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A good compilation of metal from Finland

Best that I can tell, this is a homemade compilation created by (at least uploaded by Wintersun616,
hope I am creditting properly)......this is a fine job, four discs and an obvious labor of love.......alot of unfamilar material, at least to these yankee ears, but some of it rocks like a mother.......sometimes when I try these of comps they don't go over well, in particular I recall the "Metal from the USSR" set which I was pretty hyped about and the response was rather, well, "low key"........so be it, but don't miss out on this one if you're a metal lover, it really is a good one.

Disc one alone features a ton of cool stuff, "Dead Cold Inside" by Whispered, "No Talk Without the Giant" by the Machine Men, "Death Whispers Misery" by Faerghail......once again, I need to point out that some of the vocals/lyrics are in English, some in Finnish, I know some are not fans of non-English rock vocals, by now you know I love them for the most part.

The second disc is equally diverse, some death metal, some flat out heavy rockers, some sort of alt-grungy stuff.....check out "Silent Night, Bodom Night" by Children of Bodom, Darkwoods My Betrothed's very cool "The Crow and the Warrior", the great "Sauna Blast" by the Guitar Heroes, and "Death Unlimited" by Norther. Highly hard rocking stuff, you'll really miss out if you pass on it.

Moving to the third disc, we get "Sadness and Hate" by Wintersun (from whom the compilation
creator adapted his moniker, I assume), "9mms to Deliverance" by Enter My Silence, "Wine From Tears" by Thy Serpent, and Cryhavoc's "Repent (Whore)".......usually not a fan of whores repenting, myself, but an interesting track again......this set is very consistent, there are but a VERY few clunkers here at all.

Fourth and finally, we have Disc 4, highlighted by "Pyre of Gods" by Tarot, "Quicksilver Clouds" by Throes of Dawn, and "Human Sculpture" by Shade Empire. I really like this creation (I hope I'm right about this being a non-commercial endeavor, I can find no evidence to the contrary), it's varied, loaded with great and obscure stuff, and a very, very professional effort.

A check of my shelves surprises me with a bonus disc we'll add to the 4 disc set, this a 2008 release entitled "Finnish Metal Mania", I don't THINK without checking that there are any tracks of overlap, but there are a few bands here that we'll know from the larger set.....no problem with another track from the Machine Men, Norther, and Turisas, as well as fresh acts such as The Cyan Velvet Project and The Suburban Tribe.......

So, five discs for the price of four, as always, LOVE to hear what you guys think of this, I know there are a few bands here that I think merit some further investigation, and perhaps one of my millions of admirerers in Finland can supply a bit more information on some of this.....I really liked this set as it was about 98% unknown to me previously..........rock on.

By the way congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for last nights wild-card playoff win over the Athletics, one of the best baseball games I've ever seen.....the Royals have always been by team since I was a kid, always remember the incredible 1980 team that somehow managed to lose the World Series to the Phillies, and the 1985 miracle team that defeated the Cardinals.......that one was thrilling, I was going through a divorce and some other shit and it was at least SOMETHING.......who would have guessed on that night that it would be 29 years until they'd even see the post season again.....but they had a fine season this year, great pitching, especially the bullpen.......just congratulations to them......I don't think they'll be able to take the on-a-roll Angels, but still it's great to see them in the post-season again, and good luck vs the Angels, I think they will be needing it......my picks, for what it's worth: the Giants defeat the Pirates in tonights 1 game wild card game, who will then wind up losing the NLDS to the Nationals.......the Cards/Dodgers should be  good series, I think the Dodgers are better, you never know about the damn Cards, but I think it's Nats/Dodgers in the NLCS, winner: Nats. In the AL, the Angels beat the Royals (gotta be realistic), the Tigers make short work of the Orioles, and the Tigers stellar starting pitching carries them to a upset over the Angels.......World Series: Nationals over Tigers........bet your next paycheck!

DISC 1-01 AMORAL-Leave You Dead Behind/02 WHISPERED-Dead Cold Inside/03 TURISAS-A
Portage to the Unknown/04 SONATA ARCTICA-8th Commandment/05 AMORPHIS-Weaving the Incantation/06 FAERGHAIL-Death Whispers Misery/07 KYLAHULLET-Lissa Persetta Rattipaille/08 SAATTUE- Luutarhuri/09 LOST ALONE-Memory/10 PAIN CONFESSOR-Another Door/11 VERJNUARMU-Laalavat Jouset/12 CHARON-Failed/13 NATSIPASKA-Hevimies/14 MACHINE MEN-No Talk Without the Giant/15 ELIAS VILJANEN & EVIL SPIRIT-Northern Breeze

DISC 2-01 NORTHER-Death Unlimited/02 SENTENCED-Nepenthe/03 ARTHEMESIA-Death By Complex Actions/04 ENSIFERUM-Windrider/05 KARALIN WARCRY-Sota/06 CHILDREN OF BODOM-Silent Night, Bodom Night/07 KOTITEOLLISUUS-Kultalusikka/08 KIUAS-Warrior Soul/09 CELESTY-Empty Room/10 IMPERANON-Memories to Dust/11 DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED-The Crow and the Warrior/12 CATAMENIA-Astral Tears/13 MOKOMA-Kuu Saa Valtansa Auringolta/14 TWILIGHTNING-Delirum Veil/15 GUITAR HEROES-Sauna Blast

DISC 03-01 STRATOVARIUS-Hunting High and Low/02 TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NIKOLAUSKUS-Lumessakahlaajat/03 MISERY INC.-Fallen Rage/04 CRYHAVOC-Repent (Whore)/05 MOONSORROW-Ukkosenjumalan Poika/06 TACERE-Deep Tears of Tragedy/07 INSOMNIUM-Mortal Share/08 NIGHTWISH-Planet Hell/09 ENOCHIAN CRESCENT-Abaiuonin/10 ENTER MY SILENCE-9mm to Deliverance/11 KOTIPELTO-Waiting For the Dawn/12 STAM1NA-Paha Arkkitehti/13 THY SERPENT-Wine From Tears/14 FINTROLL-Nedgang/15 WINTERSUN-Saddness and Hate

DISC 4-01 DIABLO-The Preacher/02 SHADE EMPIRE-Human Sculpture/03 KALMAH-The Groan
of Wind/04 ALGHAZANTH-My Twin of Disorder/05 AGATHODAIMON-Cellos For the Insatiable/06 MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET-Menetetty Valtakunta/07 EXSECRATUS-Under the Winter Moon/08 TAROT-Pyre of Gods/09 ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW-Sweet Lillith of My Dreams/10 KORPIKLANNI-Happy Little Boozer/11 THROES OF DAWN-Quicksilver Clouds/12 THYRANE-Crimson Halls of Blood/13 IMPALED NAZERENE-Total War Winter War/14 CADACROSS-Flaming Ember/15 TUONI-Tuli Kulkee Taas

BONUS-FINNISH METAL MANIA-01 NORTHER-My Antichrist/02 GODSPLAGUE FEATURING ALEXI LAIHO-All You Are/03 WHEN THE EMPIRE FALLS-The Blood In Your Hands/04 THE SCOURGER-In the Hour of Ruin/05 BEFORE THE DAWN-Hide Me/06 THE CYAN VELVET PROJECT-The Magician/07 SILENTRAIN-Until You Break/08 AMBERIAN DAWN-River of Tuoni/09 MACHINE MEN-'til the End of Her Days/10 POISONBLACK-The Poison I Crave/11 SUBURBAN TRIBE-Shock the Monkey/12 TURISAS-Rasputin

There is some PHENOMINAL metal on these discs, I really encourage you to sample them. Trust me, have I EVER steered you wrong?Never!

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