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The best Lurkers post ever

This is yet another of those "I'm not fuckin around" posts, the Lurkers were kick-ass all the way, and I got enough material from them here to fill a small RV. They appeared on the scene in the late 1970's, some referred to them as something of an "English Ramones" (not sure I'd TOTALLY agree, but an interesting description nonetheless). They've had several lineup shifts which I'm not going to detail, and I'm also not going to go into a bunch of detal, as to their albums because we have so very many here.....zippy-willing (they have been mag-nif-ique of late) we'll get these all up, by Sunday nihgt, but here is the Cliff's Notes: If you like 1970's Brit-punk, check these.....if you like latter-day garage punk, check these.....if you like the Ramones and think a British version of same would be cool check these.....these guys cranked out cool single after cool single, they made some DAMN good music, and deserve a mega-post of this type. The Lurkers were the absolute shit, the fact that they are so unknown in the US says WAY more about the US than about them. Download all these albums, discover that they are fuckng great, comment, comment,comment, and realize that  BigScott62 knows all, and would never  steer his minions wrong.

No shit, these are some kick ass Brit-punk/garage rock albums......you will LOVE them! Check, at the very least, the Singles Anthology as a starting point, but this is some underrrated, underappreciated shit that NEEDs to be heard. As David Bowie once said "Come on you rock n rollers".......an appropriate phrase when it comes to the kick-ass Lurkers!

BBC PUNK SESSIONS-01 Freak Shw/02 Total War/03 Then I Kissed Her/05 Be My Prisoner/06 Aint Got a Clue/07 Pills/08 I Don't Need To Tell Her/09 Jenny/10 Here Come the Bad Times/11 God's Lonely Men/12 In Room 309/13 Countdown/14 Whatever Happened to Mary/15 Take Me Back to Babylon/16 Out in the Dark/17 See the World/18 Move On/19 Cold Old Night/20 Schoolgirls/21 Pick Me Up

FULHAM FALLOUT-01 Ain't Got a Clue/02 I Don't Need To Tell her/03 Total War/04 Hey You/05 Shadow/06 Then i Kicked Her/07 Go Go Go/08 Jenny/09 Time Of Year/10 Self Destruct/11 It's Quiet Here/12 Gerald/13 I'm On Heat/14 Be My Prisoner/15 Shadow (Single Version)/16 Love Story/17 Freak Show/18 Mass Media Beleiver/19 Ooh! Ooh! I Love You/20 Pills/21 We Are the Chaos Brothers/22 Be My Prisoner/23 Total War (demo)/24 Then i Kissed Her (Demo)/25 I Love the Dark/26 Freak Show (Demo)

GOD'S LONELY MEN-01 She Knows/02 God's Lonel Men/03 Out in the Dark/04 Cyanide/05 Whatever Happened to Mary/06 Take Me Back To Babylon/07 Room 309/08 I'll Be WIth You/09 Non Contneder/10 Seven OClock Someday/11 Sleep On Diamonds/12 Bad Times/13 Just Thirteen/14 Countdown/15 Suzie is a Floozie/16 Cyandie (Pub Version) 17 New Guitar In Town/
18 LIttle Ole WIne Drinker Me/19 Cold Old Night (Demo)/20 Pick Me Up (Demo)/21 Mary's Coming Home (Demo)/22 New Guitar In Town (Demo)/23 Little Old Wine Drinker Me (Demo)

MAX'S KANSAS CITY-01 Ain't Got a Clue/02 I'll Ne With You/03 I Don't Need To Tell Her/04 Out In the Dark/05 Shadow/06 Jenny/07 It's Quiet Here

GREATEST HITS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT-01 I'm On Heat/02Cyanide/03 Pills/04 Shadow/05 Little Ol Wine Drinker Me/06 Out in the Dark/07 Feak Show/08 Jenny/09 Self Destruct/10 Ain't Got a Clue/11 Take ME Back To Babyblon/12 Total War/13 Love Story/14 Then I Kicked Her/15 I Don't Need To Tell Her/16 Just Thirteen/17 She Knows/18 New Guitar In Town

POWERJIVE-01 Powerjive/02 Lipstick and Shampoo/03 Solitaire/04 Waiting or You/05 Things Will Never Be the Same/06 The World Of Jenny Brown/07 Walk Like a Superstar/08 Go Go Girls/09 Strage Desire/10 Ravens Wing/11 I Close My Eyes/12 Lullaby

LIVE IN BERLIN-01 Freakshow/02Aint Got a Clue/03 Just Thirteen/04 Sidewinder/05 Walk Like a Superstar (Talk Like a Zombie)/06 In Soho/07 In Your Own World/08 Wolverine/09 Take Me Back to Babylon/10 Go Go Girl/11 Powerjive/12 Going Monkee Again (hey Hey Hey)/13 Self Destruct/14 Lipstick and Shampoo/15 New Guitar In Town/16 Shadow/17 Miss World/18 Don't Ask Me

BEGGARS BANQUET PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION-01 Shadow/02 Love Story/03 Freak Show/04 Mass Media Beleiver/05 Be My Prisoner (Streets LP Version)/06 Ain't Got a Clue/07 Ooh Ooh I Love You/08 Fullham Fallout Fifty/09 I Don't Need To Tell Her/10 Pills/11 Just Thirteen/12 Countdown/13 Out in the Dark/14 Cyanide/15 Suzie is a Floozie/16 Cyanide (pub Version)/17 New Guitar In Town/18 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

AINT GOT A CLUE-01 Going Monkee Again/02 Lucky John/03 Never Had a Beach/04 Barbara Blue/05 Unfinished Business/06 King of the Mountain (Parts 1 & 2)/07 Ain't Got a Clue (live)/08 I'm On Heat (live)/09 Shadow (Live)/10 Then I Kissed Her (Live)/11 I Don't Need To Tell her (Live)/12 Pills (Live)/13 Cyanide (Live)

ON HEAT (LIVE IN BRAZIL)-01 Freakshow/02 Wolverine/03 One ay/04 Go Go Girl/05 Misery/06 In Richmond/07 Take Me Back To Babylon/08 Miss World/09 Gotta Go/10 Red Light Girl/11 Rubber Room/12 Plls/13 Go Ahead Punk/14 Ain't Got a Clue/15 New  Guitar In Town/16 Im On Heat/17 Shadow/18 Then I Kissed Her/19 Just 13/20 Unfinished Business

THE COMPLETE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION-01 Saow/02 Love Story03 Freak Show/04 Mass Media Believer/05 Ain't Got a Clue/06 Ooh Ooh I Love You/07 I Don't Need To Tell Her/08 Pills/09 Just THirteen/10 Countdown/11 Out in the Dark/12 Cyanide/13 Suzie is a Floozie/14 Cyanide (Pub Version)/15 New Guitar In Town/16 Little Ole WIne Drinker Me/17 This Dirty Town/18 Wolf at the Door/19 Drag You Out/20 Heroin (It's All Over)/21 Frankenstein Again/22 One Man's Meat/23 Let's Dance Now (No TIme To Be Strangers)/24 Midnight Hour/25 Shut Out The Light/26 By the Heat/27 Go Ahead Punk Make My Day/28 Lucky John

LIVE FREAK SHOW 2004-01 Intro/02 Freak Show/03 Wolverine/04 Take Me Back to Babylon/05 One Day/06 Going Monkee Again/07 In Richmond/08 Rubber Room/09 Red Light Girl/10 Gotta Go/11 Pills/12 Miss World/13 I Don't Need To Tell Her/14 Misery/15 Go Ahead Punk/16 The KKK Took My Baby Away/17 New Guitar In Town/18 Ain't Got a Clue/19 I'm on Heat/20 Shadow/21 Then I Kissed Her/22 Jenny

26 YEARS-01 Ready and Loaded/02 Can't Connect/03 Waste of Space/04 In Richmond/05 Conspiracy/06 Misery/07 26 Years/08 Go Ahead Punk/09 Stop her Coming Back/10 Trance Meeting/11 Go Same/12 Roll Out the Barrel/13 Mass Media Believer/14 Funny Farm/15 Never Use That Gun

FRIED BRAINS-01 Come and Reminisce/02 You're Gone/03 Why You So Happy To Give Your Mind Away/04 Sick Transit/05 Moved Away/06 Why Were You That Way/07 Too late To Change/08 Time To Wake Up/09 Go Forward/10 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me/11 Cheryl Bunkup/12 Revenge of the Dogs/13 Punk Rock Brought us Together/14 Fried Brains

GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Ain't Got a Clue/02 I Don't Need To Tell Her/03 Unfinished Business/04 Pills/05 Barbara Blue/06 RUbber Room/07 Just Thirteen/08 Uptown Or Downtown/09 Goig Monkee Again/10 Shadow/11 New Guitar In Town/12 Miss World/13 I'm On Heat/14 Freak Show/15 Take Me Back to Babylon/16 Then I Kissed Her/17 Drag You Out/18 Cyanide/19 Jenny

TOTALLY LURKERED- 01 Love Story/02 Freak Show/03 Be My Prisoner/04 Shadow/05 Aint Got a Clue/06 I Don't Need To Tell Her/07 Total War/08 I'm On Heat/09 Just Thirteen/10 Out In the Dark/11 Cyanide/12 God's Lonely Men/13 She Knows/14 In Room 309/15 New Guitar In Town

Well, obviously it took a little while to put that together.....Zippy has been cooperative of late, we shall see what happens with this super mega post......hope you guys like it. Look for linkis tomorrow (Tuesday) Iwould guess


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