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12 Discs of VERY obscure Stoner Rock

Although there are a couple of semi-familiar names on these track lists (Whores of Tijuana, 57
Chevy, a couple more), most of these are of the mostly unknown variety, always fun  in the stoner rock field. I recall grabbing these 2 or 3 years ago off of the (I think) now defunct site, StonerRock.Com, the discs were cleverly titled StonerRock.Comp (see what they did there?).....anyway, I don't recall seeing these floating around elsewhere on the web since then, and if I am correct, let's aassume, then, that these are some true rarities of stoner rock. If any other volumes of the set were created, I have no knowledge of them, perhaps if someone else recalls that site and these creations they can set me straight should I be wrong.

So, what have we? Volume 1 consists of 2 discs, some of this stuff is about as obscure as could be......The Human Being Lawnmower (named for the MC5 Classic) Piss Drunks, Half of Zero, Wormwood Earth? But, for the stoner fan, it's all good hard grungy psych (about as good of a stoner def as I can come up with), standouts on the first disc for me include Pennsylvania Connection's "Angel Dust", Sons of Thunder's "Tennessee Smile", and a couple from whom I DO have some items on the shelf, Elepahntum "In Orbit" and Artimus Pyledriver "Swamp Devil".

Volume 2 is a single disc, Elephantum, Atomic #76, and Pennsylvania Connection return from VOlume 1, the somewhat known Black Mountain Creeper turn in a good one ("Shine"), and then the parade of unknown gems from Burnout, Devil to Pay, Graveslime, Mantis, and more.......this set works well, it's not an introductory set to the genre, but for those like Mark Eveliegh and myself whose brains have been mushed by all of that "mainline" stoner rock (that is a joke if it missed its target).

Volume 3 leads off with a fine track from Buffalo, "Peregrino", and other lesser-known highlights
such as Saccahrine Death's "High on Life", Supersonic Death Machine's "Phoenix Rising", and Half of Zero's "Theta".

The Whores of Tijuana turn up for the first time on Volume 4, they are perhaps the best known (!) act in the comp, if you don't know them, I profiled thema while back and I have know idea if the links are still there or not, a REALLY great band, represented here by "Trip Manhattan". 57 Chevy, I think, I have profiled here as well, they check in with "Dimension". And making it THREE acts I was previously familiar with is Palace In Thuderland, with the very cool "Into the Maelstrom"......lest ye think we be all selling out and shit here, we also have The Navajo Code Talkers, Assrockers, Cutthroat Humor, and Ditchliquor with a good "The Universal Veil".

Ditchliquor also makes a Volume 5 appearance, ("Morningstar"), as well as a boatload of "who?" acts, Lowton, Graves of the Endless Fall, Cudamantra, The PB ARmy and plenty more....at least ONE of the least accessible and most obscure discs of the set (coming from me, of course, a complimentary term).

Volume 6 goes back to the 2-disc format, stoner greats Electric Magma (profiled here previously) present the great "Snail the Wah", The Chair (also profiled here I think) with "Not For Long", as well as another track from 57 Chevy, "Black Tank" by Robot Dicks, "Sons of Odin" by the Humanoids, and of course that is just the first disc. The second disc treats us to "Grass" by Toner Low, the great Catapult the Smoke with "Devil's Spell", Iota, Descendents of the Red Sun, Elaphantine, The Fallopian Dudes.......by now you all see where this is going, I'm sure, but these discs are wonderful for you Kratom wasters who looooove some good "nod out" sounds.

The Whores of Tijuana are back for the single disc Volume 7, this time with "Black Salt", Dark
Magus brings us the very good "Theme  Saturn", and of course unknown acts with great names like Molten Lava Death Massage, Church of the Apocalypse, Devil Riding Shotgun, and Satanic Bat (one thing about stoner bands, they generally use a bit of imagination/inspiration when naming themselves)........also included here is a live track from Queen Elephantine, not sure if this is the only place that is available or not. Please do NOT hold your breath waiting for me to find out.

Volume 8 features the fab Black Pyramid ("No Life King"), Seahag's "Bottomfeeder", El Thule (another old semi-favorite) with "La Muela Del Diabalo", and i'd be remiss did I not mention The Porch Song with the cryptically entitled "Did You Know That Unicorns Shit Rainbows and Fart Children's Laughter?", or Confused Little Girl's "Jordan Catilano Needs to Break Up His Shitty Band", no doubt loaded with subliminal meanings.

The final Volume of the set (of which I am aware at least) is the two disc Volume 9.....the first disc is basically unknowns for the most part, Old One, American Freeway, Face On Mars, Ol' Scratch, and, among others, Misericorde. The Whores make thier final appearance of the set on Disc 2 of Volume 9 with another great one "Bell Ball Blues", Stone Axe who many of you may know brings us "Ain't Gonna Miss it", and of course we get stuff from The Dwellers, Trash Titan, Shellfin, and Hugenelk.
OK, if there are any more volumes to the set, let me know, I don't know about them if there are.......I love stoner rock, as you have maybe guessed before, it's just a great "sound" in my opinion, as are metal and punk.....stoner rock also gives us the "anything goes" crush of both classic and more modern psychedelia, there are great 90 second songs and great 20 minute ones, great English stuff or stuff that sounds great in any language......if you are not a fan of the genre, or just marginally interested, likely this is not for you, this is for people like me who are just plain old fans of the stoner rock genre.....should you happen upon this, I'm really interested in whether there is a band on here, maybe with a single track or two, that you would like to see investigated further here, and if that is possible, I will be more than happy to do so......but this is a most enjoyable set, hope you like it as much as I do and discover something new and cool.

VOLUME 1 DISC 1-01 BEHEMOTH-The Creeper/02 GALACTUS 77-Locust Noose/03 THE
HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER-Pavement/04 ATOMIC #76-Bourbon Eyes/05 MOUNTAIN MIRRORS-Field of Grass/06 OMEGALORD-21st Century Earth/07 RED DWARF-Whiskey Devil/08 PISS DRUNKS-What I Need/09 WORMWOOD EARTH-Rice Burner/10 PENNSYLVANIA CONNECTION-Angel Dust/11 CUDAMANTRA-A Cat Named Williams/12 PSILOCYBINIDE-Capsized/13 HALF OF ZERO-Gamma/14 RONJA-Calling All Wheels

VOLUME 1 DISC 2-01 SONS OF THUNDER-Tennessee Smile/02 MELVIN GIBSON-Kill the Skipper, Kill Yourself/03 TORMENTULA-Messengers/04 CHIMNEY LIONS-Ghos'Inna Machine/05 ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER-Swamp Devil/06 REBREATHER-Pushing the Lights/07 MUDSHARK-Get By/08 THE DAISIES-Inferno Machine/One of a Kind/09 MONGREL-Barnburner/10 ELEPHANTUM-In Orbit/11 GRAVES AT SEA-Red Monarch

VOLUME 2-01 ATOMIC #76-Gas Hangover/02 SONS OF SERRO-Dawn of the Apocalypse/03 DEVIL TO PAY-Mouthful of Spite/04 PENNSYLVANIA CONNECTION-The Catastrophe/05 SVENGHALI-Snake Oil Funeral/06 BURNOUT-Mt. Valentine/07 PUDDY-Write Off/08 BLACK MOUNTAIN CREEPER-Shine/09 CUDAMANTRA-Petroleum/10 GRAVESLIME-Double Damage/11 ELEPHANTUM-Low Phi/12 MANTIS-Choking on Forbidden Fruit

VOLUME 3-BUFFALO-Peregrino/02 KITA-I'm Sorry/03 BITTER END-Still Dead/04 DITCHLIQUOR-Eve 26/05 GALACTUS 77-Maybe We Know/06 HALF OF ZERO-Theta/07 THE HOLLOW MEN-Billy/08 PLANET GEMINI-Euphony/09 SACCHARINE DEATH-High On Life/10 SUPERSONIC DEATH MAACHINE-Phoenix Rising/11 SOLAR SEVEN-Nothing Personal/12 INDIAN-Dog Soldier

VOLUME 4-01 CUTTHROAT HUMOR-Thumpers Blues/02 THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL-On the Verge of Dreaming/03 LUPU NEGRU-Marble Angel/04 WINTERRUN-Lighter/05 NAVAJO CODE TALKERS-Bell Bottom BLues/06 KING VALLEY-Drawing Flies/07 PALACE IN THUNDERLAND-Into the Maelstrom/08 SATURNALIA-Buzzy/09 GREEN MARS-440 Bulge/10 SUNS OF THUNDER-last of the High Rollers/11 57 CHEVY-Dimension/12 DITCHLIQUOR-The Universal Veil/13 ASSROCKERS-Thor/14 WHORES OF TIJUANA-Trip Manhatten/15 CUDAMANTRA-Byeond Continuum

Lost In Darkness/04 GRAVES OF THE ENDLESS FALL-Neanderthal/05 MADMAN MUNDT-Kali Bomb/06 THE PB ARMY-Ashtabula/07 LOWTON-Yell at Me Keith/08 HYDROZEEN-Pile of Bones/09 FLYPAPER-Shepherd/10 REINO ERMITANO-La mariposa/11 DITCHLIQUOR-Morningstar/12 CUDAMANTRA-Cimmerian/13 OUTBURST-El Diablo

VOLUME 6 DISC 1-01 BERKO AND BENSON-Dance On Swords/02 ROBOT DICKS-Black Tank/03 57 CHEVY-Sun Rose Twice/04 NECROMANDUS-Warlords of Chaos/05 CALCABRINA-18 Wheels and the Gospel/06 PILOTOS-Blond Guy/07 DEVIL TO PAY-Niflheim/08 ELECTRIC MAGMA-Snail the Wah/09 CHORMA-Falling/10 TEST SITE-Oasis Beyoned the Dune/11 THE HUMANOIDS-Sons of Odin/12 DRINK THE BLEACH-Freeway/13 ARMAZILLA-Motorcycle/14 EL THULE-Bud Orange/15 THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS-Everything I Expected/16 THE CHAIR-Not For Long

VOLUME 6 DISC 2-01 LAZERWOLFS-La Media/02 IOTA-Shit Luck/03 HOGNOSE-Local Honey/04 DESCENDENTS OF THE RED SUN-New World Samurai/05 MESCALERO-Crosseyed Rollin/06 GRAVITRON-Worms Part 1/07 THE SWAMP DONKEY-Safe To Say/08 TONER LOW-Grass/09 DURGA TEMPLE-Rockjuice/10 UCCULTUM-Last Ride/11 ELEPHANTINE-Black Stalk Motherfucker/12 CALAMUS-Once More/13 CATAPULT THE SMOKE-Devils Spell/14 THE FALLOPIAN DUDES-Siddhartha/15 DURGA TEMPLE-Stoner (Rock) Think Tank/16 THE KALEN LANDER BAND-Swing/17 PLANET GEMINI-Burning Laughter


VOLUME 8-01 SEAHAG-Bottomfeeder/02 OLD ONE-Witching Hour/03 CAMEL OF DOOM-
Monolith/04 EL THULE-La Muela Del Diablo/05 THE PORCH SONG-Did You Know That Unicorns Shit Rainbows and Fart Children's Laughter?/06 BLACK PYRAMID-No Life King/07 LAZERWOLFS-The Deed Will Be Done/08 MISERICORDE-Sub Rosa (Instrumental Version)/09 BIBILIC BLOOD-Baby Killer Night Stick/10 STUBB-Road/11 CONFUSED LITTLE GIRL-Jordan Catilano Needs To Break Up His Shitty Band

VOLUME 9 DISC 1-01 I KLATUS-Antediluvian Knowledge/02 SANDIA MAN-Skins of the Feathers/03 MENGELE-Wizard Dust/04 KIN OF ETTINS-Making Memory (Mountains)/05 OLD ONE-Over the Hill/06 FACE ON MARS-Jump the Gun/07 OL' SCRATCH-Draconian March/08 MISERICORDE-Wicked World/09 AMERICAN FREEWAY-Got Em Got Em Need Em Got Em/10 QUEEN ELEPHANTINE-Chariot In Solemn Procession

VOLUME 9 DISC 2-01 DWELLERS-Ode to Invasion Layer 1/02 WHORES OF TIJUANA-Bell Ball Blues/03 STONE AXE-Ain't Gonna Miss It/04 GRIFTER-The Voices/05 TRASH TITAN-the Dog Song/06 MICO DE NOCHE-Mower/07 SHELLFIN-The Extent of It/08 AEOLIAN RACE-Hawks/09 THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS-Black Unicorn White Unicorn/10 HUGENELK-Sunken Treasure/11 HOUDINI-The Rotation of the Element

Big set, lotsa out-there stuff......any surprise favorites? Discoveries? I have tons of stoner comps, I'd have to check which ones I've done before ("Heavy Like the Moose" is a similar set, big, mostly obscure, I THINK I have posted it before), but hell, it depends on my mood I guess.....we'll see how this one goes over.
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