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Dinosaur Jr

This was an excellent American guitar-jam band in the early 1990's, certainly you are somewhat
familiar with thier frantic guitar freak outs, some great stuff here for a while, until they turned the corner toward sucktown......

Originally called "Dinosaur" until having to change thier name for legal reasons, Dinosaur Jr came to us from Amhearst MA in the late 1980's, composed of guitarist/vocalist J Mascis, bassist/vocalist Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph.....Mascis eventually kicked out Barlow, who would form the awesome Sebaddoh (who I should profile, like, YESTERDAY!) and replace him with Mike Johnson.....

The first album, "Dinosaur" was released in 1985, it's a guitar-freak's wet dream......I love all of thier early work, not that this is the "best", but it sure is pretty damn good, loaded with weird-ass guitar-pop stuff like "Forget the Swan" and "Does It Float".......this is a fairly underappreciated and lesser-known album, they had not hit thier stride yet.......I recommend it just to see from where they came.

Because in 1987 they released "You're Living All Over Me", which is a fine album full of grungy-guitar freak-jams, like "Little Fury Things" and "In a jar", this is a fine and nearly-essential disc, still they had not reached their creative apex, but this is one you want to hear.

In 1988, they released "Bug", a wonderful album, unique and great, lots of loud and complex guitar soloing, if you are unfamiliar, you may just love this one....."Freak Scene" is the standout, but the entire album is worth your time, trust me.....

In 1990, they released "Fossils", thier first major-label release......this is a fine album, as it recaptures great stuff like "Freak Scene", "In a Jar", "Little Fury Things", as well as thier awesome cover of the Cure's "Just Like Heavan".

"Green Mind" is probably the release you want if you merely wish to sample thier material...it came
out in 1991, and later in an extended, "deluxe" version, "The Wagon" might be thier greatest number, and there are plenty more....."Thumb", "Puke + Cry" and more, and the bonus tracks only make it more enjoyable......one of the great albums of the early 1990's.

The decline phase began with "Whatever's Cool With You", not a BAD album, not by any means, some more great guitar-jams, enhanced by a few live cuts as well ("Thumb", "Keep the Glove").....certainly a worthwhile LP, if you've come this far with me, you likely will desire this one as well......

1993's "Where You Been" was perhaps their last respectable disc.....thier sound was established as "what it was", and the music scene was changing....."Start Choppin'" and "Out There" are cuts that would standout with their other top tunes, this was a great and underappreciated band who rocked it hard, and if you are not familiar with thier shit, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Last one I'm going to touch on is 1994's "Without a Sound"......it features a something-of-an-alt-radio-"hit", "Feel Your Pain", which is NOT a great song in my estimation, and some more tunes which echo the "classic" Dinosuar Jr sound such as "Yeah Right" and "Grab It"......they released a few subsequent discs after this, some with the original lineup, and if you want em, look elsewhere, cause I aint got em.......oddly, got no live stuff either, which I would LOVE to hear, calling all minions who have ANY vintage Dinosaur Jr boots.......

Thanks to all who read and share and listen and contribute here......I would love to have MORE contributions from outside sources, bar bands, total amatuers, ANYTHING that deserves to be heard....it's all JUST rock n roll and NOTHING more.......Come one you guys outside of the USA, give me some shit that needs to be shared with the whole WORLD and we can make it happen......noone will be judgemental, it's just about the FUCKING MUSIC........nothing more.

DINOSAUR-01 Forget thet Swan/02 Cats In a Bowl/03 The Leper/04 Does It Float/05 Pointless/06
Repulsion/07 Gargoyle/08 Severed Lips/09 Mountain Man/10 Quest/11 Bulbs of Passion

YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME-01 Little Fury THings/02 Kracked/03 Sludgefeast/04 The Lung/05 Raisans/06 Tarpit/07 In a jar/08 Lose/09 Poledo/10 Show Me the Way

BUG-01 Freak Scene/02 No Bones/03 They Always Come/04 Yeah We Know/05 Let It Ride/06 Pond Song/07 Budge/08 The Post/09 Don't

FOSSILS-01 Little Fury Things/02 In a Jar/03 Show Me the Way/04 Freak Scene/05 Keep the Glove/06 Just Like Heaven/07 Throw Down/08 Chunks

GREEN MIND-01 TThe Wagon/02 Puke + Cry/03 Blowing It/04 I Live For That Look/05 Flying Cloud/06 How'd You Pin That One On Me/07 Water/08 Muck/09 Thumb/10 Green Mind/11 Hot Burrito #2/12 Turnip Farm/13 Forget It

WHATEVER'S COOL WITH YOU-01 Whatever's Cool With You/02 Sideways/03 Not You Again/04 The Little Baby/05 Pebbles + Weeds/06 Quicksand/07 Thumb (Live)/08 Keep the Glove (Live)

WHERE YOU BEEN-01 Out There/02 Start Choppin/03 What Else Is New/04 On the Way/05 Not The Same/06 Get Me/07 Drawerings/08 Hide/09 Goin Home/10 I Ain't Sayin'

WITHOUT A SOUND-01 Feel The Pain/02 I Don't
Think So/03 Yeah Right/04 Outta hand/05 Grab It/06 Even You/07 Mind Glow/08 Get Out Of This/09 On the Brink/10 Seemed Like the Thing to Do/11 Over Your Shoulder

A unique and great band......if you like guitar jam freakouts, look no further......they didn't REALLY fit the early 1990's "alt-grunge" secene, not that I care a lot, this band rocked it hard core, and I thought they were pretty damn great.......I hope someone reminds me to do Sebaddoh sometime soon, they were a total kickass band of the early 1990's as well....for now, enjoy the Dinosaur Jr, and, of course, comments/other contributions are ALWAYS welcome/Begged for!

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