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A Pretty Odd one here!

Sometimes when I don't feel like sifting through the thousands of CD's I have, or scanning the various IPODs or hard drives that are piled on my desk, (all are catalouged in my compute), I often just cruise the web, I can ALWAYS find something interesting THER for the blog, love it if a few others would takeup this practice, surf the blogs and the bay, find something you've never heard of that sounds interesting, and post it up here.......keeps the blog fresh and reader-involved, and, of course, LESS WORK FOR ME!

Anyway, found this on the Bay just this morning and it is wierd winner.....the orginl 2 disc Nuggets (Lenny Kaye's original compiltion before all the (highly welcomed) expansions and all), the original tracks,in the orders thatthy appeared, done up by a bunch of Australian garage bands, prety much ALL of which are unfamiliar to ME, any one from the great land of Oz hav some info about these bands?........I just thought, when I played it, that the great familiarty of these classic tunes, combined with the relative UN-familiarity (at least to me) of the perfomers makes for an irresistable combiniton, should appeal to Nugget rock fans, to fans of Aussie rock, fans of modern garage rock, and even fans of weird cover versions......I know I really enjoyed it on my first listening, see what you think and gimme a full report. Since I'm not familiar with the bands, I'll just point out a few that jumped at me upon first listening: Step Panther take on the hard-to-cover "Liar Liar" with odd results, Baptism of Uzi take on "Baby Please Don't Go" (good one), another hard to cover tune is "A Public Execution" , turned in here by the Tiny Migrants.......

By the way, as a note of accuracy, the ENTIRE original Nuggets does not appear here, I notice the Blues Magoos "Tobacco Road" is amiss, as is the Vagrants cassic "Respect", and a few others....I have no idea WHY this is, tried to find out but didn't care all that much, maybe it was amatter of securing all the rights to everything or whatever, I REALLY DO wish it was a "complete" effort, would make it soooo much intersting, but it's plenty fun and entertining as it is.....think I need one of my "mates" in Autralia to check in with a bit more information on this one, should it be available.....

by the way the correct title is:

NUGGETS: ANTIPODEAN INTERPOLATIONS OF THE FIRST PSYCHEDELIC ERA-01 VELOCIAPTOR-I Had Too Much to Dream (Lst Night)/02 PEARLS-Dirty Water/03 THE STRIGHT ARROWS-Lies/04 TINY MIGRANTS-A Public Executon/05 THE LIVING EYES-Oh Yeah/06 DAVEY LANE-Moulty/07 PALMS-Don't Lok Back/08 EAGLE & THE WORM-An Invitation to Cry/09 STEP-PANTHER-Liar Liar/10 THE LURELS-You're Gonna Miss Me/11 THE MURLOCS-Psychotic Reaction/12 POND-Hey Joe/13 THE GOOCH PAMS-Just Like Romeo and Juliet/14 BAPTISM OF UZI-Baby Please Don't Go/15 THE FROWNING CLOWNS/16 MONTERO-My World Fell Down/17 KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD-Open My Eys/18 BLOODS-Farmer John

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