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Battle of the Sides, very good comp series

While surfing the net a bit and looking for something to use for a post today so that I didn't have to upload any discs or anything (I REALLY REALLY need to straighten up my discs, they are a disaster, Something from my stash tomorrow or so, but today I came across a fine creation by a long-time major amigo of my blog, Jose Kortozirkuito, who is the proprietor of the fine blog Tommenton en la cuadrA (http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com/), please go check out the many wonderful things he has there, I recall obtaining, a while back his fab creation "Bob Dylan's Songs In Garageland", one of the best DIY comps of the past few years....up until these. His latest magnum opus is a seven disc (so far, unsure if there will be more to come) series, "Battle of the Sides".....the concept here is that he takes a great garage single, some well known and some not so much, and couples it with it's original pressing B-side, ten singles/twenty tracks per volume, it really is a remarkable work of art, I listened to a couple volumes this afternoon, can't wait to hear the rest......and, rest assured, I secured Jose's permission to post these, he was happy to oblige as he and I share the opinion that this is all (100%) about the SHARING of music.......he even suggested I use his links, which in this case is handy as it will allow me to post the entire series thusfar for those of you who are unfamilar with his site (DO PLEASE check it out though, it's one of the best, it is in Espanol which I speak/read at about a ninth grade level (roughly translated as I took one year of high school Spanish, in the ninth grade, and it happened to be my last period class, so I showed up, well, not nearly enough to read Jose's fine blog without translator assistance)......anyway, while I may not be able to comprehend all of the CONTENT on his site, I sure as hell can tell that he has some damn great music there, some that I also have, and some which I will have very,very soon......in short, it's a great site, and run by a great guy who hs the same goal as myself, to spread the music in our collections to anyone who wants them, in an attempt, as I've said before, to allow everyone to have, in their own estimation, the "perfect" music collection, customized to each individual's view of perfection.......gracias again Jose, and this may be as good a time as any to remind anyone reading this.....the links on my site are there for ANYONE to use, re-use, post to your own blog, whatever......no need to ask permission, consider them the same as Pirate Bay Torrent links or something like that, you DO NOT need permission to use them, nor do you need to credit me......it is simply about sharing and NOTHING else, from where I stand.

So, okay, the music.....let's take a brief look at some highlights, for me, the REAL highlights are the awesome B-Sides. Volume 1 features a cover of "Hey Little Girl" by Michigan's Jujus, The Seeds' fine "Pushin Too hard" b/w "Can't Seem To Make You Mine", and a not-that-often comped Euphoria's Id, turning in the fine "Hey Joe" and a gem of a B-Side "Deception's Ice".

VOLUME 1-01 THE ROOSTERS-One of THese Days/02 THE ROOSTERS-You Gotta Gun/03 EUPHORIA'S ID-Hey Joe/04 EUPHORIA'S ID-Deception's Ice/05 THE WORDD-You're Always Around/06 THE WORDD-You're Gonna Make Me/07 THE MAUVE-You've Got Me Cryin'/08 THE MAUVE-In the Revelation/09 THE COURIERS-Couldn't Care Less/10 THE COURIERS-Just Tell Me/11 THE LYKES OF US-30 Said/12 THE LYKES-Tell Me Why Your Light shines/13 THE JUJUS-You Treat Me Bad/14 THE JUJUS-Hey Little Girl/15 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/16 THIRD BARDO-My Rainbow Life/17 THE SEEDS-Pushin Too Hard/18 THE SEEDS-Can't Seem To make You Mine/19 THE FOUR OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/20 THE FOUR OF US-Batman


Volume 2 which I also listened to today is an absolute joy, nearly every track, both the A's and the B's, is a winner.....great stuff from The Bugs, Human Expression, Calico Wall, The Fellowship.....this is a great album and I hope Volumes 3-7 live up to the level of this, if so, tomorrow will be a fine day for me.

VOLUME 2-01 THE BUGS-Pretty Girl/02 THE BUGS-Slide/03 THE DOVERS-She's Gone/04 THE DOVERS-What Am I Going To Do/05 THE BRIKS-Can You See Me/06 THE BRIKS-Foolish Baby/07 THE PLAGUES-I've Been Through It Before/08 THE PLAGUES-Tears From My Eyes/09 THE FELLOWSHIP-Just Like a Woman/10 THE FELLOWSHIP-Calm me Dwon/11 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/12 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/13 THE CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/14 THE CALICO WALL-Flight Reaction/15 LONNIE AND THE LEGENDS-I Cried/16 LONNIE AND THE LEGENDS-Baby Without You/17 THE APPLE-GLASS CYNDROM-Someday/18 THE APPLE-GLASS CYNDROM-Going Wrong/19 THE BARONS-Don't Burn It/I Hope I Please You


Now, the rest of these I haven't listened to yet, but I am familiar with a lot of the great material, as you will be as well, and I can't wait to hear the one's whose names don't ring a bell for me....I recall, for example "City of People" by the Illusions,  The Tasmanians'"Love Love Love", and "Going all the Way" by the Squires being fine singles comped elsewhere, pretty sure though that the B-Sides are going to be new stuff for my ears though.

VOLUME 3-01 THE DIRTY SHAMES-I Don't Care/02 THE DIRTY SHAMES-Makin Love/03 THE ILLUSIONS-City of the People/04 THE ILLUSIONS-Wait Til the Summer/05 THE FBI-What Am I To Do/06 THE FBI-Daytime Nightime/07 THE SANDALS-Always (I Will Remember)/08 THE SANDALS-All Over Again/09 THE TASMANIANS-Love Love Love/10 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/11 THE BENDERS-You Can't Tame Me/12 THE BENDERS-Got Me down/13 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/14 THE SQUIRES-Go Ahead/15 LINDY BLASKEY AND THE LAVELLS-Sweets for My Sweet/16 LINDY BLASKEY AND THE LAVELLS-Movin Away/17 THE RUMORS-Hold Me Now/18 THE RUMORS-Without Her/19 THE NOVAS-And It's Time/20 THE NOVAS-William Junior/21 Despedida


Volume 4 has the Electric Prunes classic "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)", which of course is comped all over the place, not so, however with the B-Side "Luvin'", which I am fairly certain I have never heard....a Nightcrawlers single, The Five Americans "I See the Light", and Ohio's own Last Times check in with "Don't Tell Me" are among other titles that jump out immediately.
VOLUME 4-01 THE VANDALS-Ballad of a Losesr/02 THE VANDALS-My Girl/03 THE HEART BEATS-Cryin' Inside/04 THE HEART BEATS-Choo Choo Train/05 THE QUESTS-Shadows in the Night/06 THE QUESTS-I'm Tempted/07 THE OLIVERS-Bleeker Street/08 THE OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/09 THE FIVE AMERICANS-I See the Light/10 THE FIVE AMERICANS-The Outcast/11 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much TO Dream (Last Night)/12 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES (Luvin')/13 THE LAST TIMES-Don't Tell Me/14 THE LAST TIMES-I Need Your Love/15 THE OUTCASTS-I'll Set You Free/16 THE OUTCASTS-Everyday/17 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-Washboard/18 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-A Basket of Flowers/19 THE ELECTRAS-Dirty Ol' Man/20 THE ELECTRAS-Courage to Cry


Onward to volume 5, where the better known stff includes Mourning Reign's "Satisfaction Guarenteed", the legendary Zakary Thaks, a return from Euphoria's Id, Palace Guard, and Beckett Qunitet.....

VOLUME 5-01 PALACE GUARD-Falling Sugar/02 PALACE GUARD-Oh Blue/03 EUPHORIA'S ID-Morning Dew/04 EUPHORIA'S ID-I Just Don't Understand You Baby/05 BECKETT QUINTET- (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue/06 BECKETT QUINTET-No Correspondence/07 ERIK-She Belongs To Me/08 ERIK-One Too Many Mornings/09 PAINTED FACES-Anxious Colors/10 PAINTED FACES-Things We See/11 THE ELITE-My Confusion/12 THE ELITE-I'll Come To You/13 THE ZAKARY THAKS-I Need You/14 THE ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl/15 TIFFANY SYSTEM-Let's Get Together/16 TIFFANY SYSTEM-Wayward One/17 MOURNING REIGN-Satisfaction Guarenteed/18 MOURNING REIGN-Our Fate/19 THE ALLIES-I'll Sell My Soul/20 THE ALLIES-Burning Flask


Volume 6 for whatever reason is the only one of the series that does not have a zippyshare link, it has a mediafire link.....I didn't know mediafire was still around but the link is good, I have no idea WHY this is, maybe it is explained on Jose's site in Espanol, not that I imagine it really matters all that much. Standout performers on this volume would include Clefs of Lavander Hill, The Barons, and the Roosters, perhaps the most obscure grouping of the seven.

VOLUME 6-01 THE SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/02 THE SPARKLES-I Want to Be Free/03 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-One More Time/04 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-So I'll Try/05 LOST CHORDS-I Won't Have to Worry/06 LOST CHORDS-I Want to be Her Man/07 THE EPICUREANS-Baby be Mine/08 THE EPICUREANS-I Don't Know Why I Cry/09 THE VECTORS-What In the World/10 THE VECTORS-It's Been a Day or Two/11 THE BARONS-Tomorrow Never Ends/12 THE BARONS-Words and Expressions/13 THE GOOD FEELINS-I'm Lost/14 THE GOOD FEELINS-Shattered/15 THE OTHERS-I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye/16 THE OTHERS-Until I Heard It From You/17 THE BAD ROADS-Too Bad/18 BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/19 THE ROOSTERS-Ain't Gonna Cry Anymore/20 THE ROOSTERS-Rosebush


And finally, we have volume 7, which was just posted a few days ago......one layup, The Unrelated Segments "Story of My Life", which is a great track but comped often, however, I am not familiar with the B-Side, should be of interest. Magic Mushroom and the Undertakers appear here, as does Peter Fonda doing "Catch the Wind" (!)....if anymore volumes of this series appear, I'll post them for those of you who don't frequent the non-English language blogs, but this is a fine concept, and is brilliantly executed, at least what I havae listened to, and i am more than certain that the rest is going to be wonderful as well.......thanks again to Jose for creating and posting these, a fantastic bit of work!

VOLUME 7-01 THE MAGIC MUSHROOM-Cry baby/02 THE MAGIC MUSHROOM-I'm Gone/03 THE UNITED STATES TRAVEL SERVICE-Wind and Stone/04 THE UNITED STATES TRAVEL SERVICE-Drummer of Your Mind/05 THE BRIKS-I'm Losing/06 THE BRIKS-It's Your Choice/07 THE SCAVENGERS-It's Over/08 THE SCAVENGERS-But If You're Happy/09 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-The Story of My Life/10 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Unfair/11 THE KNAVES-Leave Me Alone/12 THE KNAVES-The Girl I Threw Away/13 THE LORDS-She Belongs To Me/14 THE LORDS-On the Road Again/15 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/16 THE UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/17 SOLID STATE-The Lynching/18 SOLID STATE-Wait and See/19 PETER FONDA-Catch the Wind/20 PETER FONDA-November Night/21 Despedida


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