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Deville made a couple of fair stoner-metal albums a few years back, I was reading that they have a
more recent issue entitled "Hydra", but as of yet cannot find anyone in posession of a copy, not even Pirate Bay, if anyone out there has one and would like the rest of us to share it, well, you know the drill.....

First of all, from what I can tell....they don't wish the member's names to be made public, maybe I am just missing but this smells of a gimmick of "mystery" NONE of their web sites (Facebook, MySpace) list thier GODDAMN NAMES, so if they think that gives them some kinda goth-street cred or something, who am I to argue?

So here is what I know.....from Sweden, home of so many dark stoner/doom bands in the last decade or so, and their first full length "Come Heavy Sleep" is quite a good one of the genre, heavy, heavy songs, dark lyrics, roaring guitar riffs, and pounding drums/bass mixed WAY up front (so we know it's REAL stoner rock, ya know?).......LOTTA good tracks on this album, the title number, "Stillborn", "Desenter", "Into the Smoke"......flows together quite well, I suppose there may be some "concept" here but you'll need some one more scholarly (and interested) than me to figure it out.....good album, four stars, and  if you have a shelf of loud grungy stoner rock, this will fit alongside it proudly. 

The next album, "Hail the Black Sky", is more of the same, basically, but is a step down from the "Come Heavy Sleep" epic.....still rocks, but something just "isn't there" that is there on the first one.....title track, "Through thet Blade", "Early Grave" are good numbers, to me thte album just doesn't cohere as well as did the previous......2.5 stars, perhaps?

So anyway, I THINK this is all of thier material other than  2013's "Hydra", which I said before I have not (but would like to) heard, anyone wanting to share it, I'm right here, and also anyone who knows these yokels NAMES tell them to me so I can print them for the world to see......geeeeeez ya'd think it was Kiss without their makeup or something!

COME HEAVY SLEEP-01 Intro/02 Sunset Capricorn/03 Come Heavy Sleep/04 Black Dawn/05
Desenter/06 Stillborn/07 Earthburn/08 Open Gates/09 Into the Smoke/10 Sweet Blood/11 Far Beyone/12 Rise above/13 Outro

HAIL THE BLACK SKY-01 Levitation/02 On the Throne/03 Hail the Black Sky/04 Undead/05 My Enemy/06 The Only Thing/07 Reason/08 Through the Blade/09 Early Grave/10 AKA/11 Down To Me.

What do you do when one, perhaps THE ONE person, whom you have hated in your life more than anyone else, finally dies? I am not going to go into details, but for years this person made my life miserable, for NO REASON other than "he could".....he was a reprehensible piece of walking filth, and in death he is no better than he was in life. So, how do we react, then? Joy? No.....I can never rejoice over someone's death, the big picture is that it will cause trauma and sadness upon the survivng family members, who for whatever reason, felt differently about it than myself. Should I act in a forgiving manner? I kinda think that might be the way to go.......after all, after everything he has done to make my life miserable, it's guareneed he won't be doing anymore. I hated this man SO much, I lost hours of sleep, scheming ways to cause him pain, death, I never figured was good enough, I meant REAL pain.......I don't have to do that anymore, and we all wind up in the same place anyway........so, Mr. SK.........I forgive you for the things you have deliberately done to me. I am far from perfect myself, and I assume that at the end of the day, many will have to decide whether or not to forgive my misdeeds as well......maybe they will, and maybe they won't, but I feel this is a test for ME personally......I think I choose the high road and forgive. Life indeed IS short.

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