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Part 1 of Brian's George Carlin mega-deluge

Does this dude have a ton of comedy albums or what? It's his "thing" that he's passionate about, and he sure does share them with the rest of the world....they are always welcome here, as is anything you or anyone you know has something they wish to share with the world, just, please, NO attempts to sell or make money on any of it, that is practically like saying you have no concept at all as to what we are doing here.

Anyway, I know very little about Carlin, probably haven't listened to him in 20 years, my Dad was a huge fan of his, I recall....I'll let Brian fill you in on the details:

And, of course, his stuff can always be found  at his own site as well:



George Carlin Project Part 1 - 70's Discography

I said in my previous introduction that I would include video with each post. I've found so much though, I'll have to make it a different post in a few days. So, how it will go is: 70's albums, then 70's video, then 60's albums, then 60's video, then the same way for 80's, 90's, and finally the 2000s. I've got so much awesome vids to upload! Just be patient. Meanwhile, here's the albums....

This is the core of Carlin's discography, containing the material that broke him to a huge audience, winning gold albums, Grammys, a bit of law trouble, and a pioneering stint of standup specials on HBO. And this isn't just about pot humor and saying the word "fuck". While that was the initial attraction to all those who broke up weed on a copy of "Occupation: Foole" back in the day, so much of what he does in this box set is timeless. For example, what he said about drugs 42 years ago on "FM & AM" is no less true today.

His sense of the absurd is beautiful, and his storytelling ability rarely equaled. The pictures he paints of his childhood on "Foole" and "Class Clown" equal Richard Pryor's routines about his youth. In fact, no one except Pryor had a run of albums this great!
NOTE: These all came from the Little David Years Box Set. Right after George died - I mean the next fucking day - this box set went out of print. I drove fifty miles to a Barnes & Noble to get my hands on one! (I'm a fanatic; keep that in mind.) Fortunately for others, the individual CDs came back into print, but this box set has never come back down in price. All these discs were ripped from that set. Sorry they're in m4a....I ripped them all before I learned my way around iTunes. Enjoy!

This, George's third album altogether, was where he made a break with the nightclub act type stuff that had established him. The FM side is devoted to his longer, boundary pushing routines ("Drugs", "Shoot", "Birth Control") while the AM side has pieces that reflect his old act of the time...I particularly like "Wonderful Wino" and "Ed Sullivan". This is where George came into his own as a comic voice.
Class Clown   DOWNLOAD

Contains at least three of his greatest bits: "Class Clown", "I Used to be Irish Catholic", and "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television". Fully formed, easy going, boundary pushing, funny as hell....one of the best comedy albums.
Occupation: Foole   DOWNLOAD

The first album of George's I ever bought. "White Harlem", "Childhood Cliches", "Filthy Words"....I was a kid, and my mind was blown.
Toledo Window Box   DOWNLOAD

Drugs, words, the metric system, nursery rhymes - it's all fuel for great comedy. And despite it being a pothead's classic, it hasn't dated like other stoner comedy albums of the era. I've always considered this of a piece with "Occupation: Foole".
An Evening With Wally Londo   DOWNLOAD

George moves into a more general kind of observational comedy here, crystallizing the form he would use for the next 10 years or so. It's brilliant every step of the way though: "New News", "High On the Plane", "Baseball/Football" - all great stuff.
On the Road   DOWNLOAD

The last album George made before suffering a heart attack and taking a break until 1981. Contains "Death", "Supermarket", "Rules", "Kids Are Too Small"....this is a perfect show.

Free Complimentary Extra Bonus Disc Not For Sale Anywhere!  DOWNLOAD

This came with the set. Contains several good vintage routines that never made it on an album: "Tattoos", "Clerks", "Monopoly", "Hitchhiking", and the hilarious "400,000 American Musical Favorites". Also has an intro from George's radio show while he was in the Navy, as well as the vicious "How to Handle A Heckler"...man, you wouldn't want George mad at you!

There you go...all George's 70's material. As I said, Part 2 will be 70's video. Got some good stuff coming up. Gimme some comments.

( George Carlin Discography Little David Years 1971-1977 Album Download )

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