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Apanta Bapanta returns with Greek Punk #5

Been a little while, here is part 5 of my Greek Punk series.....couldn't do it in any way, shape or form
without the help of one of the number 1 blog helpers, Apantabapanta....the short story is a few years ago I downloaded a HUGE torrent, "Greek Punk", from Pirate Bay or somewhere....once downloaded I could find no English translations anywhere for ANYTHING, not band names, album names, song names.....come to find out that Apanta Bapanta reads and can translate Greek for me, so every so often I send him five of the links from the (still) lengthy list......he researches, listens to and writes up a little something on them. I see that one of them this time, link #4, he could find NO information on, sorry, we can't help that, so, we'll just call it a "mystery link"......I'll send him another batch sometime soon, and by all means, if any of you have any cool non-English rock albums that you can translate for me, PLEASE do so, I LOVE THEM! Anyway, thanks to Apanta Bapanta, for this post and the otheres he has helped me with, and as always, (see Dave Sez fabulous post yesterday) if you wish to send us ANYTHING of interest, please do (wonder whatever became of Jonman and those fab homemade comps he used to make?), I love to have OTHER FOLKS, the readers/listeners, participate in this, mostly coz it's LESS WORK FOR THE BIGMAN. Do to the format he sends them in, I'll have to retype them, but in general I will just use his wordings....
The first link (zippyshare links) is


The band's name translates out to Erosion, they formed in Athens in 1992. Initially they were named "Chaotic Mutiny", renaming to Erosion in 1992...the songs here are from a demo tape entitled "Melancholic Dead Dreams".....apparently this is a duo, Panagiotis is the voclaist, guitarist, and drummer (hopefully not all at once), with Spyros Panos on bass.
01 Contrast/02 This System/03 Murderers in Uniforms/04 Commercial Catastrophe/05 Development/06 Rabies/07 Pinch/08 Experiments/09 Nothing Worth/10 Crazy and Happy/11 Qualms/12 Hypocisy

Second up is zippy link
This is a various artists comp, thte album title being (in English) "Disturbing the Peace"....he didn't have the complete info on the band names, so we'll setttle for the track titles and hope for the best, after all a good punk comp is a good punk comp, right?
01 Suicide In Slow Motion/02 Blinding Flash/03 Athens/04 Greeks/05 Stress/06 Right to Life/07 Isolation/08 Nightmare/09 Death Throes/10 Bastards Rule/11 In this City/12 Monotony

The third link, according to my trusty translator, contains but three songs (singles?)
First track is "Wake Up, I Die" by Tar and Feathers
Second Track is "Alert" by Panx Romana
Third Track is "Tomb Dreams" by Wear.
I don't know if the follwoing were in the Torrent or whether Apanta went the extra mile for these, all three of these songs have corresponding YouTube links:
Tar And Feathers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmLDpoAYu4
Panx Romana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EKqUiOfEU
Wear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcgcKm30oz8

The fourth link is the mystery link alluded to above, he could find no information on anything here......hell take a chacne, what do you have bettter to do?

And our fifth and final link for this unique and great post
The translation of this bands name is Nuisance. The were formed in Thessaloniki, and consist of Teo on vocals, Nasxalhs on guitar, and Kostas pounding the drums.
Apparently these tracks are from a CD/casseette release, ca. 2000, I enjoyed this one the most of today's stuff:
01 Our Song/02 1-2-3 Go/03 Hate Triumphs/04 All For All/05 Together Stronger/06 We're Not Well/07 Tribute/08 Street Children/09 Nuisance 2000
and we also get a youtube video for this one, for "We're Not Well" ( really a pretty cool song)


Hope you guys enjoy this sort of thing now and then, I know I LOVE stuff like this but don't really
want to push my tastes on everyone.....ususally these get pretty fair hit numbers though, so thanks again to true friend of the blog, Apanta Bapanta, and we'll get some more material sent to him soon, to translate at his liesure!

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