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No Seattle-Forgotten Sounds of the Northwest Grunge Era 1986-97

Don't miss this one, if  you do don't blame me!

Been listening to this fab two disc set all weekend on and off, even during commercial breaks during the Ohio State game and the Vikings game (don't want to hear about it), it is fairly awesome if you like this kind of thing.....allow me to set the stage. The title basically says it all, 28 tracks from the Seattle scene, by a bunch of acts, whom, never, have I heard of a single one, except in this context....you know how I do love punk unknowns, stoner unknowns, psych unknowns, and grunge anthologies which cover more than the normal Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/AIC stuff (all great, don't get me wrong) are a rarity, and this one covers about as obscure territory as we could imagine.....while whether these bands technically would qualify as "grunge" acts, they are all good hard rocking combos from the fertile Pacific Northwest scene of the era sited. Let's touch on a few highlights, but this is cherry picking, the whole set is a must hear! Thanks to Soul Jazz records for compilin this, in general, I don't post sets that are more recent releases, but I don't see this one being a million-seller and I'd like to publicize it a bit.......and have I EVER steered you wrong before? of COURSE not!

The first disc leads off with a Bob Mould produced track from Starfish ("This Town"), who also turn up on disc two.....just scanning the names of the bands is awesome...: Vampire Lesbos, Medaliscious, Yellow Sonw, Helltrout......how you gonna go wrong with names like that?

The scond disc features the weird psych-pop of Chemistry Set ("Fields"), a ferocious closser ("The System") from Attica, and some great female-led bands like Shug ("AM-FM"), Kill Sybil, and especially Calamity Jane ("Magdelena"). But trying to point out higlights here is like trying to name the worst player on the Vikings.....just throw ALL of them into a hat!

I think if you share my love of obscurity, and of regional compilations, and of amatuerish hard rock, you will want to hear this......it's a good one, too good to miss.....you'll thank me later.....just start listening and you will (should at least) LOVE this one!

DISC 01-01 STARFISH-This Town/02 VAMPIRE LEZBOS-Stop Killing the Seals/03 NUBBIN-Windyyy/04 SAUCER-Jail Ain't Stoppin' Us/05 MACHINE-Blind Man's Holiday/06 MEDALICIOUS-Beverley/07 HITTING BIRTH-Same/08 NUBBIN-Wonderama/09 CRUNCHBIRD-Woodstock Unvisited/10 THE ONES-Talk To Me/11 POD-123/12 THRILLHAMMER-Alice's Place/13 YELLOW SNOW-Take Me For a Ride/14 HELLTROUT-Precious Hyde

DISC 2-01 BUNDLE OF HISS-Wench/02 STARFISH-Run Around/03 THRILLHAMMER-Bleed/04 CHEMISTRY SET-Fields/05 MY NAME-Voice of a Generation Gap/06 SMALL STARS-It's Getting Late/07 SHUG-AM FM/08 TREEHOUSE-Debbie Had a Dream/09 MY NAME-Why I Fight/10 SOYLENT GREEN-It Smiles/11 KILL SYBIL-Best/12 CALAMITY JANE-Madgalena/13 SAUCER-Chicky Chicky Frown/14 ATTICA-The System

Some great sounds came out of that region and era.....these are not really among them, but it is more than a sum of it's parts.....I love this compilation, it's a great, original idea, and it comes with my very highest recommendations.

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