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Teenage Treats Part 2 (Volumes 6-10)

OK today we will wrap up the second half of the great series of obscure punk singles from the
era of roughly 1978-82, fine stuff that would be hard to find ANYWHERE else.....as I
said yesterday, I think I got these from "Music Ruined My Life" a while back, and if so I thank Jeffen for the availability, and if it was somewhere else, I thank whomever I
grabbed them from then,too.

The sixth disc here features, might as well cherry-pick a couple, The Dodos, Sahdowfax ("The Russians Are Coming!", Steroid Kids, Whips, and Regal Zone, plus more, no idea if
anyone of these bands ever got beyond the singles/comps phase of a "career", but if they did and you happen to have an EP or CD from one of them, that would be one of the most
valuable treasures one could share here!

Disc #7 brings us semi-classics from Buzz, News, Shish, Da Biz, and Trainspotters......fines stuff from (in case I haven't mentioned,) Xerox Records.

Volume 8 and 9 are more of the same, except that they are short enough that they will both fit on a single CD, as we who are desperate to save space are always on the lookout
for......Volume 8 gives us the psuedo-brilliance of Razar (I think they've turned up on a couple other comps), White SS, Oscillators, Demons, and Mad Dogs.....Volume 9 g us the
Disco Students, Collectors, Robert & the Remoulds, and the Spasms. Love, love, LOVE to hear other material from ANY of these guys!

Wrapping it up is volume 10, with lots more "Who?" bands.......Disco Zombies, Tunnelrunners, Funboy Five, Merciful Release All-Stars, and Bozos......I've got not a lot of
commentary on them of course, but this set works, as stated before punk singles/power pop singels work exceptionally well in the compilation format, as is so well repicates a
free-form radio listening session of the era (or place) in question......this one works and I would LOVE to hear more from anyone featuerd on the ten discs.

VOLUME 6 01 FLYIN COLOURS-Abstract Art (1981 From 7")/02 SHADOWFAX-The Russians
Are Coming (1980 From 7")/03 DODOS-Blind to the Fiction (1981 From Sex Violence and the Eternal Truth Compilation EP)/04 REGAL ZONE-Factory Girl (1981 From 7")/05 MASTERSWITCH-Action Replay (1978 From 7")/06 PLAGUE-Out With Me All Night (1980 From 7")/07 SLEEPERS-Angel in a Raincoat (1980 from 7")/08 THREE PARTY SPLIT-Dubious Parentage (1979 from 7")/09 STEROID KIDDIES-Accidents (1979 From 7")/10 WHIPS-Nationwide (1981 From 7")/11 ALSTIANS-Teen Romance (1980 from 7")/12 TONY JACKSUN-Come Again (1978 From 7")

VOLUME 7-01 DALEKS-Rejected (1980 From 7")/02 NUMBERs-Rock Star (1979 From 7")/03 FRABBBLARNIR-False Death (1979 From 7")//04 ART NOUVEAU-Bodies (1979 From 7")/05 NEWS-Fifty Percent Reduction (1980 From 7")/06 SHISH-Snake's Song (1980 From 7")/07 DAVE BISHOP-Respectable Man (1979 From 7")/08 BUZz-Insanity (1979 From 7")/09 TRAINSPOTTERS-Hiring the Hall (1979 from 7")/10 Y TRWYNAU COCCCCCH-Merch Dan 15 (1978 From 7")/11 DA BIZ-On the Beach (1980 From 7")/12 AUTOGRAPHS-While I'm Still Young (1981 From 7")

VOLUME 8-01 RAZAR-Ascension Day (1878 From 7")/02 DALEX-Juvenile (1981 From 7")/03 XTRACT-Blame it on the Youth (1982 From 7")/04 CHARGE-Rather B. Crazy (1979 From 7")/05 WHITE SS-I'm the One (From 7", 1978)/06 THOSE INTRINSIC INTELLECTUALS-Radio Iceland (1980 From 7")/07 DEMONS-Action By Example (1980 from 7")/08 OSCILLATORS-Marilyn Brown (1980 from 7")/09 MAD DOG-Someone here Must Like Me/9 From is the War Over Compilation EP)/10 DERANGED-Factory Girl (From Rupert Preaching at a Picnic Compilation EP)/11 THE ARNOLD-Walking the Tightrope (1980 From When LP)/12 TWO FINGERED APPROACH-World War Album (1982 From 7")
VOLUME 9-01 SNEEKY FEELINS-Private Mail (1979 From 7")/02 DONKEES-Listen To Your Radio (1981 From 7")/03 GHOSTS-My Town (1980 From 7")/04 BRAKES-The Way I See It (1979 From 7")/05 DISCO STUDENTS-South Africa Home (1979 From 7")/06 STINGRAYS-Exceptions (1980 from 7")/07 COLLECTORS-Talking hands (1980 From 7")/08 ROBERT & THE REMOULDS-X No. 1 (1979 From 7")/09 DROP- he Doesn't Know He's Trendy (1980 From 7")/10 TOYS-Blanket to Blanket (1980 From 7")/11 REASONS-hard Day at the Office (1978 From 7")/12 SPASMS-It Never Happens Like It Does On the Telly (1980 From 7")

VOLUME 10-01 CHEEKY-Don't MEss Around (1980 From 7")/02 DISCO ZOMBIES-Top of the
Pops/03 FULHAM FURIES-These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (1978 From 7")/04 JEEP-Wild Rover (From 1980 7")/05 TUNNELRUNNERS-Coulours-(1982 From 100 MPH EP)/06 WHITE CAR-Cinema Girl (1981 From 7")/07 FUNBOY FIVE-Life After Death (1979 From 7")/08 THIN YOGHURTS-Girl on the Bus (1980 from 7")/09 MERCIFUL RELEASE ALL STARS-Esther's Not On the Phone (1980 From Ready In the Rhythm)/10 SECTION LP-Split with the Syndromes/11 TELEGENTS-Get Out (1981 From 7")/12 AD '80-The Sound Of London Town (1980 From 7")/13 BOZOS-Weekend Girl (1978 from 7")

OKAY......I LOOOOOVE this kinda stuff, as I hope you know by now, I hope you do as well.....this is choice ass shit from a time in MY LIFE when i was becomming a "man" so to speak, 1979-82 were VERY important years to me.......this is something of a soundtrack to that time, and I would LOVE to hear any other music from the bands featured here......I would probably cream my pants if someone could provide me some!

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