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7x7 is (Part 1)

You guys should appreciate this one, I'm pretty sure I've never put this one up before (if I have, sorry,
but it would have to be a longtime ago)....."7x7 is" is a very fine, wonderful, set of US garage rock singles (A&B sides) from the more recent era......how about four discs today, and the remaining three tomorrow? this is some badass stuff, you will want these......highlights of the first four discs:

Well, Disc 1 lads off with the incredible Brood, whom I have featured here before, with another of their fantastic singles "Since He's Been Gone"/"You got Me Crying"....definitley the disc highlight, but ALSO some Laughing Soup Dish, Pleasureheads, and the grea Untold Fables........guys, this is a set you WANT, and I think it is at least somewhat hard to locate.

Disc 2 ALSO leads off with the grat Brood, also the magnificent Cynics , Optic Nerves, Ten Tons of Lies, and Thee Cellar Dwellars, among others, TRUST ME FOLKS, YOU WANT THESE ALBUMS......PERIOD

OK, we move on to Disc 3......the MOS familiar name here is Plasticland, who do NOT disappoint, we also get Tommyknockers, Boys From Nowhere, Black Angel's Death Song, The Fall Outs, and more, again, a wonderful disc, you are gonna want them ALL

Last one for today will be Disc 4, we'll do the rest of them up tomorrow, Dead Moon and Planet 9 are th best known acts here, nothing at all wrong with THAT, also Aching Void, Fingers of Doom, Ten Foot Faces........this is a MAGNIFICENT collection, and YOU WANT THIS.........

I could put up all 7 discs tonight, but why the FUCK should I? check these out and you will be BEGGING for the last three, it's a fantastic set, you will love it all.......raw, retro, totally cool garage rock at its finest.

What more could we POSSIBLY ask for?

VOLUME 1-01THE BROOD-Since He's Been Gone/02 THE BROOD-You Got Me Cryin'/03 BURNING RAIN-Climb to the Sky/04 BURNING RAIN-Crystal Coloured Cloud/05 LAUGHING SOUP DISH-Rainy Day Sponge/06 LAUGHING SOUP DISH-Teenage Lima Bean/07 MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT-Suddenly Sunday/08 MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT-Tomorrow Never Knows/09 THE PETALS-Energy Panel/10 THE PETALS-Mushroom Farm/11 PLEASUREHEADS-Clove Cigarettes/12 PLEASUREHEADS-Song For God/13 UNTOLD FABLES-For My Woman/14 UNTOLD FABLES-The Man and the Wooden God/15 UNTOLD FABLES-Wendylyn/16 UNTOLD FABLES-When the Night Falls

VOLUME 2-01 THE BROOD-I Need You Here/02 THE BROOD-You Got Me/03 CYNICS-Sweet Young Thing/04 CYNICS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/05 MYSTIC EYES-From Above/06 MYSTIC EYES-My Time To Leave/07 OPTIC NERVE-Ain't That a Man/08 OPTIC NERVE-Happy Ever After/09 OPTIC NERVE-Play Fair/10 TEN TONS OF LIES-Sands of the Next Season/11 TEN TONS OF LIES-You Lie/12 THEE CELLAR DWELLARS-Dwellin'/13 THEE CELLAR DWELLARS-Wonderin' Why/14 TOWN CRYERS-Girl With the Blue Sweater/15 TOWN CRYERS-What's Going On

DEATH SONG-What Do You Mean/03 BOYS FROM NOWHERE-1966/04 BOYS FROM NOWHERE-No Reason To Live/05 FALL OUTS-Another Fad/06 FALL OUTS-Don't Want the Sun/07 FALL OUTS-She's Out There/08 PLASTICLAND-Enchanted Forestery/09 PLASTICLAND-Let's Play Polyana/10 THEE FORGIVEN-Be My Lover/11 THEE FORGIVEN-She Shines/12 TOMMYKNOCKERS-Old Enough To Know Better/13 TOMMYKNOCKERS-Smoke Lightning/14 TOMMYKNOCKERS-You'll Find Out/15 TRUE WEST-Luscifer Saw/16 TRUE WEST-Mas Reciful

VOLUME 4-01 ACHING VOID-Swirling Colors/02 ACHING VOID-Voices/03 DEAD MOON-DOA/04 DEAD MOON-Dagger Moon/05 FINGERS OF DOOM-I Don't Understand It/06 FINGERS OF DOOM-White Gods/07 FINGERS OF DOOM-Yellow/08 MARBLE ORCHARD-Ever Think About Me/09 MARBLE ORCHARD-Something Happens/10 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Echoing Sunshine/11 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Hideaway/12 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Walls of Paradise/13 TEN FOOT FACES-Dangerous Visions/14 TEN FOOT FACES-Don't Want Love/15 TEN FOOT FACES-Sand Fuck/16 THREE WOMEN IN BLACK-Submission

OK, guys, this is a fairly rare set, at least I haven't seen it much around the web.....YOU WANT THIS, it is fabulous......three MORE discs of this fab stuff tomorrow.....PLEASE downlod, enjoy, and above all, leave a comment if you have time.....honest to God, lately I've been struggling with what to post.....I have a LOT (i mean A LOT) more stuff that I haven't touched yet.....but PLEASE help me out, let me know what ya think, and we'll plot our course from there....I think this is a TREMENDOUS set, maybe you don't, but either way LET ME KNOW......I enjoy doing the blog, but as of late, I don't know........I just need to know the kinda things you guys WANT......do ya like the BIG posts? (Mott the Hoople kind of thing), or more stuff like THIS or Portugese Nuggets? OR Both? I've been doing this for a while and I just WANT TO KEEP IT FRESH AND INTERESTING, not just for ME, but for YOU GUYS.........please contribute your music, as well as your opinions, and let's keep this blog what it is, which is NOT a stodgy, superior, better-than-thou blog (trust me they exist), but a
COMMUNITY of people who LOVE the music that has served as a background to our lives......love you all, really, and you don't need to tell me the Vikings (as well asOhio State) suck, I am FULLY aware of those facts!

Thanks to all who participate here, it's all about YOU (not me).....even though, yeserday (9/20) was my anniversary (1 Year) of nearly dying in a freaky sleep-apnea incident.......just glad to be alive, as we all should be, but we need background music for our lives while we are above ground......that is what I AM here for!! Utilize the chance!

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