologue "Little Girls" could've easily been on a Swans album.
For these last two, I'm giving you links that go to those two albums' pages on the cool mp3 site where I found all the Gira and Jarboe solo stuff. It's a good site to poke around, but you do have to do it track by track.
1. First, click on the download arrow all the way over on the right.
2. Then right click (save as?) on the 320 mp3 link. If you use a downloads program on your phone, copy the 320 link and paste it into your download manager.

And there you go. No malware or popups that I've run into. Useful site for some obscure stuff. You will have to give them track info - album, artist, track order. And if you think that's a pain in the ass, imagine doing it for all these solo discs in the last two posts....oy vey...

Primal Baroque  DOWNLOAD PAGE

Dreams (2013)   DOWNLOAD PAGE

And if you haven't, scroll the other parts of my Swans series. The other two Jarboe solo albums are in post #3 - that album with Neurosis  kicks ass!
IT      IS      DONE

Thanks for all your work on this great series Brian, it is appreciated by me and I'm sure by others.

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