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A Bunch of Links from Andie James and others you may have missed

Often, generous readers, contributors add links in the comments section, additional or related things
that I myself can't provide......in general, I haven't called enough attention to these, I am not going to do that anymore, it may cause you to miss out on something you'd really like (who the hell goes back and reads the comments more than once.....in the future I will bring ALL contributed links to the fromt page in order to better fulfill my lission, which of course is TO SHARE as much stuff as possible.....

What caused me to think about this was that Andie James, a longtime friend and contributor (who I once thought was a chick, right Andie?) has contributed a LOT of cool stuff the last week or two, and I want to make sure that if they are for you, you don't miss them.......I'll add his comments in full so you can get his opinion of what he is sharing, thanks again to everyone who shares stuff, I am always looking to improve things around here and I think moving all contributed links to the front page will be an improvement, sorry for not thinking of it earlier, I am old.

(In response to the "No Future Collection")

Thanks for this Scott, always was a big fan of No Future Records and I've got three of their best for you here.

The Partisans - Best Of The Partisans (@ 128) 
(apologies for the piss poor bit rate but I've never found a decent copy)

The Violators - The No Future Years (@ 320)

Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (@ 320)

I'm just uploading a vinyl rip of Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice in FLAC and four 7" singles that I'll post links to later


Also re: "No Future":
Three 7" 45rpm single rips from the Second Empire Justice album and a limited edition 33rpm red vinyl 7" EP re-issue of Warriors.

Telecommunication 7" (@ 320)
New Age 7" (@ 320)
Solar 7" (@ 320)
Warriors 7" EP (@ 320)



And also from "No Future":

Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice is a long way away from their opening salvo of Oi! Punk. This is a distinct change of course into the realms of New Wave/SynthPop with Post Punk most definitely in the Post. Recorded at Stockport's iconic Strawberry Studios with in-house engineer Chris Nagle assuming production duties (Nagle cut his teeth working alongside Martin Hannett - see Joy Division Unknown Pleasures). Given the factoryesque sleeve design, any assumptions that Blitz wanted a particular Mancunian aura to the album are just that. When you listen to the record, you may likely assume the same. Nagle's production style certainly echoes that of his mentor as Second Empire Justice is much cleaner sounding with layered atmospherics adding depth, but still with a good few delayed snares thrown in for good measure. You will notice (and probably love) how robust the bass guitar is in the mix - just imagine a cross between JJ Burnel and Peter Hook cranked up really loud. Tracks like Underground, White Man and Skin are bass hungry monsters, Acolyte and Flowers & Fire lean more to new-wave. Into The Daylight and Telecommunication delve into classic eighties goth-synth territory. Readers will not be surprised to know that Blitz's original Oi! Punk following hated it.

Ripped from a vinyl album released on Future Records (FL 1) in 1983 to high quality lossless flac audio.
A1 Flowers & Fire
A2 Underground
A3 Acolyte
A4 Into The Daylight
A5 Telecommunication
B1 White Man
B2 For You
B3 Skin
B4 H.M.K. Grey 



lFrom another longtime friend/contributor (Ruben Chandler) come the following links related to the Marquis De Sade post of last week:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/bvaa91kqsaw8gwq/Marquis+de+Sade+%5B1979%5D+Dantzig+Twist.zip   here's dantzig twist bro!



the password for dantzig twist is: oldschoolfrenchpunkrock where are ya big scott..............thought you'd dig these.

(these are great and also quite hard to find, highly recommended-Scott)

Andie James also loaded on a BUNCH of Psychedelic Furs stuff:

On Love Spit Love's eponymous debut, Richard Butler tried too hard to break from the legacy of the Psychedelic Furs, and the result was a stiff, awkward record that only ccasionally hit its target. For Love Spit Love's second album, Trysome Eatone, Butler decided to rely on the darkly seductive blend of arty post-punk and glam-rock that was the Furs' trademark. It's partially nostalgia, but he was able to update the Furs sound with a sharp, clever production and the occasional electronic or alternative flourish. It evokes the '80s without slavishly recreating the sound, but Trysome Eatone manages to be more than a guilty pleasure for longtime Furs fans because of Butler's solid craftmanship. Many of the album's songs are well-written and memorable, resulting in a record that represents a return to form for one of the early '80s' most distinctive artists. 
From 1997 @ 320


Psychedelic Furs - 1984-05-28 - London, UK (FM broadcast 320kbps) Hammersmith Odeon

Lineage: FM - Cassette (Master) - Audacity - xACT



Two The Psychedelic Furs EP's from the World Outside album released in 1991
1. Until She Comes EP ( @ 192)
2. Don't Be A Girl (Promo) EP ( @ 192)



From the Psychedelic Furs album Book Of Days (1989) 

House 12" and CD single @ 320


From the 1984 album Mirror Moves 

1. Heartbeat 12"
2. Heaven 12"

both 12" singles have extended versions @ 320



“Pretty In Pink” originally released in 1981 as a single from the band’s second album, Talk Talk Talk. The song inspired the 1986 film of the same name and a re-recorded version of the song was included on the film’s soundtrack.

Allmusic writer Bill Janovitz credits 1981 producer Steve Lillywhite for finding “the ideal sound for the band, with a perfect blend of classic pop, punk, and art rock elements”. Janovitz called it “the definitive take” of the song.

The 1986 version Janovitz described this version as “ho-hum, streamlined, (and) radio-ready”.

I've included 3 12" singles
1. Pretty In Pink (1986)
2. Danger (Remix) (1982)
3. The Ghost In You (1984) all @ 320



Last of the 12" singles @ 320 for you.

1. All That Money Wants (1988) from the Best Of "All Of This And Nothing" album
2. Shock (1987) a US only single from the album "Midnight To Midnight"



(Scott):Now, THAT's a hell of a lot of material, WAY too much not to share PROPERLY......and, as if that is not enough, 
Augustus Owsley Strudel III contributes:
For all the Psychedelic Furs try here


And, also, an anonymous contributor submits this:

7 more Psychedelic Furs albums found around the net:

(Scott): Now, NO ONE has an excuse for not having every note ever recorded by the Psychedelic Furs, thanks to all!

Back to MISTER Andie James for some Hanoi Rocks stuff that I was lacking:

Awlright Scott?!

Couple of additions in lossy 192 if you're so interested
Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years [Live]

and in my opinion, Hanoi Rocks best album
Hanoi Rocks - Self Destruction Blues

I've got some other stuff knocking about from 
Michael Monroe solo and with Demolition 23 
Nasty Suicide and Andy McCoy as The Suicide Twins
and Nasty Suicide with some members of the UK Subs as Cheap & Nasty
and finally Hanoi Rocks with Knox of the Vibrators as The Fallen Angels

I'll get around to posting these when I finish work


And This:
First up is Michael Monroe's début solo album Not Fakin' It


And This:
Cheap & Nasty - Beautiful Disaster (plus Beautiful Disaster EP) 

The album is at 320 and the EP is Variable


And This:
Suicide Twins - Silver Missiles and Nightingales @ 320


And This:
Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels [Expanded] (Hanoi Rock and Knox) @ 320


And, finally, This:

Demolition 23 - Demolition 23 @ 320


AND, from Narcosislabs, in response to the Star Trek Post, comes Volume 1 (Still looking for 2-4) of the classic "Golden
Throats" Collection, 



Almost forgot this one, but Lo-Fi Larry contributes this Restarts/MDC split in response to the Restarts post:

Restarts/MDC split "Mobocracy"

Thanks A lot to Andie james and everyone else, this is how I will be doing things in teh future, which enables us to get more sharing done, and ALSO to be certain to give proper credit to the contributors.......thanks everyone!

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