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Greek Punk Part 6

Major props to my Greek homeboy Apantabapanta, without question one of the greatest of all of the
friends of the blog, as her tirelessly translates these Greek punk rock posts to English for us so we less-continental types can at least PRETEND we understand. This is the sixth post my man has created for this site, I LOVE it, honest to God, I love rock n roll but I also love VARIETY in my rock n roll, something new, something different.....hell, you know all that or you wouldn't be here.....sometimes the format he sends stuff to me in makes it hard to copy/paste, so, some of it I have to re-type, which I am happy to do.....so here ya go, volume 6 of the all time world's greatest Greek Punk Rock series...

First link for tonight is http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/86360625/file.html
This is for perhaps the most legendary of the Greek punk bands, Panx Romana....they were formed in Athens in 1982. They have popped up in the Greek punk posts before, and this time with the album "Children In Arms".......the track list, according to my main man, is as follows:
01 Conscientious Objectors/02 Anonymous Heroes, Famous Monuments/03 Hellenes (Greeks)/04 Clown/05 Complex/06 Mechanical Baby/07 Nylon/08 Children in Arms/09 Filmmakers of Violence/10 In Twilight of a New System/11 Winter Forever/12 Detainees of Walls/13 Living In Fear
This is perhaps my favorite album of the Greek Punk series thus far, highly recommended....good album........
Next up we have, hooked to the link http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/57352492/file.html 
which will hook you up with a band called "Adiexodos", which translates in English to Dead End.....according to Apantabapanta, the listed song order is wrong, so I am giving it to you as the Greek God of Punk sets us straight......apparently these are from a demo tape, ca. 1991 Athens.....the members being Costas, singer, George, guitar, Michael, Bass, and Spiros, drums........As best as I can figure, here is the track list:
01 Policeman/02 New Life/03 Anti-Establishment/04 Dead End/05 Lonilness/06 Juvenile Prisons...apparently, there are more tracks here from an officailly released CD, let me TRY to guide you through it.....01 Hate/02 Family/04 Alternative Solution/08 Duplicity System/09 Political Party Sheepfold/10 Check Elements/11 Byzantine/12 38 Millimeteres....yes, I understand some of the tracks from the CD are missing, this is how I recieved it.......quite enjoyable anyway.

Next up we have http://www18zippyshare.com/v/38242932/file.html
This link will take you to an album by a band called "Akros Antithetoi", of, Highly Opposed.....formed Athens 1989.
This link will hook you up with 2 different albums, first, a live demo whose track list reads:
01 Mirror/02 The NexT Day/03 Beyond Limits/04 All For the Future/05 Defeat/06 Stories For Little Children/07 Right To Life/08 Culture
....and a batch of studio tracks, 01 Disasters/02 E.K.A.M./03 Intro/04 Triumph of Death/05 Dead Emotion/06 Trained Psycopaths/07 Without Name/08 Descendents of Alexander the Great

Also a good one to give a listen to if you are up for something a little different.
Our next link, http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/51082446/file.html ,  leads us to a band formed in Kardista, ca. 1992 "Ania".....this 1999 release, a DIY effort, was entitled "The Knowledge of Destruction"......01 Morbid Survival/02 Screams of War/03 Last Rage//04  Refusal To Go To the Army (BigScott: WHAT a fucking GREAT title!)/05 The Knowledge of Destuction/06 Not Dune Murders/07 Idiot World/08 This Evening

Next up is "Apolitiistoi", to us yanks, "Uncivilized", from athens, 1989......Apantabapanta quoted
some notes or something here, I thought they were significant enough to repeat verbatim....
"The" Apolitiistoi" is a musical-social complex through automatically want to express thier views on the war between society and the state conducted daily....The "Apolitistoi" have not signed with any record company, big or small, no play in shops, small or not playing at concerts, not just to play but always a social issue....and generally have to DO IT YOURSELF is against those who ravaged our past and want to ruin our and future rulers everywhere.....".......I love stuff like this......
01 Genocide/02 The School/03 Fascist Pig/04 Grave Digger or Sexton/05 Nazi Die/06 Doomed Earth/07 Cowards/08 Dying Life/09 United Nations

And, one more.......click on http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/26437408/file.html and you will land upon "Arnakia", translated as "Lambs", or Little Lambs"......They formed in Athens in the mid 1980's, and in 1993 released a CD entitled "In the Mouth of the Wolf".....01 Sky Diver/02 The End Is Coming/03 The Fall/04 Nobody Can/05 Your Bad Self/06 Betrayal/07 I'm Losing My Patience/08 You Live To Die
There is an additional track "Everybody Are Ghosts", which was not on the CD, we do have a video link for it, http://www.readnews.gr/newsvideoKMfKinaU1K0 arnakia-oloi-einai-fantasma.html
Thanks again to ApantaBapanta, one of the greatest of my my many great blog friends, for helping me with this.....to me these posts are simply GOLD and I couldn't do it wothout him.......I LOVE to fill this blog with a wide VARIETY of stuff that maybe you can't find elsewhere, and the Greek Punk series is something, that I hope, makes the blog at least somewhat unique.
Thanks, ApantaBapanta, love you man, and TRULY love EVERYONE ELSE who contributes stuff to the blog and understands what I am trying to accomplish here.......I don't know if I'll get another post up before Christmas or not, if not, PLLLLLELAAAASEE all of you have a wonderful Christmas holiday, and LOVE YOUR FAMILY, they are the most valuable resource in your life, honest to God.....the nly family I have is my wife and son (except for my wife's wonderful family who have accepted me as one of their own), but each and every person that you love is more valuable than $1000000. Not bullshitting,juststating my feelings........

See ya soon, I promise, got a lotsa more WAY KEWL posts in the works, such sa the long promised
Yo La Tengo, Siousxsie and the Banshees, perhaps a huge Stranglers post, some Judas Priest rarities, hell you know me, it's whatever mood I'm in on that particular day......I love the rock n roll, though, and if you do as well, you are in the right place.......please feel free to contribute and request anything that will make the blog BETTER (wouldn't take much, really!)
Love to all of you, really.......

This shit be SO obscure/bizarre, that I can only find limited pictures to decorate.......so, fuck it, why not some more Santa babes that have been begging to sit on my face of late............

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