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Yardbirds Part 2

So yesterday a quick run through of most of the Yardbirds'"proper" issues, some of the greatest blues
-rock every recorded and among the most highly influential as
well.....today I'll throw out at ya whatever else I have, certainly not going to be TOTALLY comprehensive as they have been repackaged over and over, but I do have some good
live stuff and lst's see what else......

I Think I'm going to lead it off with a good set utilizing the Clapton-led yardbirds, as theybacked Sonny Boy Williamson at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, 1963......years ahead of it's time, I think you will enjoy this one, there are some Yardbirds "moments" (without WIlliamson), and the others the show is pretty much stolen by Williamsaon. Fine recording, for esoteric tastes.
Next up we have the good "Yardbirds Live: Blueswailing 1964".....a smoking set, certainly, however the tape was discovered on recently (2003) and theories vary on the venue and exact date.....nonetheles, it is some good live Yardbirds, with good versions of "Too Much Moneky Buisness" and especially "The Sky Is Crying".

Next up, a simply wonderful set, the complete 1965 BBC Sessions....as you know these BBC sets are often treasure troves of fine performancesc, this one is no exception.....great takes on "Heart Full of Soul", Over Under Sideways Down", "For Your Love", "Train Kept a Rollin'" snippets of talks with Keith Relf....(if keeping track these are the Beck/page Yardbirds). This one I call essential.

I think you compilation fans might like to se this career compressed down to a single worthwhile disc, and "Psycho Blues 1963-66" fill the bill, most anythng you can hope for including my fave "Stroll On", which misses some of the compilations, and while there is some overlap, I think I will throw "The Compleat Collection" up there as well, so you can be very selective in your shopping. It combines the Sonny Boy stuff with some vintage early recordings.

The Yardbirds were tremendous......a fine influence on what we enjoy today. I think that the drummer still tours under the name, not a big fan of stuff like that, but I'm sure he has a mortgage to pay as well, and since I've never heard most (any?) of the post-Page stuff, Maybe it is brilliant? (not betting that way)......anyway let me know what you think about this Yardbirds post, and we'll see what we can come up for ya tomorrow.

1963-01 Bye Bye Bird/02 Mister Downchild/03 Twenty Three Hours Too Long/04 Out of the Water/05 Baby Don't Worry/06 Pontiac Blues/07 Take It Easy Baby (version 1)/08 I Don't Care No More/09 Do the Weston/10 The River Rhine/11 A Lost Care/12 Western Arizona/13 Take It Easy Baby (version 2)/14 Slow Walk/15 Highway 69

THE YARDBIRDS-LIVE-BLUSEWAILIN' 1964-01 Someone To Love/02 Too Much Monkey Buisness/03 I Got Love If You Want It/04 Smokestack Lightning/05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/06 She Is So Respectable/07 The Sky Is Crying

COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS 1965-01 I Ain't Got You/02 Keith Relf Talks/03 For Your Love/04 I'm Not Talkin'/05 I Wish You Would/06 Keith Relf Speaks (2)/07 Heart Full Of SOul/08 I Ain't Done Wrong/09 Too Much Monkey Buisness/10 Love Me Like I Love You/11 I'm a Man/12 Evil Hearted You/13 Interview about Stil I'm Sad Single/14 Still I'm Sad/15 Hang On Sloopy/16 Smokestack Lightning/17 The yardbirds Interview/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 The Train Kept-a Rollin'/20 Shapes Of THings/21 Dust My Broom/22 Baby Scratch My Back/23 Keith Relf Talks (3)/24 Over Under Sideways Down/25 The Sun Is Shining/26 Shapes Of THings II/27 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine/28 Little Games/29 Drinking Muddy Water/30 Think About It/31 Jimmy Page Interview/32 Good Night Sweet Jospehine/33 My Baby

PSYCHO BLUES 1963-65-01 Honey In Your Hips/02 A Certain Girl/03 I Wish You Would (Long
Version)/04 Sweet Music/06 Slow Work/Highway 69/07 My Little Cabin/08 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/09 I Ain't Got You/10 For Your Love/11 I'm Not Talking/12 I Ain't Done Wrong/13 My Girl Sloopy/14 Heart Full Of Soul/15 Evil Hearted You/16 Still I'm Sad/17 Shapes of THings/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 Train Kept a Rollin/20 I'm a Man/21 Paff...Boom/22 Here Tis/23 Jeffs Blues/24 Stroll On/25 Questa Volta

A COMPLEAT COLLECTION-01 Boom Boom/02 Honey In Your Hips/03 Who Do You Love/04 Let It Rock/05 Talkin Bout You/06 I Wish You Would/07 Smokestack Lightnin'/08 You Can't Judge a Book By Lookig at It's Cover/09 Take It Easy Baby/10 Bye Bye Bird/11 Mr Downchild/12 The River Rhine/13 22 Hours Too Long/14 A Lost Care/15 Pontiac BLues/16 Take It Easy Baby/17 Out on the Waterfront/18 I Don't Care No More/19 Western Arizona

AND STOP THE PRESSES, I just tripped over a wonderful vinyl rip of the original "Shapes of THings" LP. this sounds the way a vinyl rip SHOULD, and it is a fine album as well:

SHAPES OF THINGS-01 Shapes of Things/02 What Do You Want?/03 New York City BLues/04 Someone To Love/05 For R.S.G./06 You're a Better Man Than I/07 Someone to Love (Inst.)/08 I Ain't Got You/09 I Ain't Done Wrong........enjoy, I ALMOST forgot I had this gem!

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