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Another weird find....Brownout presents Brown Sabbath

Okeeee, from Texas  comes this strange bunch, who seem to specalize in "funakfying" existing
classic Black Sabbath tracks, using horns, stringes, etc.....I assume the members are mostly African American, thus the NAME of the band and the concept would make a little sense, and no matter what the case I commend them.......I've always said there is no bigger wase of time than covering somone else's song, and making a slavish, carbon-copy version of the original, which is so often why triubute albums fall flat.......Someone in  band (and I swear I forget who) once said that after performing the same song live over and over again, you start to hate the damn song and begin doing horrible things to it.......well, wait until you hear these Sabbath tracks you've been hearing for 40 years, done up TOTALLY different, and, while to a degree humorous (come on, it IS) there is NO QUESTION, they took someone else's songs and DID SOMETHING UNIQUE WITH THEM. Some will hate this, no question, but I think it's pretty cool to be honest with you.......the Black Angels vocalist even pops in on the opener, "The Wizard" which is cool in and of itself.......these Sabbath tunes are all from the first three Sabbath (classic) albums, and I promise you likely didn't consider previously, hearing them in THIS format

PART 1-01 The Wizard/02 Iron Man/03 N.I.B./04 Black Sabbath

PART 2-01 Hand of Doom/02 Into the Void/03 Planet Caravan

As always, especially with these more "out there" posts, YA GOTTA GIMME A FULL REPORT on what ya think about this, if you hate it, THAT THERE EXACTLY is why Baskin Roberts has 31 flavours.......get it? Just listen to it, if you hate it, let US KNOW......if you love it, LET US KNOW......we're just trying to see how you chance-takers react to some bizarre-ass postings.......like this one!

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