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Brian Parker provides more soundtrack albums

And, as usual, if you wish you can take them either from here or from his own blog, I'm trying to help him get his blog established


Or, of course, just take em from the links below......Brian is heavilly into film soundtracks, which fits nicely into my "anything goes" type of format, in fact his previous soundtrack post the other day was hit pretty hard, decent numbers, so read his critique and then decide if these are for you!


Three Amazing Howard Shore Soundtracks For David Cronenberg Films

I have long been a fan of David Cronenberg's movies, and long ago realized how essential Howard Shore's music was to those films. I have decided to put up my three favorite scores Shore did for him. They also happen to be my three favorite films of Cronenberg's. The first two soundtracks are really rare, while the third is unfortunately forgotten.

"Scanners" is mournful and brooding. It also has a main theme that I think is really good, and points toward the score Shore did for The Dead Zone. I put different cover art on this one, though you can use this pic if you want.

"Videodrome" is creepy and unsettling. And the soundtrack disc is definitely more of a theme thing, including a computer voice introduction that's not in the movie. And I put this Debbie Harry cover art on. Definitive image of the movie for. This soundtrack is really rare in physical form.

Anyone even remember Crash? I'm not talking about the Matt Dillon racial inequality in L.A. film. I mean Cronenberg's beautifully cold scalpel of a film about people who sexually fetishize car crashes.

Anyway, Howard Shore's score for the film is beautiful: sparse piano, strange percussion sounds, and haunting, echo-laden guitar notes. This is good ambient music, but not in a synthesizer way. This is a really unique score for him. Great stuff, and truly adds to the haunting ache of the movie. And if you haven't seen this dark, cold, sexy jewel of a film, it's on YouTube, or here's another link - 


In fact, see all these if you haven't, and listen to the scores. All the movies have been put out by Criterion except Crash. Cronenberg's filmography is stellar.

Scanners Soundtrack Download

Videodrome Soundtrack Download

Crash Soundtrack Download

Personal from BigScott: I saw "Crash" years ago (as Brian points out there were two films by that name, one that won "best picture", and, well, THIS one.....it is one of the sickest movies I have ever seen in my life......highly recommended!

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