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Ok, guest contribution, done up RIGHT *( I hope).....

So, like every day, I get dozens of requests for re-ups,which I simply do not have the time nor desire to
do.....I am NOT mean about it, I always offer that if the requestor contributes something INTERESTING for the rest of us to enjoy, I will happily provide him/her with whatever the reup they wish......BUT FIRST, they have to provide us with something, anything, it's only fair and keeps the ultimate concept of SHARING alive.

So, I got a request from someone named fiddle.head, he's missing one of my Elecrtic Wizard links......in general when I propose submitting something FIRST, I never hear from the requestor again (ie SELFISH), but in this case, Fiddle.Head GETS IT, and he contributes us a bunch of links from Gods of Jupiter......NO I have never heard of them, here is a link for you to explore them:


Checked out of bit of it today, VERY spacy stoner, psychedelic stuff, pretty unknown (at least to me, which you know I LOOOOOVE)......Fiddle.Head had given us a selection of live performances from them, if I can get the links to operate correctly, I'm trying, and if I can, this IS THE KIND OF POST I LOVE.......you WANT SOMETHING, you realize I am not a GODDAMN PUBLIC UTILITY, and YOU FIRST contribute something for the rest of US....THAT IS how it works, and how it's GONNA WORK, it annoys my slightly when someone asks for a 3 year old link and proposes to do NOTHING for me in return......blogging is about sharing, always has been, NOT NOT NOT about selfishness.......if you are about selfishness, please.........elsewhere is the better place for you.

Right now, I'm waiting for these links to up, they are in kinda a wierd format, but I DO WANT EVERYONE TO CHECK OUT Gods of Jupiter and give me a full report..........hell, it's GOTTA be getter than Kansas or something, right? This guy has sent us several live shows, unsure (yet) if they are video or audio, but what does it matter? he sent us SOMETHING, and tommorrow he will cop the Electric Wizards rarities disc he's been wanting......that be how it should work, and does work.....

Obviously I have no track lists/ or set lists/ or whatever, but this is an imaginative contribution, and I WANT YOU (and me together) to check this out........GODS OF JUPITER? we shall see......there is no art work, so I'm just gonna put up whomever the babo of the day a

OKay, I have NO pictures......I have no SET LISTS.......NOTHING, what I have is a contribution that some of us MAY enjoy from GODS OF JUPITER.........let us see, together, and may I add once again that these are my absolute VERY favorite types of contributions to the blog.......why? because it means the submitter GETS IT, gets what we are doing here, .....I am not conduciting some  on-line flea market, bit setting up a spot where we, as human beings can SHARE things.....there is MUCH MUCH difference!

For Fiddlehead, the link you requested will come your way in a day or two...,,,,and GUYS THIS IS HOW IT WORKS....SO MANY people want reups, but be fair to ME......be fair to the contributor, be fair to the readership......I LOVE filling requests, even doing reups, but the law is the law.......you do something for ME FIRST......and FiddleHead's great contribution (it's great and I haven't even LISTENED yet......you want your buddy's bar band on here, your teenage son's combo.........bring em on, we'll post em, just as long as YOU offer something up to the rest of us first! 

Thanks for everything, no pictures so I'll have to select today's "Babe of the Day" how about some kaley Cuoco my GOD I've never seen that awful show she's on, but MY GOD I would tounge bathe that chick until mu taonge literally wore down.........Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, all I can say. Enjoy Gds of Jupiter and PLEASE leave a comment, whether you like it or not, THIS IS THE KINDA STUFF I WANT ON THIS BLOG.....

GODS OF JUPITER FUCKING RULE, AND the submittor will recieve his requested link.......it's SO important that we ALL take care of EACH OTHER! Love you ALL!

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