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Clutch Part 2

A day late, perhaps, as I typed this text up and then somehow my drunken fingers deleted it, and I simply said FUCK IT.....so where did we leave off?

"Jam Room" was originally released in 1999, then reissued in 2004.....as with most Clutch releases, it's a fine blend of southern rock/riff rock/metal turning into a fine stoner rock blend....this is a very good disc as well, "One Eye Dollar", "The Drifter", and "Big Fat Pig" are standouts.....by now I assume you know if Clutch is your thing or not, so have at it as you will.

"Pitchfork and Lost Needles" was released in 2005, a re-issue of "Pitchfork" as well as some demo tracks and stuff......if you're a Clutch fan (by now), this will be of interest, really NOT essential, but still a fine record.

From the same year comes "Robot Hive Exodus", another good release, this one taking a more bluesy direction, maybe in the vein of Five Horse Johnson if you are familiar........it's a god disc though, and the blues covers "Gravel Road" and "Who's Been Talking" work well....it's hard to write this band up, as they have consistently released such fine albums for such a long period of time, but, in general, most all of them are worth it for hard rock lovers.

In 2008, they released "From Beale Street To Oblivion", again, what can I say? This is a fine hard rock album as well...."Electric Worry" is one of their best and there are plenty more hard rocking gems here.....God, this is an underappreciated  band, please help and change that, at least a little?

"Strange Cousins From the West" came out in 2009, and what do ya know, it kicks some serious ass as well, actually one of their better efforts (I seem to be saying that often), "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" and "Abraham Lincoln" are among their better works, and that is not all....it's a fine album, and it's AMAZING how consistent these dudes released really good albums with no more recognition than they recieved.

"Basket of Eggs" (2011) is a collection of acoustic takes and other stuff, if you are by now a full-fledged Clutch fan you might desire it, it is not an essential release....try at your own risk.

Now, the "B-Sides and Rarities" collection IS pretty much an essential release, LOTS of undiscovered
gems (that great version of "Cross Eyed mary" from "Sucking in the 70's" (one of the first albums I EVER featured on this blog!), a slew of live tracks, this one you want.....unsure if it fits on a single disc or not, certainly you can figure it out.

And finally, the most recent release, "Earth Rocker".....can you believe? This is maybe their "heaviest' release YET, pure stoner/grunge greatness......sorry, but it's just amazing for me that a band that has kicked it for this long stays fresh, hard rocking, and in tune with the times as this one has and recieves almost zero recognition.......

Clutch is a bad ass band....they rock hard, always have, and if I wake up ONE person to their greatness, I will have done my duty......please check out the albums here, and let me know what you think, the fact that Clutch never hit it as big, as, say, at least, Orange Goblin or Fu Manchu (both of whom are great, make no mistake) is amazing to me..........let's get some recognition for the great CLUTCH!

JAM ROOM 01 Who Wants To Rock/02 big Fat Pig/03 Going To Market/04 One Eye Dollar/05 Raised By Horses/06 Bertha's Big Back yard/07 Gnome Enthusiast/08 Swamp Boot Upside Down/09 Basket of  Eggs/10 Release the Kraken/11 The Drifter/12 I Send Pictures/13 Sink Em Low/14 Super Duper/15 Release the Dub

PITCHFORK AND LOST NEEDLES-01 Wicker/02 Arcadia/03 Juggernaut/04 Far country/05 Nero's Fiddle/06 Passive Restraints (Demo)/07 Bacchanal (Demo)/08 Milk of Human Kindness (Demo)/09 What Would a Wookie Do?/10 Bottoms Up, Socrates

ROBOT HIVE EXODUS-01 The Incomparable Mr. Flannery/02 Burning Beard/03 Gullah/04 Mice and Gods/05 Pulaski Skyway/06 Never Be Moved/07 10001110101/08 Small Upsetters/09 Circus Maximus/10 Tripping the Alarm/11 100000 Witnesses/12 Land of Pleasant Living/13 Gravel Road/141 Who's Been Talking?

FROM BEALE STREET TO OBLIVION-01 You Can't Stop Progress/02 Power Player/03 The Devil & Me/04 White's Ferry/05 Child of the City/06 Electric Worry/07 One Eye Dollar/08 Rapture of Riddley Walker/09 When Vegans Attack/10 Opossum Minister/11 Black Umbrella/12 Mr Shiny Cadillackness

STRANGE COUSINS FROM THE WEST-01 Motherless Chile/02 Struck Down/03 50000 Unstoppable Watts/04 Abraham Lincoln/05 Minotaur/06 The Amazing Kreskin/07 Witchdoctor/08 Let a Poor Man Be/09 Freakonomics/10 Algo Ha Cambiado/11 Sleestak Lighting

BASKET OF EGGS-01 Box Car Shorty's Confession (Acoustsic)/02 The Regulator (Acoustic)/03 Basket Of Eggs (Acoustic)/04 Tight Like That (Acoustic)/05 Drink to the Dead (Live acoustic)/06 Cattle Car/07 Walpole Man/08 Promoter/09 La Curandera/10 Steve Doocy

B-SIDES AND RARITIES-01 Cross Eyed Mary/02 Money/03 Gifted and Talented/04 David Rose/05
05/06 Apache/07 Big News III/08 Molt/09 Hot Off the Grill/10 Pile Driver/11 Slow Hole To China/12 24 Earth Years/13 Easy Breeze/14 Four Lords (And One More)/15 Guild of Mute Assasins/16 Hale Bopp Blues/17 High Caliber Consecrator/18 Nickel & Dime/19 Oregon/20 Rising Son/21 The Package/22 Sitting On Top of the World (Live)/23 The Pond (live)/24 The Wheel (Live)/25 Wishbone (live)/26 King of Arizona

EARTH ROCKER-01 Earth Rocker/02 Crucial Velocity/03 Mr Freedom/04 DC Sound Attack!/05 Unto the Breach/06 Gone Cold/07 The Face/08 Book Saddle & Go/09 Cyborg Bette/10 Oh, Isabella/11 The Wolfman Kindly Requests.....

Let's get this great and for whatever overlooked hard rocking band the notice and credit that they REALLY do deserve......at least sample a couple of these and as always, let me know what you think!

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