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Lenny Bruce, from Comedy King Brian Parker

Here is the first part of Brian's amazing Lenny Bruce post, Lenny being one of the absolute masters of modern comedy........if you are unfamilar you are missing something. You can check it out here, or, if you prefer, at his site


As I say, it matters not to me, but wherever you get it, offer up thanks to Brian who did ALL the work.....he has already delivered us fantastic comedy posts on Firesign Theater and an exhaustive Monty Python, this guy knows his comedy.......I'll sure as hell give him props should he think  of a way to create a post on MY comedy hero, Andy Kaufman......doubtful, but we shall see.

As always, I will allow him to use HIS words, after all, he WROTE em......all kidding aside, if you are a comedy fan, THIS is tremendous shit, just years ahead of it's time, brilliant, thought provoking, and cutting edge, YOU WANT THIS.......Thanks, Brian, for all you do!



Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Genius of Lenny Bruce, Part 1

Lenny Bruce was the Alpha and Omega of standup comedy. He was a man who truly suffered for his art, was persecuted and hounded for it, and in the end was completely blackballed from his livelihood - ODing broke and alone. Every Dane Cook fratboy-hack or Def Comedy Jam wannabe should hit their knees and thank Lenny for their freedom to soil a microphone, though they don't have a tenth of his wit. Not to belabor a point, but he really did die for our comedy sins. George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks....the pantheon was created by Lenny Bruce.

This was the first material of Lenny's I ever bought. Contains the biting "Religions, Inc", the hilarious "Enchanting Transylvania", and the great "Father Flotski's Triumph".

Many great routines here: "White Collar Drunks", "How to Relax Your Colored Friends at Parties", "Lima, Ohio", and the amazingly long and funny routine "The Palladium". Things were never the same for Lenny after this...

This is a compilation Lenny put out that covers 1958-63. The fidelity is a little spotty, but this is funny stuff. Unfortunately, this is one long track though. Not sure what the "1949" on the cover means.


This is largely devoted to Lenny's legal problems, but is still a fascinating listen. He lived it - the least you can do is listen to it. He dissects all of the hypocrisy of his age. This one is also sequenced as one track.

This is a good, but strange listen. It's a compilation of Lenny's topical bits, many heard on other albums, but not in these versions. The strange thing is, at the beginning of most tracks, there is an audio sample of whatever political figure or topic is being skewered - Nixon, Johnson, etc. At times, the samples almost have a Negativland-like collage quality. I think this was a posthumous 70's album - I can't find any info.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Part 2 will be the 2 CD versions of the Carnegie Hall concert, and Live at the Curran Theater. And I hope to someday soon buy the 6 disc box set "Let the Buyer Beware". If I do, I will put it up.

[ Lenny Bruce album free Mediafire zippyshare download ]


Some fantastic, historic stuff here, don't miss out, and make sure and visit Brian's blog and check out what's going on over there also!

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