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So, if I may beg your indulgence, while I'm in the mood, how about another rare, yet kick-ass, psych album one-shot from the great late-60's/early 70's, that magnificent era of so many relatively unknown GREAT psych/hard psych albums.....there are MANY of em out there, and this one, "Street Suite" from Touch, is one you will NOT wish to miss.....

Touch were from St Louis Missouri, and consisted of  vocalist Pauline Betts, guitarists Eric Salas and Ray Schulte, bassist Jerry Schulte, and drummer Ovid Bilderbeck.....This was there only effort, but my GOD it's a good one, wonderful blues/psych, if you have never heard this, you ARE cheating yourselves.....it is wonderful, both as a period piece and as a simply fine recording to listen to/enjoy.......recently I posted a lot of Jefferson Airplane material, if you enjoyed that, this might be something you'd be interested in, especially with Bett's fine female vocals......what to recommend? Well, how about the strangest cover ever of the Doors'"Light My Fire"......the out and out psych-rock freakouts of "Lady of the Universe" and "Yesterday"......also one of my old faves, Pavlov's Dog vocalist (I did a post on them long, long ago) David Surkamp appears on the track "Rainbow"........not even to mention that perhaps the albums highlight is maybe the best version of "Catfish" you'll ever hear.

OK, no ambiguity here.....you've never heard of this? GET IT NOW.....great (4.5 star) album.......this is a wonderful, rare, unknown gem, and any lover of psychedelic rock of the late 60's/ early 70's will want to jump all over......trust me it's a fine album, a hard to find one, and totally worth your while.....who knows how long I'll be in this late 60's psych groove, could be a little while, or I may change gears tomorrow, I am, of course, a TRUE "chameleon"........seriously, no joke, enjoy this album, it is fantastic, you will see!

TOUCH-STREET SUITE-01 Stormy Monday Blues/02 Round Trip/03 Day To Day Man/04 Light My Fire/05 Lady of the Universe/06 The Magic Inside You/07 Rainbow/08 happy Face/Beginnings/Get a Gun/09 Catfish/10 Gotta Keep Travellin' On/11 Let's Keep the Children on the Street/12 Motor City's Burning/13 Gettin' Off/14 Melt Away/15 Everything To You

REALLY hope you guys enjoy THIS one, I love (maybe more than anything else) dragging out unknown psych albums, for whatever reason, they seem to really get the pubic hairs to stand on end, maybe more than any other rarity I can drag out! In all seriousness, this is a GREAT album, hope you enjoy and report back as to your feelings on it!

BTW, weird shit with Zippyshare on this one.....tried to RAR it and Zip wouldn't let me.......?????.....fear not.....it's gonna be just a TINY pain in your ass, but the only way I could get it to load was one track at a time.......see comments section, WHY this happened with this album I dunno, but I really DO wanna share it with you, so, if it's not too much of a thing, PLEASE download it a track at a time, trust yet uncle, it wont take much longer, them you can fix it up.......NO CLUE what Zip is trying to ,do to me on this one, but I will not be denied!

and, of course, I'd LOVE a full report, once ya listen to this, its a great one, I am not joking ya on this one (not that I ever do!)

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