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Boris, Part 3

OK, I hope I can make this coherent enough....BigCarla66 and myself are heading off later today for a casino weekend, lots of blackjack and lots of FUCKING, etc, but I thought I wouldbe a wonderful guy and put up some MORE Boris stuff before the weekend......in case you can't tell, I am drunk as hell right now, I assume my homie Brian has probably already sent me some of the links that I have neglected here, forgive me.....anyway, I have some Boris scraps here, that I mostly copped from a Pirate bay Torrent, if ANYONE has some more of thier shit, post it HERE in the comments section of this post, I am still soing things the way I ALWAYS have, attempting to complete everyone's music collection, but GOOD LORD, right now I can barely even TYPE, so I hope this post comes out fairly reasonably.....

First of all what we have is something taken from the aforementioned Pirate Bay, "1970"....I have no clue if it is a single or what, but it is BAD ASS....01 1970/02 Wareuraido....bad ass shit, man, I promise ya....

Next up, we have, I guess a great tune from the album "Absolutego", the title track, which is presented here in a "Special Low Frequency Edition"), and it really is wonderful.....


So what else ya got? Well, if ya wanna compress all this stuff into a little bit more manageable format, here we have three discs of Boris "Archives, Volume 1-3".......kinda hard for me to figure that by NOW if you are "up" on the Boris "thing" you'd want an "archive", but here is is nonetheless.....some especially wonderful extended versions of some of the great Boris material....

VOLUME 1-01 Huge/02 Hush/03 Soul Search You Sleep/04 Vacuum/05 Mosquito/06 Mass Mercury/07 Scar Box/08 Hama

VOLUME 2-01 01 Huge/02 Mosquito/03 Vomit Yourself


VOLUME 3-01 Absolutego/02 Flood

Next up, it's a weird one,("Implication Flooding") I don't even feel like looking up where it comes from/was created, it IS bad-ass, wonderful creation....if BY NOW you are a Boris fan, dig up on THIS SHIT....CRAZY ASS SHIT and the greatest song titles in the history of music (Possible exception: The Liars, FUCK YOU if you don't know them, check my archive!).

01 A Rise, A Moment Before Something Unexpected Is On the Verge of Starting/02 Not Knowing If It Will Be Agony or Comfort For Us/03 Wonder What Colour Would Be Suitable For the Dwelling/04 The Decision of A Dream Which Will Never Be Completely Red/05 It Should Be Watched, Not to fail to Notice These Flashes of an Accusation From Inside/06 Offer It All Up, Our Madness, That Which Will Be Crushed On This Land That Has Come To Be Called Chaos Unzipped/07 From The Distance With Thier Own Gentle Eyes Always Fixed On Us They Are Affectionatley Gazing At the Black-Implication F/08 Don't Be Cheated By the Oozing Silt From Both of the Accuser and the Accused Which Is Always There, Saying "Something Have/09 The Person Who, What Is She Like, The One Who Has Been Determined And Prepared


Got a split or two here as well, might as well allow you to check these out.....



BORIS/BAREBONES SPLIT-01 BAREBONES-Just Broken/02 BAREBONES-Puppets/03 BAREBONES-Shoot Up and Die/04 BAREBONES-Freak Out/05 BAREBONES-Still Unknown (Live)/06 BORIS-Soul Search You Sleep/07 BORIS-In Hush/08 BORIS-Scar Box (Live)/09 Mosquito (Live)





HEAVY METAL ME-01 A Bao A Que/02 The Evil One Which Sobs/03 Feedbacker (Live)/04 Flood (live)/05 Credits

BORIS/TOUCHING AIR LANDSCAPES SPLIT-01 Fukurou/02 Kanau Part 1/03 Kanau Part  2


VARIATIONS-01 Introduction (Edit)/02 Korosu/03 Pink/04 Woman On the Screen/05 Yesterday Morning/06 Rainbow/07 A Bao A Qu/08 Statement/09 My Nieghbor Satan/10 Floor Shaker/11 Naki Kyoku/12 1970/13 Farewell (Full Length)


YO, that is a whole buncha shit.....I prolly have more, in fact I am CERTAIN that Mr. Brian Parker has sent me some other stuff, like some collaborative efforts, which at this moment I cannot find.....likely there will be a "Boris Part 4" post, sometime in the future, I know Brian is dillignetly working on a Swans extravaganza, and as I told ya, I plan on spening this weekend FUCKING and playing blackjack........so for right now, here is a BUNCH of Boris stuff.......if any of you have ANY other stuff, live stuff, any other splits or whatever, send em my way, coz I really DO plan on doing  a "Part 4", at some point, just right now I be kinda burned on Boris......we will see what happens, but I DO know that Boris (one of our greatest unknown rock bands) has a whole BUNCH of OTHER shit out there, but for right now, it's the weekend off, and maybe next week prepping some easier, one or two album posts, until my Dawg brian gets the Swans mega-thing ready.........hey, see ya Monday or so, taking the weekend off.......

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