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Brian Parker contributes some soundtrack weirdness

And of course, I welcome weirdness in all of it's forms.....I am not in the least familiar with the music he is presenting here, but I WILL be checking it out because, for one, I trust his judgement (it has proven to be pretty good thusfar), and, also, because both myself AND this blog are, as always, open to ANYTHING........as always with Brian's contributions, they are available here, or, if you prefer, on his own blog, which I hope you will patronize and support:


So, I will let him do the talkin' about these, as always, it's fun and interesting to delve into something which (to me) is completely unknown, and my Sunday will be filled with (along with NCAA tourney action, of course), these soundtrack albums as background sounds......please check these out, and if you enjoy them, pay Brian's blog a visit and tell him you liked them, and don't forget to become a visitor of HIS blog as well, he has been a steady and valuable contributor to THIS blog, and he deserves your support!


Seven Awesome Ennio Morricone Soundtracks


It may go without saying by this point, but I love film scores. I grew up first with Star Wars and James Bond music, but as an adult music fan, I really fell in love with Ennio Morricone's music. My first exposure was the western soundtracks - like most people - but I later found SO MUCH variety in the man's music! His use of melody, choirs, strange instrumentation, is unparalleled. He is the best soundtrack composer - better than Jerry Goldsmith, better than Hans Zimmer, better than John Williams. Yeah, I said that....

I found many of these on the excellent Morricone blog I've mentioned before. This site is a true resource and a gift for music fans. There's a link for the blog itself - browse that first - and then a link for a page that has the albums as single files so you can fill in holes.

Link to IL MAESTRO - The Ennio Morricone Blog
Links For Single Files

Again, some albums can be found as whole zip files, and some you have to do track by track, but it's worth it! But I've put together a sampler of some of Morricone's great soundtracks. Links are next to the titles. Some off the radar choices, but he could do anything; you can only talk about "Fistful of Dollars" and "Good, Bad, & the Ugly" so many times, great as they are. And it goes without saying, the titles of some songs are in Italian, but don't let that dissuade you.

THE THING  Download
Not only probably John Carpenter's best film, but one of Morricone's best scores. What he does with strings here is amazing, from the madness of "Contamination" to the cello-heavy "Bestiality". The best is probably "Humanity Part 2", with that weird synth bassline. Moody as hell.

I haven't seen this Anthony Quinn movie, but the score is great. Haunting solo pieces, thundering action cues, good stuff. He should've gotten more international movie work back then; like Maurice Jarre or Miklos Rozsa.

How's that cover image? Grrr. Some of Morricone's most interesting scores are the ones he did for 70's Italian slasher films, and this is the best of them for me. Alternately childlike, creepy, lush, funny, erotic... This is one you need if you're a fan of the strange. Mike Patton has this album burned into his soul.

Always been curious about this movie - love that title! Another 70's horror score, but with a much different sound: a fuller orchestra with paranoid strings, something like The Exorcist...but there's still those female moans though! Listen to track 3 - you won't be thinking about killing...Donna Summer's got nothing on this.

RED SONJA Download
Boy, was this one a pain! I don't know where I got this 15 track version, but it doesn't match any versions I see listed, hence there's no track names. The only other version I could find to DL had two tracks and they were both suites, so that was out. All the music is here though. Give this a listen! The movie is absolute shit, I know....but this score is unspeakably gorgeous! Really. Morricone takes the "Wifeing" theme from the first Conan and expands on it wonderfully. The fact that a score this lush and romantic was wasted on the two wooden lead characters just astounds me...

HUNDRA Download
See previous. This was a score for another female warrior epic made two years earlier. I can totally see producer Dino De Laurentis giving Morricone the Sonja score job after hearing this one. There are VERY strong similarities...one of Sonja's main themes is a direct inversion of "Hundra's War Theme". And the "Slaughter In The Village" theme is really good. The whole score is great, actually. It does share a lot of DNA with the later Red Sonja score - less use of the choir maybe - but since that one is gorgeous, it's a win-win.

"1970" has to be one of the strangest cues Morricone has ever written: 8 minutes of bass notes, disembodied singing, and plinking piano. Another great score for a Dario Argento slasher film. A little more rock-based and a little less, um, "orgasmic" than "Bird With the Crystal Plumage", but just as creepy. There's some lovely lounge pieces too. This branch of Morricone's music proved very influential to artists like John Zorn and Mike Patton.

I hope you guys liked this one. Seriously, there are few film composers who have such an immersive sound world to dive into. Seeing the movies is mostly inessential; the music easily stands on it's own.

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