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Greek Punk Part 8

Oh, what would I do if not for my guest posters? I hope you guys got into Brian's awesome Swans post, which is only the first part, there is more to come from that band's extensive repertoire, please also go to Brian's blog and check it out for some of his "other" posts, the Swans post that appears here is the same one that appearas there.......he did a fine job, and I hope you either got (1) intorduced to Swans, or (2), got back into their unique brand of droning, torturous rock.....I've been a fan of the band for years and have meant to do a post on them, but they have SO MUCH material that it's difficult.....thanks to Brian for assisting me with getting the stuff up here.......

http://cdn.discogs.com/iA-nb1RMQVWD2uG7X9pJNFFt_zA=/fit-in/600x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1762055-1370796232-8617.jpeg.jpgCouple of other things I want to talk about here.....first of all, my son and I saw Jack White live Saturday night......wow.....I've seen em all, more or less, let me tell ya, Jack PUTS OUT, large and loud, on stage, with a generous batch of White Stripes material, a 20-minute "Icky Thump" opened the show, and two and a half hours later, a 20-minute "Seven Nation Army" closed it out......his touring band is truly kick-ass, he has a young girl who plays the fiddle who is simply off the charts awesome, really great......one complaint.....the opening act, Chicano Batman (I am NOT kidding) were one of the worst bands I have ever sat through....seriously, I was at a Blue Oyster Cult show many years ago when Be Bop Deluxe opened.......I always thought Be Bop Deluxe were a decent band, but as an opener for BOC? Uh, no......their set was "cut short" due to a hostile, chair throwing audience, God, I will never forget that night.........things are different now, now one threw anything at Chicano Batman, but, trust me, it would not have been unjustified.......simply an awful band, literally one of the worst I have EVER sat through......anyway, a good time for me and my 17 year old son, likely there won't be that many more as he becomes a man, but I will always cherish the concerts we've seen together every bit as much as his ball games, his school trip to Washington DC, and whatever else......I love my son a LOT, and I am glad that he shares my love of GOOD rock n roll.
So, how about the Super Bowl? Really strange play calling from Seattle there at the end, I could care less about either team as a Vikings fan, but hmmmmmmmmm.......well, anyway, congrats to the Patriots, I have no problem with them, they have a great team and are one of the best teams (long term) of our generation......I really think Seattle was a bit better, but that means zero, what matters is the scoreboard at the end of the night, and as I read it, New England was the better team on this night.......NOW, the worst time of year for me at least, the dead zone between football and major league baseball, at least we'll have the NCAA basketball tourney in a few weeks.......in other words, I have not so much of a life, were it not for televised sports and listening to obscure music.......

http://cdn.discogs.com/qw_yvgyWfvjnnNgNe1ZgdLHJFmY=/593x392/smart/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/A-1062783-1264071648.jpeg.jpgSo, speaking of which.......my homeboy Apantabapanta is back again with part EIGHT of the unique, exxclusive, and wonderful "Greek Punk" series.......I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what this dude has done for me, he's helped give my blog a unique edge with some music that can be found ONLY here......there will be two more parts, I think, and after that, I hope he still contributes ( I think his Bowie "Pinups" project was off the charts, personally)....

http://cdn.discogs.com/vin4fOML7Tbg9sDFanXXn6bVzlY=/fit-in/560x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1751343-1244728101.jpeg.jpghttp://cdn.discogs.com/P7w_sXFff91FkEjwyzkgp6TP5Ek=/240x96/smart/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/A-1062783-1221692870.jpeg.jpgSo, again, for whatever the reason, I can't copy/paste his stuff, I have to rewrite it (no idea why, but you'll get the gyst of HIS opinions more so than mine, I think.......the story, if you are unfamiliar, is a long, long time ago, I downloaded a HUGE Pirate Bay file with maybe 100 or so Greek punk albums......the problem was that ALL of the available information was in Greek, which I have no idea how to read, and the charicatures do not exactly translate to my USA computer.......a while back, Apantabapanta volunteered to translate the titles, band names, track names, etc, as well as locating whatever info he could about these often very obscure bands......it's been one of my VERY favorite features of the blog, unique and NOT something you hear/see everyday.......thanks SO MUCH to Apantabapanta, you'll never know how much I appreciate what you have done for me, for my blog, and for the fine folks that read/listen here and love to hear something DIFFERENT now again. Thanks, again........and now, here is Part 8 of the fantastic Greek Punk series, I hope you enjoy it......if you do/have, please leave a comment, not for me, but for my wonderful friend Apantabapanta, who, like my other friends/collaborators here, understand/grasp what we are trying to do.......attempting to fill out EVERYONE's music collection as a PERFECT collection, for THAT PERSON anyway.....we all like something different, and if we SHARE, SHARE , SHARE, we can ALL have the greatest collection possible, to our ears at least.....what else matters?

Our first band's name translates to Social Decay....they were composed of bassist/vocalist Lazaros, drummer Vangelis, and guitarist Bob.....this is a demo tape recorded 10/18/92.....

01 Introduction-Humanity Zero Hour/02 Not Care/03 Flight/04 Citizen Without Future/05 Nuclear Halocaust/06 A Cry In the Dark/07 Signs

So what's next?  The band Socially Wasted, formed in Athens 1988....on 9/17/88 they performed live at Polytechnio (Athens), on 9/1/89, 2/23/89, and 11/2/89 they performed live in Athens, and in 1989 (date unknown) they performed at Villa Amalias in Athens.....all of these seem to be opening for various "untypeable"-named bands, they disbanded in 1990......the band members were Antonis Korotis, Giannis Kolovos, Giannis Tzamilis, and Ntina Kalaka.

01 Greece Today/02 Multinational Companies/03 Dead Youth/04 Down From the Chief/05 Songs In Red background/06 E.K.A.M./07 Trilogy/08 Nuclear Life



http://cdn.discogs.com/zKXdCKSbzv0cyZsWjIDW6jBW2go=/fit-in/600x602/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1010590-1184667084.jpeg.jpgNext up, we have Naftia, with thier 88-89 demo tape "Sweet Secret of Life".....they were formed in 1988 in Thessaloniki Greece.....in 1988 they toured Europe with Chaos UK. On 9/30/88 they performed live with Chaos UK at Thessaloniki. They performed in Norway in both 1989-90.

(Just cause it's one of those things the kids do, I'll break the track list down the way they did)

SIDE 88-01 Intro/02 Not With Satan/03 Golden Youth/04 Reaper/05 New Dark Age/06 The pain Is Not Beautiful

SIDE 89-07 Love + Flowers/08 Tomorrow Again/09 Kologlyftis/10 Lethargy/11 Imprisoned In Silence/Scourge



http://cdn.discogs.com/_CYa7wdDEmJljBH4IkBDF5ELgTg=/fit-in/375x442/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1751371-1311018419.jpeg.jpgIs this not great, unique, wonderful stuff...I most certainly think it is.......our next link will lead us to Dead Silence, formed in 1990 in Athens. On 10/27/91, they performed at Rock Palais ( Castella, Pireaus), on 12/14/91 the performed at First High School of Kafisia (Athens) (along with Malicious Dead, Deadly Core, and Acid Death....on 3/27/92 they performed live at Rock Palais once again, with another "untypeable" band.....the tracks here are from an Ep entitled "The Sound of Silence" which was released in September 1993

01 Journey Into the Abyss/02 The King of Nature/03 Emotions


http://cdn.discogs.com/3iKnOH2-ICafTMxsKa7XWKRIBAk=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()/discogs-images/A-1061774-1378554213-5569.jpeg.jpg---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So next up, we have a band with an apparetnly untranslateable moniker......so it goes, check the cover art and look at the Greek name of the band, I guess......this is a demo tape recorded 6/20/91, nad that is about all of the information we can provide ya!

01 Send Suicide/02 Revenge/03 The Testament/04 The Only Hope/05 Despair/06 Outburst



And finally.....we have Forgotten Prophecy, formed in 1989 Athens. They were comprised of  Angelos on bass, George on drums, Alex on vocals, and Dino on guitar/vocals.....Costas Stratigopolous was the engineer and producer of this effort.

01 Anathema/02 Never Ending Road/03 Tale Or Reality?/04 The Big House/05 The Winter Song



http://cdn.discogs.com/AbGw0PwCarFQFc1Ev_V-fxGfgRs=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()/discogs-images/A-1448687-1334280973.jpeg.jpgTo be honest, I am not sure if all of these links line up correctly.....I hope they do, but REALLY it doesn't matter that much, this is some great shit that the ears in the USA would not get to hear without the tireless work of Apantabapanta......he also gives us a UTube link which sheds some insight onto some of these bands, if you're intersted try



Thanks so much to you, Apantabapanta, for what must be a very http://cdn.discogs.com/9fr02C4tfwXRLFRPbBtJrPJ3FWg=/fit-in/600x477/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1763762-1261161764.jpeg.jpgdifficult job in translating all these from Greek to something that we Zoned-out Yanks can appreciate. I LOVE your work, you have been an INCREDIBLE asset to this blog. I have about 2 more rounds of Greek punk to be translated, then I will be all out.......I would like to ask you here, publicly, to contribute some Greek stuff whenever you can, because we all LOVE your contributions, and I would HATE to lose you......I'll send part 9 to you soon, but PLEASE feel free to submit anything you want, anytime, and I will put it up for the world.......your work here on the first 8 parts has been exemplary, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, once again.......you have been am incredibly valuable contributor to making this blog what I want it to be, and I could not be more grateful.....should you EVER need anything from my collection, you know it is just an email away. Thank you my brother. Talk to ya soon.


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