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Electric Wizard Part 2

Hope you got an earfull of quality stoner-doom yesterday from Electric Wizard, I know I enjoyed
dragging them out.....I know a few years ago I downloaded a huge Electric Wizard torrent that included all of the albums I put up yesterday (except the new one), which also had a bunch of live stuff, EP's, stuff like that which we will get to today.....forget who created it but a dandy torrent. this is some more fine, crushing doomy Sabbath/Sleep style drone-metal, help yourselves, I really have always enjoyed this band's crunshy style......

In chronological order, aside from the official albums from yesterday......the first thing I can come up with is a track entitled "Chrono Naut", which comes from a split single with Orange Goblin (did a full profile post on them once, worth looking into if the links are still active, Goblin is a little more "Stoney" and a bit less "Doomy" than are Wizard. anyway, the torrent from whence this track came did NOT include the whole disc, only the Wizard Single track.....I think the best thing to do might be scatter some of these singels and the like on a BigScott62 "Rarity" special, we will see....

In 1998 they released a perfectly great EP, "Supercoven", three tracks, all bombastic as hell, capped by a live ten minute version of their "theme song", "Electric Wizard", and also 30 minutes taken up by the aptly titled "Burnout" and also the title track. a good disc.

Our first live disc is "Philadelphia 2001", decent sound and long, droning versions of some of their best stuff..."Dopethrone", "Supercoven"......they sound like what I would imagine them to sound live, loud, slow, sludgy....
Another 2001 set, likely from the same tour comes from Iowa City, another long set with a very similar set list to the Philadelphia show, and also contains a track listed as "Unknown", I am, for some reason, already intrigued by that.....

From 2005 comes a live EP recorded for the BBC at Maida Vale, three songs, "Another Perfect Day",
"Dopethrone", and "We Live!".....sounds great, really.

Again, likely from the same tour/period of time comes a set from 2005, from Roadburn....five crushers on this one, including the then-current "Eko Eko Azarak" and "We Live!"...they had a really good sound live, not TOO sludgy, just sludgy enough, if ya get what I mean.

Next up comes an album of early rarities, "Pre-Electric Wizard", released in 2006....it features stuff from 1989-94, includes a cover of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral", the "Choro-Naut" track from the earlier split, and lots of earlier Sabbath impersonations.

They released a split in 2008 with a band called Reverend Bizarre, of whom I am honestly unfamiliar, we DO get a track from each here, Wizard contributes "The House on the Borderland", as far as I know the only version, and Reverend Bizarre treats us to "The Gates of Nanna"......rare I assume, as I havae seen one nowhere else.

I have another single track, "Processian", which I am trying to track down, I assume something of a compilation track or something, I am trying to find out.Prior to thier lateest official release, we find a 7" entitled " Legalise Drugs and Murder" b/w  "Murder And Madness"....HA, found it, "Processian" is a special release one sided single....one would never be able to identify the band, it's an instrumental and somewhat keyboard driven. And, finally, when it comes to comp tracks, we get "Magical Chylde" from the "Fuck the RIAA" issue
OK, how to do this....I will let the live discs stand on their own, the "Pre-Wizard" album stand on it's
own, and bundle up the rest of the tracks, neat and clean on what we will call "BigScott62's Electric Wizard Rarities Disc".....best I can offer ya, I guess....

Good band.....listening to a bit today, sounds really good, enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, we have a real treat in that Dave Sez has checked in with a couple of more treats for us, which is always a fun thing......until then.....be well....

BIGSCOTT62sELECTRIC WIZARD RARITIES-01 Chrono Naut (from split w/Orange Goblin)/02 Supercoven/03 Burnout/04 Electric Wizard (Live) (tracks 2-3-4 from "Supercoven EP)/05 The House on the Borderland/06 The Gate of Nanna (Track 6 from Reverend Bizarre, tracks 5 and 6 are from split with same)/07 The Processean/08 Legalise Drugs and Murder/09 Murder and Madness/10 Magical Chylde

PHILADELPHIA 2001-01 Wizard In Black/02 Dopethrone/03 We hate You/04 Weird Tales/05 Supercoven/06 Return Trip

IOWA CITY 2001-01 Son Of Nothing/02 We hate
You/03 Dopethrone/04 Weird Tales/05 Unknown/06 Return Trip

LIVE BBC MAIDA VALE 2005-01 Another Perfect Day/02 Dopethrone/03 We Live

LIVE AT ROADBURN 2005-01 01 Eko Eko Azarak/02 We Live/03 Dopethrone/04 Return Trip/05 Supercoven

PRE ELECTRIC WIZARD-01 Magickal Childe/02 Electric Funeral/03 Lucifer's Children/04 Chrono-Naut/05 Swathed In Black/06 On Blackened Wings/07 Outro/08 Descent/09 Wings Over a Black Funeral/10 At the Cemetery Gates/11 Dark Prayers

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